Most boys have seasons of wishing they could die gloriously instead of just being grocery clerks and going on with their humdrum lives

Bush said. “It is worth it to help Iraq succeed. It is worth it to have a democracy in the Middle East.''

“The best way to win this war against an insurgency is to stand up a unity government which is capable of defending itself, but also providing tangible benefits to the people,'' Bush said, standing outside a cabin at the secluded, wooded presidential retreat with his national security team and members of his Cabinet.

“Ultimately, the Iraqi people are going to have to make up their mind. Do they want to live in terror, or do they want to live in peace?'' he said.

Now in its fourth year, the war also was an issue Monday on Capitol Hill.

Why should America or the world take seriously anything said by a man who's singular achievement in life has never been to sacrifice or work for anything. "Worth"? You have to have values to decide what worth is. While it may be heresy to say it, did anyone bother asking the Iraqi people almost four years ago if they were willing to sacrifice so many dead fathers, mothers and children so Bush could have his little experiment with democracy. Bush and his supporters have simply created another Palestinian like territory, a never ending land of on going conflict. While Bush is sitting back on his fake ranch, collecting his retirement and free healthcare courtesy the American working class, our lives and our taxes will be paying for his delusions for years. Iraq will survive in one form or another, maybe even some kind of illiberal democracy, not because of Bush, but because people get sick and tired of death.

As much as I hate providing a link to Fox, Documenting Saddam's Link to Terror in which Ray Robison, a Bush supporter with an agenda and not an expert in Arabic is going to reveal the knid of breathless shrill conservative newsmaxi truth about Saddam once and for all. Besides his obvious bias problems he also has credibility issues, here,

The Times reporter notes that "the anthrax document that intrigued Mr. Robison, the Alabama blogger, does not seem to prove much. It is a message from the Quds Army, a regional militia created by Mr. Hussein, to Iraqi military intelligence that passes on reports picked up by troops, possibly from the radio, since the information is labeled "open source" and "impaired broadcast."

All true. But I noticed something else. The English translation does indeed say "impaired broadcast," but the Arabic original says "itha'a sawa."

Which could mean "impaired broadcast", I suppose, but also sounds an awful lot like… Radio Sawa. Which is, of course, the name of the American government run Arabic language radio station which began broadcasting in 2002. Which could, hilariously enough, mean that the al-Quds Division document was actually reporting propaganda picked up from an American radio station. Which an enthusiastic conservative blogger then, in turn, embraced as evidence. In a word, blowback!

and then there are problems with the documents themselves, Iraqi document release revisited and here, Iraqi document on WMD on trucks crossing the Iraqi border

"The evil American authority stepped up their accusation of Iraq for the possibility of hiding chemical agents or biological labs on moveable trucks and trailers or inside containers. The American authorities are planning on bringing such trucks and containers into Iraq across the boarders [sic] or the boarder [sic] of the self ruled areas or smuggling areas to provide it to the weapon inspectors to be used against Iraq in order to launch their wicked invading [sic] against our precious country."

Funny that Saddam's paranoid fears and fantasies are the an odd mirror image of the Fox/newsmax/right-wing blogs tin foil theory about Saddam smuggling all his supposed WMD into Syria. The excerpt would also suggest that if the wacko actually had the WMD he wouldn't be so concerned about Americans planting them.

People from the part of Northern Ohio in which Winesburg lies will remember old Windpeter by his unusual and tragic death. He got drunk one evening in town and started to drive home to Unionville along the railroad tracks. Henry Brattenburg, the butcher, who lived out that way, stopped him at the edge of the town and told him he was sure to meet the down train but Windpeter slashed at him with his whip and drove on. When the train struck and killed him and his two horses a farmer and his wife who were driving home along a nearby road saw the accident. They said that old Windpeter stood up on the seat of his wagon, raving and swearing at the onrushing locomotive, and that he fairly screamed with delight when the team, maddened by his incessant slashing at them, rushed straight ahead to certain death. Boys like young George Willard and Seth Richmond will remember the incident quite vividly because, although everyone in our town said that the old man would go straight to hell and that the community was better off without him, they had a secret conviction that he knew what he was doing and admired his foolish courage. Most boys have seasons of wishing they could die gloriously instead of just being grocery clerks and going on with their humdrum lives.

from The Untold Lie by Sherwood Anderson