Why do you talk and talk and talk?

Another her day and another reason to reiterate some common sense cautions. If conservatives choose to live psychologically if not actually in Mommy's basement inhaling model plane glue without proper ventilation the inevitable result will be cloudy thinking saturated with paranoia. In James Woolcott's piece on Oriana Fallaci and a profile The New Yorker he notes how Talbot didn't bow low enough for the 101st Fighting Hypocrite's satisfaction. Woolcott and Talbot both pay homage to what Fallaci once was and which I supposed is just part of the tragedy of Fallaci. Once upon a time she was suspicious of authoritarian paranoia and its eliminationist rhetoric, she has now fully embraced it. Roger L. Simon is woefully dissappointed that Talbot dared take notice of the transition; Woolcott writes,

Roger L. Simon sniffs out jealousy on Talbot's part, because of course whenever two women share the same space, catty jealousy must ensue.

Oh no he didn't write that you're think, how unfair, but this is what Jammy Simon actually wrote without a bit of irony,

I detected in the weakness of Talbot's arguments – and maybe this was projection – a distinct subtextual envy of Fallaci. And why not again? Oriana is everything today's New Yorker New Yorker isn't – determined, passionate, moral.

What would Roger do, what would conservatives do if they woke up one morning and stopped "projecting". This deep and utterly irrational hatred that he and other conservatives feel toward liberals is just a deep resentment of our lack of fear, and that conservatism is mostly pallid white males that are incapable of feeling real passion for anything. Roger, Fallaci and other jammy wearing glue sniffers are mad as hell that we're not out bouncing off the lamp posts yelling about how the sky is falling. Like almost all conservatives Simon is just lazy, he would rather kill the patient then perform hours of painstaking surgery to remove the cancer.
Then we move on to a site that I have never heard of called Horsefeathers, a heresy whereby a fringe conservative with no sense of absurd comedy wraps himself in the anti-eliminationists Marx Brothers. Remarkable since large quantities of kool-aid are known to wash out all sense of irony. Horsefeathers tries to pull off the lame lament that The New Yorker wasor could be a fine magazine if only it wasn't one of those blame America first liberal intellectual rags, Mr. or M's Horsefeathers threw away the safety cap to the glue and writes,

"The New Yorker magazine has, for many years, catered to the anxieties and strivings of wordsmith intellectuals and those aspiring to that status. Is there a psychiatrist’s office in Manhattan that doesn’t display the magazine in its waiting room? It is a part of the supportive therapy worried wordsmith intellectuals require. It reassures them that, just as in 6th grade, they are still the cleverest ones in the class, whatever the adult world may think. It assures them their sexual confusion is evidence of an elevated metrosexual status. It tells them that their physical timidity is in reality, evidence of a finer, nobler pacifist sensibility and multicultural tolerance. So what if they ran from confrontation in the schoolyard; they were only striving to rise above base human aggression.

"Ever since 9-11 scared the hell out of this wordsmith class, the magazine has devoted itself to explaining that there is no real threat from totalitarian Islam, the misunderstood 'other', but instead the danger to the world emanates from the person of President George Bush. Like any shared delusional belief, the community of believers feels special, superior to the unknowing masses, and reassured. While radical Islam is battering at the gates…

If I had gates and someone was battering on them I wouldn't be bending over for George W. Bush while emitting impotent whines from from my ass, a ritual which Horsefeathers and followers take so much effeminate delight. As James points out it is painfully obvious that Horse doesn't read the New Yorker,

As for the rest, Horsefeathers is full of horseshit. It's clear the author doesn't read The New Yorker, preferring to peel off of the same old anti-MSM, anti-liberal, anti-NYC cliches from the greasy deck. No one could look at the black-covered issue the New Yorker brought out the week after 9/11 and believe the magazine had curled up into a fetal ball of wish fulfillment. You would never know reading Horsefeathers or Roger L. Fedora that the NY'er that The New Yorker published a 9000 word essay by scholar and neocon idol Bernard Lewis two months after 9/11 called "The Revolt of Islam," that The New Yorker editorially supported the invasion of Iraq (with editor David Remnick telling a Scottish paper "the voice of this magazine has been quite clearly aggressive in its support of the war")…

I think that I have paid pretty close attention to the news the last six plus years( including the fascists-lite news sites) and I'll be damned if I've read one bit of news that would suggest that conservatives have done one, and I do mean one thing to stop the spread of the most virtulent strains of Islamic fundamentalism. On the contrary , conservatives and El presidente have done a bang up job of pushing moderate Muslims into the radical camp. At this point Bin Laden has a Bush chart up on his cave wall with lots of gold stars next to Bush's name. Is it any wonder that some people think that this whole Iraq thing's sole purpose is to have a perpetual war so that conservatives can use it as mental Viagra. Come on you say, I'm being hyperbolic. If only I was; from a commenter at Horsefeathers,

Spain in the period 711-1000 became fully 3/4 Muslim;in reaction to the Jihad Spain formed its Reconquista with all its virtues and flaws (one of the greatest was its Monism and Anti-Jewish feeling)

So that is the question, really, before us and before FALLACI. Europe, including her beloved Italy is on the brink of a New Dark age or perhaps a long twilight period of Civil Wars, internal terrorism accompanied by the decline of culture and democracy..

THAT TERRIBLE reality, that terrible threat which will probably include at one time or another a nuclear exchange killing 90% of the people of Israel , Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia is a terrible reality to think of.

It is essentially about the fall of the West and the extinction of the homelands of the Romance languages.

Of that Talbot has no clue, no worry no anxiety.

After all it is not her home nor her house nor her langauge. She has the moderan materialist Sangerite attitude that in the long run "we are all dead."

Yes, this is true for me, as an indivudual but it is not true for my race and my line, for our adopted nation for our culture, faith and language.

( I left the spelling as I found it and the emphasis is mine)That deep insight was signed off on by Richard "Richcardo" Munro;Yep Ricardo I was thinking that if Europe was to plunge into another Dark Age that democracy and high culture would take a beating. Let's all stand up and give Simon, Fallaci, Horsefeathers, and Ricardo a big one handed clap for their deep understanding of history and the "clash" of civilizations, Islam Is the West

….if major protests were to somehow be widespread among the Muslim population, every one of us would know about it — not through CNN, but by hearing screams and gunshots in our own backyards. I write this in Fort Worth, Texas, a place not typically thought of in relation to Islam, yet within a couple miles of here there are a half-dozen mosques, regularly attended by Muslims from North Africa, Arabia, Indonesia, and by U.S. Latinos and African-Americans. It is only a minority of Muslims who are of the Arabic race. Muslims, now and for much of history, are not the antithesis to the West, they are the West.


the classical Greco-Roman cultures, "reborn" in the Renaissance, would have remained dormant were it not for Muslim scholars like Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Ibn Rushd (Averroes), and al-Kindi, keeping the writings of Plato, Aristotle, and Pythagoras, among many others, alive.

and this heresy from an actual Muslim, Muslims don't speak with just one voice

To speak of “Muslim communities” evokes the concept of a monolithic mass of people, all united in the name of an abstract umma (Islamic brotherhood). This is simply not true. There is nothing wrong with Muslims in the West feeling aggrieved that our recent foreign policies have caused the deaths of so many innocent people – surely you don’t have to be a Muslim to feel sadness at the way thousands have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

10 years after terror, radical right still a threat

Although it’s been 10 years since the Oklahoma City bombing, and no similar attacks have occurred on U.S. soil, experts who follow the extreme radical right say they still pose a serious threat of domestic terrorism.

"We are still experiencing a large degree of right-wing activity, including acts of terrorism," said Mark Pitcavage, who tracks the radical right for the Anti-Defamation League. "Overall, anti-government and hate groups remain very active."

Imagine there was a war against everyone that wants to push culture back to the days before John Locke. In the event that such a war takes place we know that conservatives and that small block of dedicated jihadists will likely end up the same side of the battle line,separate canteens of course. Conservatives and radical Muslim fundies both hate modernity, women, and cultural progress. A progress made possible by liberalism, which has always been the worse enemy of every stripe of paranoid authoritarian.

Why do you reach and reach?
Do you dream some day to touch the sky?
Brother Stream:
Why do you run and run?
Do you dream some day to fill the sea?
Brother Bird:
Why do you sing and sing?
Do you dream—
Young Man:
Why do you talk and talk and talk?
Idealists by Alfred Kreymborg (1883–1966)