if you come to me with your friendship, your loyalty, then your enemies become my enemies

As much as I'd like to ignore this story, it is the elephant in the room, Cheney Authorized Leak Of CIA Report, Libby Says

Vice President Dick Cheney directed his then-chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, on July 12, 2003 to leak to the media portions of a then-highly classified CIA report that Cheney hoped would undermine the credibility of former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, a critic of the Bush administration's Iraq policy, according to Libby's grand jury testimony in the CIA leak case and sources who have read the classified report.

Moreover, on July 12, 2003, the same day that Libby spoke to both Cooper and Miller, Libby and Cheney traveled aboard Air Force Two for the dedication of a new aircraft carrier in Norfolk, Va. During the flight either to or from Norfolk, Cheney, Libby, and Cathie Martin, then-assistant to the vice president for public affairs, discussed how they might rebut Wilson's charges and discredit him, according to federal court records, and interviews with people with first-hand knowledge of accounts that all three provided to federal investigators.

That is the folly of spreading slime it always leaves a trail. Firedoglake looks at the Bush-Cheney revolving door classification/declassification process, Cheney Ordered Libby To Leak Classified Information . It is odd that Joe Wilson's report (Wilson didn't actually write the report) is still classified, but then so is most of the NIE of that period. Prairie Weather and I are on the same track. If Bush-Cheney Inc. thought that they had a solid case why did they do all the sneaking and leaking,

What does Cheney do? Does he go on the air to explain? Does he go to the New York Times and carefully refute Wilson's offending statements? Does he call the miscreant into his office and chew him out, pressuring him to recant and apologize? No. He hides behind his principal aide and lobs iceballs at the evil-doer's wife, for god's sake!

So much of what Cheney does shows the fear-driven madness of the bully challenged.

Some people react to being challenged in a way that is argumentative or borderline hostile, but after a few minutes of blowing off some steam, the best these guys could come up with was a petty personal smear ( This must be something that afflicts the conservative world view, take away the petty obsessions and right-wing blogs and pundits would hardly have any content). Shouldn't the American people be entitled to a little better judgement from high ranking administration officials or is this the new national standard of sleaze brought to us courtesy of the party of values.

Women of Independent Miens

When they showed their first films at Sundance in 1996, Mary Harron and Nicole Holofcener made two of the most promising debuts of the festival, Harron with "I Shot Andy Warhol," a striking period drama about the artist and his fateful encounter in 1968 with feminist activist Valerie Solanas; and Holofcener with "Walking and Talking," a wry, closely observed comedy about female friendship, starring the then-unknown Catherine Keener and Anne Heche. Ten years later, having successfully avoided the dreaded sophomore slump, both directors will release their third films here on Friday: Harron's "The Notorious Bettie Page," starring Gretchen Mol as the 1950s pinup model, and Holofcener's "Friends With Money," an ensemble comedy-drama starring Keener, Jennifer Aniston, Joan Cusack and Frances McDormand as Los Angeles women of disparate economic stations.

You never think to protect yourself
with real friends. You think it's
enough to be an American. All
right, the Police protects you,
there are Courts of Law, so you
don't need a friend like me.
But now you come to me and say Don
Corleone, you must give me justice.
And you don't ask in respect or
friendship. And you don't think to
call me Godfather; instead you come
to my house on the day my daughter
is to be married and you ask me to
do murder…for money.

America has been good to me…

Then take the justice from the
judge, the bitter with the sweet,
Bonasera. But if you come to me
with your friendship, your loyalty,
then your enemies become my enemies,
and then, believe me, they would
fear you…
from the screenplay THE GODFATHER by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola