Yes, Cultural re-education Section Propaganda. Very important in a place like this


In 1909, an engineer named J. W. Jones invented a device called the Jones Live-Map, which connected to a car’s odometer. It consisted of a glass-enclosed dial, on which you could place a disk representing a particular trip. The disk had mileage numbers around the perimeter and driving directions printed like spokes on the face. As you progressed down the road, the disk would rotate, telling you where you were and what to do. Live-Map No. 16, for example, guided the “motorist tourist” from Columbus Circle to Waterbury, Connecticut (specifically, the Elton Hotel), telling him, at various intervals, to “take right fork at flag pole,” “pass under trolley arch,” or “caution for dangerous curves.” A promotional booklet for the Jones Live-Map read, “You are always sure of your road. . . . You fly past sign boards at speed without a thought. You never stop to inquire your way. Right or wrong, all chance information is useless to you. You are as easy about your road as though you were ‘running on rails.’ ”

Broder at the Washington Post writes a very cautious clolumn, Republicans In Search Of Answers where in conservatives bicker over cuts in spending for health care and education while keeping one eye on the polls. Over the years one comes to the conclusion that Broder would rather play it safe then tell his readers how deeply serious things are, better to chit chat, hoping the reader has a clue, but this part did strikes me as bizzare and I have to give Broder credit for including it. In light of the stream of bizarre things done by conservatives in the last 5 years,

Hence the surprise announcement from Boehner that he has decided the House should have a full-scale debate on Iraq policy some time this spring, perhaps before the Memorial Day break.

Why, he was asked, reopen the issue at this late date? "It is of great interest to our constituents," he said, "and the House should work its will."

Three years after undertaking an unnecessary war against a small country of 25 million citizens and no end in sight, now they want Congress to step up and have a discussion. I guess they've been too busy meeting with lobbyists and eating freedom fries to have had this discussion two years ago.

We are in the last 1000 days of The Worst President in History, and apparently no other president has had as low an approval rating going into mid-term elections as Bush,

President Bush's approval rating is on course to set a record low for mid-term elections. The magnitude of the problem is greater than commonly perceived. The previous record low approval in the last Gallup poll of October was 41% for President Truman in 1950. Based on approval trends in 2005-06, the President and Congressional Republicans are facing an election day 2006 approval of between 20.4% and 40.8%.

I'm still a little suspicious of polls especially in how they translate into votes. Let's face it Bush and half the leaders of the conservative movement could be caught smoking opium in a gay Muslim strip bar passing state secrets to Chinese agents and their supporters and right leaning independents will lapse into a blinding case of cognitive dissonance. It is this deep rooted facility to live in a mental land of beliefs trumping reality that holds the conservative movement together. This is different from living one's life with ideals hand in hand with the informed rational decision making. As Broder points out in his article Bush still has what he describes as an "ambitious" agenda. A rational president might pause to re-evaluate and change course in light of the abysmal record that is Bush's legacy now and probably into history. Bush and congressional conservatives have only succeeded at one thing, tax cuts and convincing a large segment of the public that these cuts combined with the biggest national debt in over fifty years is somehow sound fiscal policy. This is part of the Rovian agenda, the debt and the war will simply be left for Democrats to clean up. In order to put our national house back in good order Democrats will be forced to raise revenue somewhere. The people that base almost all their ideological marbles in the anti-tax bag will scream about how Democrats and taxes are the worst injustice since Lizzy Borden wielded an ax. The cycle will likely continue until we have a truly informed electorate. ( just an aside A few years ago I was just watching a political chat room discussion where a woman said that she was well informed about political issues as she listened to a certain right-wing shock jock everyday. That is like saying that she put her head in a blender with some bananas and now knows all about banana farming. John Stewart had it right on his infamous CNN interview where he said these pundits with out of control egos are hurting America.)

Since posting lately has been devoid of SEX, except conservative sex with prostitutes, which doesn't really count, You Just Flunked Out Of Feminism 101. Wait, Stupid Also Just Failed Out Of Moron.

Now, I post this with a heavy heart, because the truth is, that despite any previous complaints about puppies, I actually regard Eugene Volokh as an intelligent, thoughtful person with whom I would love to have a beer or two. (In fact, we have friends in common.) So, I was basically floored by this:
The premise of this post is that laws which prohibit unwanted sexual touching are based on the fear of involuntary sexual arousal on the part of the victim. And I’m sorry to say, that’s just crazy talk.

Say, on the other hand [vs physical contact ordinarily regarded as non-sexual, but which may be unwanted, such as shoulder-patting], that someone intentionally touches your genitals, or intentionally caresses your breasts (if you’re a woman). In many circumstances, this would be considered a crime. Why the difference? I think that here too there is a connection with sexual arousal—either the possibility that you might be involuntarily sexually aroused, or the likelihood that the other person is deriving some sort of sexual arousal from touching you.

Yep Eugene all the women( and men too) I know, friends, family, and co-workers don't want any preverts groping them because they might like it. Eugene may have been smoking too many of Arnold Schwarzenegger's cigars.

Pacino turns podcaster as theaters boost Web promos

To promote his leading role in a recently opened Los Angeles adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "Salome," Mr. Pacino is talking about the play in a series of video podcasts available on the Web. Mr. Pacino plans to use the podcasts in "Salomaybe," a documentary film he's making about the production.

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