I’m not–we’re talking about unchecked aggression here–

Congradulations to George and the supporters of Bushonomics, BUSH ADMINISTRATION BREAKS RECORD
Administration Borrows more from Foreign Nations than Previous 42 Presidents Combined

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It seems to me that the Democrats’ play is obvious: point out that the Republicans have been stealing from the defense budget, using the Iraq adventure as a partisan piggy-bank and employment service, and otherwise sacrificing national security for corrupt partisan advantage. Repeat after me: “The price of Duke Cunningham’s Rolls-Royce would have bought a lot of body armor for the troops.”

and while we’re on the subject of body armor, Point Blank War Profits

“I’ve told many family I’ve met with, ‘We’re doing everything we possibly can to protect your loved ones.’”

— George W. Bush, December 2004

The history of the Point Blank Interceptor OTV body armor vest and the company that manufactures it is a shameful tale of the state of war profiteering in the Rumsfeld age.

The Interceptor OTV is the body armor jacket recently revealed by Defense Watch to have been identified by a U.S. Marine Corps forensics report as being responsible for the deaths of “as many as 42 percent of Marines who died from isolated torso injuries.” The Point Blank vest is not only inferior in design–it leaves the shoulders and upper arms unprotected–it was fielded despite that fact that it did not pass tests of its designed capabilities.

The military to the far right is is just a tool to exploit. Note the lengthening list of vets that have been beneficiaries of the Swiftboat treatment: John McCain, John Kerry, Paul Hackett, John Murtha, Ted Kennedy, and Max Cleland.

This ugly Republican attack machine does not speak for the heartland of America; it is attacking the heart of America. Their war against Vietnam veterans is a war against America. They see what they believe is a soft spot in America, veterans of the Vietnam war, and they are attacking.

Let’s remember these are the very same people who do not like the American working class, those struggling to make ends meet today. And they do not care about their children who suffer from the wounds of war–just look how Republicans in Congress are attempting to cut the VA budget during this war as they give tax cuts to the wealthy. The war on Vietnam veterans is an extension of this Republican class war, a branch of the Republican war against working Americans. Not only do these Republicans not represent the heartland of America; they don’t represent anything about this country.

It wasn’t a good idea fourty years ago for the pod-patriots to make military service a litmus test for either patriotism or moral authority, but they did and it has certainly come back to haunt them. The fact is that most Americans will never serve in the military so by verbally caning those that have, many at great sacrifice, the veteran bashers make their claims to moral superiority highly questionable. The endless hyperbole by the right-wing-pod-people frequently includes fantasies of bizarre ritual killings of their political foes. John Murtha proposed that we redeploy our troops sooner rather then later, to read the right-wing-pod-people you would think Representative Murtha had committed some terrible crime for which hanging was not good enough. They couldn’t say that they disagree and here’s the whys’ and hows’. The whole of discourse has become theatre and the nutty-pod-people the players:

But the lingering spectre of Bin Laden remains valuable to the Bush administration as an apocalyptic scarecrow to hold over the country to justify increased domestic surveillance, the renewal of the Patriot Act, etc., and for the Swift Boaters in the media and blogland dumping their refuse into the already polluted waters.
[ ] Michael Moore didn’t bring down the towers, Howard Dean isn’t responsible for Bin Laden remaining at large, and, unlike the fisking blogger, the overwhelming majority of liberal Manhattanites didn’t lose their nerve and flee the city after 9/11. They, we, stayed put. It’s the cowardly lions who curled up into a fetal ball and remain there today, talking tough and fooling no one but themselves.

How to Foil Search Engine Snoops

Mass Spying Means Gross Errors

Recent government surveillance programs demonstrate our increased capacity for mass surveillance. For example, the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, or CALEA, requires phone companies to build mass surveillance capabilities into their networks. Privacy advocate Phil Zimmerman has pointed out that through CALEA the FBI requested technological surveillance capabilities far beyond the capacity of the judicial system to approve warrants or the FBI to monitor. This suggests that law enforcement plans to automate or computerize the monitoring process — probably by deploying voice-recognition technology to look for “hits” that could be followed up on with human-monitored wiretaps.

Proposals to install face-recognition technology at airports and public gatherings, to data-mine collections of government and commercial databases, and to profile airline passengers are feasible only with modern technology.

What tied the room together, Dude?

Were you listening to the story,


Were you listening to the Dude’s

I was bowling–

So you have no frame of reference,
Donny. You’re like a child who
wanders in in the middle of a movie
and wants to know–

What’s your point, Walter?

There’s no fucking reason–here’s my
point, Dude–there’s no fucking reason–

Yeah Walter, what’s your point?


What’s the point of–we all know who
was at fault, so what the fuck are
you talking about?

Huh? No! What the fuck are you
talking–I’m not--we’re talking about
unchecked aggression here–

What the fuck is he talking about?

from the screenplay THE BIG LEBOWSKI by
Ethan Coen & Joel Coen