As you can imagine, living by your convictions can be a little stressful at times

To follow up on yesterday’s post that centered on the economic news, Bush’s tax-cut policies put economy in the tank

Later information shows an increase of 1.5 million jobs in the past 10 months. It is still a tepid performance after an unprecedented postwar record of no job gains for the first two years into the recovery.

The Bush record also pales compared with Bill Clinton’s average of 236,000 additional jobs per month, or 2.3 million in 10 months. Clinton’s average gain per month is 50 percent greater than the average of Bush’s gains in the past 10 months.

Finally, Stephen Roach, chief economist for Morgan Stanley, has pointed out that over four-fifths of total job growth in the past year has been in low-end occupations.

Foreign Policy magazine on-line edition has an interview with Rod Nordland of Newsweek who was in Baghdad for two years, Seven Questions: Covering Iraq

Rod Nordland: It’s a lot worse over here [in Iraq] than is reported. The administration does a great job of managing the news. Just an example: There was a press conference here about [Abu Musab al] Zarqawi’s death, and somebody asked what role [U.S.] Special Forces played in finding Zarqawi. [The official] either denied any role or didn’t answer the question. Somebody pointed out that the president, half an hour earlier, had already acknowledged and thanked the Special Forces for their involvement. They are just not giving very much information here.

FP: The Bush administration often complains that the reporting out of Iraq is too negative, yet you say they are managing the news. What’s the real story?

RN: You can only manage the news to a certain degree. It is certainly hard to hide the fact that in the third year of this war, Iraqis are only getting electricity for about 5 to 10 percent of the day. Living conditions have gotten so much worse, violence is at an even higher tempo, and the country is on the verge of civil war. The administration has been successful to the extent that most Americans are not aware of just how dire it is and how little progress has been made.

Pastor Arrested

Police say French told the victim he needed to anoint her with oil during spiritual sessions. That’s when he would rape her.

I admit a deep lack of understanding of the reasoning that says we had no choice, no options what so ever in putting boots on the ground in Iraq because they had castor bean oil and chlorine(both of which can be use for good or bad). Even considering Saddam Hussien’s history he was not much more then a rat sized pest as far as U.S. national security goes, but then I’m not insecure about our military capability as most conservatives inevitably are. I am also in jaw dropping disbelief at the notion that Bush and his cult of followers will on occasion try and convince us that we’re in Iraq to save the Iraqi people. Which is like saying that you threw a lead weight to the swimmer to keep him from drowning, “We Don’t Do Body Counts”

“You have to understand the Arab mind,” one company commander told the New York Times, displaying all the self-assurance of Douglas MacArthur discoursing on Orientals in 1945. “The only thing they understand is force — force, pride and saving face.” Far from representing the views of a few underlings, such notions penetrated into the upper echelons of the American command. In their book “Cobra II,” Michael R. Gordon and Gen. Bernard E. Trainor offer this ugly comment from a senior officer:

Such crass language, redolent with racist, ethnocentric connotations, speaks volumes. These characterizations, like the use of “gooks” during the Vietnam War, dehumanize the Iraqis and in doing so tacitly permit the otherwise impermissible. Thus, Abu Ghraib and Haditha — and too many regretted deaths, such as that of Nahiba Husayif Jassim.

So anyway, like I was saying,
people always tell me, ‘You gotta
network, Sheldon… you gotta sell
yourself… or you’ll be playing
the drug clinics and shopping
centers the rest of your life.’
And you know what I tell ’em?
I haven’t the foggiest.
I tell ’em, it’s not about the old
handshake and back slap game.
It’s not about adding fuel to the
shlock machine. It’s about doing
good work. Having integrity.
Making people happy and delivering
a positive message. Foundations
are built with concrete, not
plaster of Paris!
the stained, misshapen Smoochy head from the
This is concrete! This is
I can see that.
Sheldon realizes his voice was getting too loud.
Sorry. As you can imagine, living
by your convictions can be a
little stressful at times.
from the screenplay DEATH TO SMOOCHY by Adam Resnick