away from here, always away from here. Only by doing so can I reach my destination.


SAS man quits in protest at ‘illegal’ Iraq war

An SAS soldier has resigned from the army, describing the military intervention in Iraq as a “war of aggression” and “morally wrong”. The soldier said he witnessed “dozens of illegal acts” by US forces there.

Ben Griffin, 28, who left after three months in Baghdad, is believed to be the first SAS soldier to refuse to go into combat and to leave the army on moral grounds. His decision comes at a time of growing disenchantment among British soldiers about their presence in Iraq.

[ ]… The SAS has been operating under cover in Iraq since the invasion, working with US special forces seeking out insurgents and foreign Arab fighters linked to or proclaiming sympathy with al-Qaida.

British officers have told the Guardian that they have been dismayed by US military tactics in Iraq. They also say that attempts to train the Iraqi army and police are fraught with problems.

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of sound.

Lucinda Williams’ iconic Happy Woman Blues is their number 2 best seller. This was an interesting find, There is No Eye: Music for Photographs,

In Music For Photographs, photographer, film maker, folklorist and musician John Cohen (of the New Lost City Ramblers) presents some of the finest American roots recordings ever made. On their own, these songs are authentic and captivating. Yet, they are only one half of a conceptual whole– Cohen has also released a book of photographs, There is No Eye, showcasing the musicians featured here as well as many others. Experienced together, the music and the photographs create new dimensions of possibility in our collective drive to understand and appreciate people’s music

I try not to do too much novel gazing, but I know I have a tendency to make connections between different cultural trends and art mediums. What kind of paintings or what painters were associated with avant garde jazz for example, Picasso’s later work  ( though there was an element of mockery of pop culture ). How was architecture influenced by pop culture in the 60’s, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis is one example.

Move to censure Bush will have political fallout, well of course it will and already has. In the Senate Bill Frist has taken the absurd and cowardly route of trying to hide Bush’s misconduct behind the war that Bush lied America and Britain into. While the symbloism of a Bush censure would be good for the future of co-equal branches of government, the fact that it has been proposed by a well respected Senator like Feingold and enjoys popular support in the net roots is already a partal victory. Rightie bloggers can bitch and whine all they want the horse is out of the barn. If it gets support from Reid they’ll be a war of words. Frist has been singularly impotent in such wars, usually threatening to take his ball and bat and go home if everybody doesn”t play by his rules. I wonder what the people of Tennessee think about having a Senator who is prone to petty childishness when it comes to important matters of state. Unfortunately it seems like the general population has too many citizens that are reminiscent of the folks that Jay Leno interviews on the street and can’t tell you who the vice-president is. When I watch those segments its both funny and tragic at the same time. If people don’t know the players, they probably aren’t that aware of the issues at stake either. I do however believe that the majority of people, given the facts would do the right thing. If the majority of the people of Tennessee know what a wanker their senator was he wouldn’t serve another term.

This quote from a Bush apologist’s blog that tends to lean towards Franco rather then Jefferson,

The Democrats are the new Whigs, a party sliding into historical oblivion from its inability to form coherent party positions on the most pressing issues of the day

Whether Democrats have a “coherent” message is both a dishonest and disengenious clown juggle by the right. What worries them is that even though they control all branches of governement and get the benefit of the mdeia spotlight, they’re still losing the great debate about the future of America and democracy. The people can see what Republicans stand for, incompetence, corruption, a culture of deception and hypocrisy, national peeping toms with a very slim grasp of reality.

Censuring the President by Senator Russ Feingold

The facts and the case for censure are clear. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, makes it a crime to wiretap American citizens without a court warrant – which is what the President has admitted doing. Before the program was revealed, he also misled Congress and the American people about the wiretapping that was being done. For example, at a 2004 speech in Buffalo, he said, “Any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, it requires, a wiretap requires a court order.” And at a 2004 speech in my home state of Wisconsin, he said that “the government can’t move on wiretaps or roving wiretaps without getting a court order.”

What will we tell the children, when you grow up you can be president and treat the constitution like a worthless piece of paper.

Matthew Yglesias is more succinct them me, calling out Bush’s pleas against isolationism,

David Sanger takes an extended look at the president’s new campaign against “isolationism,” by which he seems to mean opposition to the Bush administration’s policies. It’s worth saying as clearly as possible that this is entirely bogus.

I called for my horse to be brought from the stable. The servant did not

understand me. I myself went into the stable, saddled my horse and mounted.

In the distance I heard a trumpet blast. I asked him what it meant but he

did not know and had not heard it. By the gate he stopped me and asked

“where are you riding to sir?” I answered “away from here, away from here,

always away from here. Only by doing so can I reach my destination.” “Then

you know your destination” he asked. “Yes” I said “I have already said so,

‘Away-From-Here’ that is my destination.” “You have no provisions with you”

he said. “I don’t need any” I said. “The journey is so long that I will die

of hunger if I do not get something along the way. It is, fortunately, a

truely immense journey.”

My Destination by Franz Kafka, (transl. Alex Flores)