You can’t tell any thing about an outfit like that

Double h.t. to Avedon Carol and Bad Attitudes for this article from Paul Bigioni The real threat of fascism

Observing political and economic discourse in North America since the 1970s leads to an inescapable conclusion: the vast bulk of legislative activity favors the interests of large commercial enterprises. Big business is very well off, and successive Canadian and US governments, of whatever political stripe, have made this their primary objective for at least the last 25 years. Digging deeper into 20th century history, one finds this steadfast focus on the well-being of big business in other times and places. The exaltation of big business at the expense of the citizen was a central characteristic of government policy in Germany and Italy in the years before those countries were chewed to bits and spat out by fascism. Fascist dictatorships were borne to power in each of these countries by big business and they served the interests of big business with remarkable ferocity. These facts have been lost to the popular consciousness in North America. Fascism could therefore return to us, and we will not even recognize it.

Powell the Disappointer

Continuing his slide into disgrace and eventual irrelevance by chipping away at his own backbone out both sides of his mouth, Colin Powell has decided to come out as both sort of for and sort of against the administration’s secret spy program.

And You Think America Is Repressive? is the sort of lightweight dogeral that the far right pulls out of its burglars bag when they can’t make a cogent argument. Let’s see, what Bush is doing is not so bad because France does it. Is that really a good argument. Since we should do whatever France does, can we expect national health care for every American ? Or since Great Britain is doing it, can we have a no-confidence election and change governments mid-stream ? Clear As Mud Politics even drags out the Gorelick myth……… which Think Progress debunks

In 1995, with President Clinton’s signature, FISA was amended to include physical searches. That law prohibited warrantless domestic physical searches. No one in the Clinton administration, including Gorelick, ever argued that the administration could ignore the law, before or after it was amended.

Its nice to know who a blonde broad can turn to when times are rough……….White House Aids Playboy Playmate in Court

The administration’s top Supreme Court lawyer filed arguments on Smith’s behalf and wants to take part when the case is argued before the justices.

A commenter at Attytood defend BushCo….

Bush’s Solicitor General is NOT “going to bat” for Anna-Nicole Smith. He is weighing in on a narrow question, that having to do with whether the federal bench has the power to rule on such cases. It will help Smith but it’s not like anybody’s zealously advocating for a bimbo to get a payday.

bold emp. mine. The commenter was in such a rush to defend his dear King that he forgot one thing, that Bushbunny is once again advocating more federal power, not less. Possible candidate for Republican hypocrisy #1569.

Fear destroys what bin Laden could not…. we at the battered and bruised patriot detective desk compile the dossier and you decide.

One wonders if Osama bin Laden didn’t win after all. He ruined the America that existed on 9/11. But he had help. If, back in 2001, anyone had told me that four years after bin Laden’s attack our president would admit that he broke U.S. law against domestic spying and ignored the Constitution — and then expect the American people to congratulate him for it — I would have presumed the girders of our very Republic had crumbled. Had anyone said our president would invade a country and kill 30,000 of its people claiming a threat that never, in fact, existed, then admit he would have invaded even if he had known there was no threat


I lit a cigarette and dragged a smoking stand beside the chair. The minutes went by on tiptoe, with their fingers to their lips. I looked the place over. You can’t tell any thing about an outfit like that. They might be making millions, and they might have the sheriff in the back room, with his chair tilted against the safe. Half an hour and three or four cigarettes later a door opened behind Miss Fromsett’s desk and two men came out backwards laughing. A third man held the door for them and helped them laugh. They all shook hands heartily and the two men went across the office and out. The third man dropped the grin off his face and looked as if he had never grinned in his life. He was a tall bird in a gray suit and he didn’t want any nonsense.

– The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler