The paper boat danced up and down, and now and then whirled round and round

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Stealth Sharks to Patrol the High Seas

“Imagine getting inside the mind of a shark: swimming silently through the ocean, sensing faint electrical fields, homing in on the trace of a scent.” That’s what the Pentagon wants to do, says New Scientist. By remotely guiding the sharks’ movements using a newly designed neural implant, the military hope to transform the animals into stealth spies.”

Imagine the material for TV, Spy Shark eats Bin Laden at 8:00, next week Spy Shark versus Tony the Tiger.

Bush lies, nation in shock, the AP story, Tape: Bush, Chertoff Warned Before Katrina, the interview with Elizabeth Vargas, Bush Not Worried About Low Approval Ratings and some commentary from Bob Geiger, Tape Shows Bush Lied About Katrina Knowledge

Referring multiple times to Katrina as “the big one,” Brown also told Bush that the Louisiana Superdome, sitting 12 feet below sea level, might also fall apart and create, in the ex-FEMA chief’s words, “a catastrophe within a catastrophe.”

Bush asked no questions during the briefing – can you imagine Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter sitting silently with something of this scope about to happen in our country? – and showed no evidence of grasping the magnitude of the hit New Orleans was about to take.

Then, four days after Katrina struck, Bush appeared on television and acted as if the hurricane’s potential for severe damage was a surprise to everyone. “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees,” Bush said in an interview with ABC News.

Really? Despite the fact that even someone with “Brownie’s” lack of disaster experience could see what was coming and expressly warned the president?

The Anonymous Liberal on the administrations reluctance to hand over memos that outline their legal justification for unrestricted domestic wiretapping, You Read it Here First .

Why is the Administration so reluctant to allow Congress to see these memos? My hunch is that it’s because the Administration’s current legal posture looks very different than the one it originally adopted when it authorized this program in late 2001. I suspect very strongly that the Administration’s primary argument for the legality of the program–that Congress authorized the President to take such measures when it passed the AUMF–is of relatively recent vintage.

Bunnypants and Company remind me of kids who threw a rock through a window and are testing out stories to see which one gets them in the least trouble.

Shame on Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) if this all turns out to be true and don’t bother with lame excuses just resign, Former Conyers aides press ethics complaints

Two former aides to Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) have alleged that he repeatedly violated House ethics rules.

Though to put it in perspective, this is the kind of low level garbage that politicians from both parties have engaged in for years. Seems like Kay Bailey Hutchinson at one point was accused of using her staffers like personal servants and she managed to survive the fray.

I was reading this post over at Lawyers, Guns and Money, A bit more on the stabbing in the back..., which was addressing a neocon historian’s take on why Iraq turned into a debacle and the emerging meme that Democrats and liberals are to blame ( keep in mind Dems voted for the AUMF and still sign off on any Bush requests for Iraq ). As anybody involved in advertising will tell you if you repeat something often enough at least some people will begin to believe its true. An astute commenter at LGM noted the similarity between this new conservative neocon propaganda and the Dolchstosslegende after WW I. History buffs and amateur sociologists may find it interesting.

So they made a boat out of a newspaper and put the soldier into the middle of it, and he sailed away down the gutter; both boys ran alongside, clapping their hands. Good heavens! what waves there were in the gutter, and what a current, but then it certainly had rained cats and dogs. The paper boat danced up and down, and now and then whirled round and round. A shudder ran through the tin soldier, but he remained undaunted, and did not move a muscle, only looked straight before him with his gun shouldered. All at once the boat drifted under a long wooden tunnel, and it became as dark as it was in his box.

“Where on earth am I going to now!” thought he. “Well, well, it is all the fault of that goblin! Oh, if only the little maiden were with me in the boat, it might be twice as dark for all I should care!”

At this moment a big water rat, who lived in the tunnel, came up.

“Have you a pass?” asked the rat. “Hand up your pass!”

The tin soldier did not speak, but clung still tighter to his gun. The boat rushed on, the rat close behind. Phew, how he gnashed his teeth and shouted to the bits of stick and straw.

“Stop him, stop him, he hasn’t paid his toll! he hasn’t shown his pass!”

excerpt from the classic short story The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen