She was a cushioned-lipped, hot-bodied, banana-skin chick with the speckled-brown eyes of a teaser

Short anatomy of right-wing disinformation. It starts here with a group that recieves some financing from right-wing Christian groups, as opposed to regular Christians, Major Terror Plot Against US Ignored By US Media

The mainstream U.S. media outlets have failed to report a major terrorist plot against the U.S. – because it would tend to support President Bush’s use of NSA domestic surveillance, according to media watchdog groups.

News of a planned attack masterminded by three Algerians operating out of Italy was widely reported outside the U.S., but went virtually unreported in the American media.

Italian authorities recently announced that they had used wiretaps to uncover the conspiracy to conduct a series of major attacks inside the U.S.

The implication is that the media covered it up because it would have boosted Bush’s claim that he needed to break the law and perform warrantless domestic spying on Americans. The story was covered and contrary to what this site reported, it does not support the case for Bunnypants to break FISA law. A search of TimesOnline showed no recent stories with the headline quoted
CBS News | Italy Arrests 3 Algerian Terror Suspects,

ROME, Nov. 17, 2005
(AP) Authorities have arrested three Algerians believed to have links to an Algerian militant group that has allied itself with Osama bin Laden, police said Thursday.

Two of the suspects were arrested in Brescia, northern Italy, and one in Naples, an official from the Carabinieri paramilitary police in Naples said.

The three, arrested on Tuesday night and Wednesday, are suspected of links with the Algeria-based Salafist Group for Call and Combat, said the official, who said his name could not be used under Carabinieri practice.

They were detained on suspicion of association with the aim of international terrorism _ a charge introduced in Italy after the Sept. 11 attacks, the official said.

He declined to give further details ahead of a judge’s decision on whether to uphold the arrests, expected later Thursday.

The three were suspected of preparing a terrorist attack outside Italy, an Italian government official said. The official, who declined to be named because the investigation was ongoing, denied media reports that the three were believed to be preparing an attack on Italian territory.

The news agencies ANSA and Apcom identified the three as Yamine Bouhrama, Khaled Serai and Mohamed Larbi. ANSA said Bouhrama and Serai had lived in Norway with false documents obtained in France.

The Salafist Group for Call and Combat is the most organized group among Algerian insurgents who have been battling the North African state since 1992.

also reported here, Report: Italy Arrests Three Algerians Suspected of Terror Links
, and Italian Police Arrest Three Algerians Los Angeles Times CA – Dec 23, 2005, Italian Police Arrest Three Algerians
ROME — Police in southern Italy arrested three Algerians Friday on international terrorism charges and accused them of planning attacks in Iraq and Italy,
…at WaPo, but I can’t get the link to work. Anyone that cares to Yahoo or Google this story can find out that it wasn’t much of a conspiracy to keep this from being public knowledge.Fox may have screwed up, saying they were arrested in Paris, – US & World – Three Algerians Arrested Near Paris …
Three Algerians Arrested Near Paris Appear Possibly Planning Terror Attack … French counterterrorism agents arrested the four — three Algerians

The wiretaps if any were done by Italian or French authorities and if the NSA were to listen in on foreign terrorists, Democrats and Republicans like Spector and Hagel have no problem with that. The issue is warrantless domestic spying and Bush violating the very accommodating FISA laws and not going to a very accommodating Congress to get the law changed. The part that is true and a little ironic considering the hostility of the righties toward France is that these guys were caught because the coordination of French and Italian law enforcement. Lets say that those three Algerians were in the US, FISA would have allowed warrantless wiretapping/electronic surveillance for 72 hours without a warrant, then all Bush had to do to continue surveillance is go to the rubberstamp FISA courts. People should be concerned about Bush flaunting of the rule of law and the minimal protections we still have for privacy.

A back handed slap of an endorsement of Alito

He doesn’t have a screw loose; what he has is a piece missing, conspicuously, radiantly, displaying the absence of any sense of, well, justice. Not a case came up for discussion in which he registered that one or another outcome was just wrong, outrageous to a sense of decency, or to him. He’s on record in a memo as believing that to shoot an eighth grader, known not to be armed, who was trying to climb over a fence in escape, is a proper use of deadly force by a policeman. In a discussion of immigration cases that have been regularly occasioning inexcusable, vile, un-American heartbreak on people who missed obscure deadlines or violated arcane requirements, all he could say was that the courts get bad transcripts and it was hard to find translators for some of the plaintiffs, but that was a problem for Congress. It wasn’t exactly Pilate washing his hands, but the man appears to be completely comfortable dealing with frightful social wrongs by moving the issue down the hall to another office. Sometimes the Court has to do this, but to Alito it’s an especially good day’s work, not a disappointment.

I guess we are down to the we could get worse rationale for confirming Alito. In yet another moment of irony we should all remember that the ultra-right has been trying to sell themselves as the party of ideas for the last twenty years and offer up a judge that has a Gilded Age view of business, culture, and labor rights.

and Democrats did not make Mrs. Alito cry.

“Okay,” Jackson said. “You gets seven hundred and fifty for your end.”

It was Jodie who had got Hank to make all this money for him.

“I gets the rest,” Imabelle said.

The others laughed.

Imabelle was Jackson’s woman. She was a cushioned-lipped, hot-bodied, banana-skin chick with the speckled-brown eyes of a teaser and the high-arched, ball-bearing hips of a natural-born amante. Jackson was as crazy about her as moose for doe.

They were standing around the kitchen table. The window looked out on 142nd Street. Snow was falling on the ice-locked piles of garbage stretching like levees along the gutters as far as the eye could see.

Jackson and Imabelle lived in a room down the hall. Their landlady was at work and the other roomers were absent. They had the place to themselves.

Hank was going to turn Jackson’s hundred and fifty ten-dollar bills into a hundred and fifty hundred-dollar bills.

Jackson watched Hank roll each bill carefully into a sheet of chemical paper, stick the roll into a cardboard tube shaped like a firecracker, and stack the tubes in the oven of the new gas stove.

Jackson’s eyes were red with suspicion.

“You sure you’re using the right paper?”

“I ought to know it. I made it,” Hank said.

Hank was the only man in the world who possessed the chemically treated paper that was capable of raising the denomination of money. He had developed it himself.

Nevertheless Jackson watched Hank’s every move. He even studied the back of Hank’s head when Hank turned to put the money into the oven.

“Don’t you be so worried, Daddy,” Imabelle said, putting her smooth yellow arm about his black-coated shoulder. “You know it can’t fail. You saw him do it before.”

excerpt from the book A RAGE IN HARLEM written by Chester Himes