hopeless fight against criminals in high places, beyond the reach of the law

Pollster: When you hit your husband, do you use your fists, a baseball bat, or a cane ? This is a sample of a push poll. One worded in such a way that it illicits certain answers. It leaves out an obvious choice, that you may not and probably don’t hit your spouse. Unclaimed Territory takes a look at the Rasmussen Reports push poll Public opinion & Presidential law-breaking — A few facts

But that smoke will clear as more facts are revealed. Americans will realize that Congress – with the agreement of the Executive Branch and the intelligence community – all agreed that eavesdropping on American citizens without a warrant should be and is a crime. And knowing that, Bush ordered his Government to do it anyway. He therefore broke the law, and is unrepentant about it. Once the smoke clears, those are not difficult concepts to grasp, and Americans — thanks to Watergate — have a visceral aversion to illegal White House eavesdropping and Presidents who claim the right to break the law. These are not difficult issues to explain.

If you hadn’t heard by now, the brave new world of chicken-hawkery, other wise known as conservative pundits and their echo chamber the blogs-of-wingnuttia have declared that we’re all gonna die unless Bushbunny is granted Emperial Powers. The thing is that he’s already been granted those powers, we’d just like him to obey the law and fill out a little paper work before he reads Aunt Millie’s e-mail to the Quaker missionaries in Afghanistan….Reality Check: We Did Amend FISA After 9/11

The fact is the administration sought, and received, major amendments to FISA just weeks after 9/11 through the PATRIOT Act. Specifically, Section 218 of the PATRIOT Act loosened the requirements of FISA. Previously, the government was required to certify that obtaining foreign intelligence was the purpose of the surveillance. Section 218 allowed surveillance to be approved even if obtaining foreign intelligence was only a purpose of the surveillance. It sounds like a small change, but it is considered one of the most controversial provisions in the PATRIOT act. The Bush administration argued then, and continues to argues today, that this change was essential for national security. We now know it’s all a ruse. Time spent in Congress debating Section 218 of the PATRIOT Act was a charade. President Bush ignores FISA completely when it suits his purposes.

Myth’s are often thought of as something only the ancient Romans believed in or something out of a Harry Potter book, but certain persons of low character and media outlets with fat bank accounts seem to live by them, even in the 21st century… The Moussaoui Myth

[N]o evidence of Moussaoui’s suspicious flight training and ties with terrorism was presented to the Justice Department. The department was never contacted and so did not decide anything; therefore, no decision was ever made regarding the given evidence and its subsequent application to FISA standards. That means the FISA procedures were not the reason the FBI failed to inspect Moussaoui’s computer files. Rather, the FBI’s failure to share and analyze intelligence sufficiently is what enabled Moussaoui to escape further investigation.

Worth noting is that Coleen Rowley, a former FBI agent got the information about Moussaoui pre-Patriot Act and before Bunnypants decided he was Queen of America. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a Queen per se. Speaking of Queens and the culture of corruption….Causey’s plea wreaks havoc for Lay, Skilling

After Enron’s former top accountant entered a guilty plea Wednesday, Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling were granted an extra two weeks to prepare for trial, but legal analysts suggested more time may not be enough to offset the potential damage.

Bunnypants Bush’s old friend Ken Lay may be in more trouble then his high hat connections can get him out of,

Mr. Lay and his wife gave Mr. Bush three times more money [italics Chatterbox’s] than Ms. Richards in their gubernatorial contest, according to a computer-assisted review of campaign finance reports by The Dallas Morning News. … Mr. Bush, a Republican, collected $37,500 from the Lays in his successful bid to unseat the Democratic incumbent, state records show. Ms. Richards received $12,500.”

Kenny Boy was even a Pioneer

Topping Enron’s political wish list in Texas was deregulation of the state’s electrical markets. Bush signed this dream into law in ’99.

Cooruption is like alcoholism to some politicians, once they take a sip they’re hooked…..The Abramoff Galaxy is like a Mutual Jerk-off Society that includes Jack Abramoff as the Grand Pooh-Pah of Jerks and included such fine jerkers as Ralph American Taliban Reed, Grover Norquist, lobbyists Preston Gates&Ellis, Tom Delay, and Rep. Robert Ney among others that for years wore their “values” like a chip on their shoulder.

Jack Abramoff is negotiating a possible deal with federal prosecutors to plead guilty and cooperate with their investigation into corruption in Washington. For more than five years, Abramoff was one of the capital’s most prominent Republican lobbyists. E-mails, documents and interviews with his former associates show that he set up many interlocking political and business entities to raise money, pay for lawmakers’ trips and other favors, fund his pet projects, and gain influence for himself and his clients.


For that headquarters, located not far from New York’s East Side, was known throughout the world as Justice, Inc. And Dick Benson, its guiding genius, was known as The Avenger. To that building on Bleek Street in New York, came men and women from all the far corners of the world—men and women who could not find justice anywhere else; men and women who found themselves beaten in a hopeless fight against criminals in high places, beyond the reach of the law. Those men and women The Avenger helped. For he could go where the police dared not. His justice was neither blind nor shackled.

-A COFFIN FOR THE AVENGER! by Kenneth Robeson