Now that a loop of blood is written on our roof

Rightwing radio takes a page from Hitler

Media Matters’ latest has right wing radio’s Michael Savage saying: “Liberalism is, in essence, the HIV virus.”

After I read this part I thought the comment was repugnant enough on its own merit, but Evan Derkacz was quick to notice some parallels between Savage’s point of view and Hitlers. from holocaust scholar Richard Koenigsberg,

The presentation of Jews as “corroding and poisonous parasites, as vermin, as bacteria and bacilli, everywhere infesting and striving to destroy the body of the German people as a whole and each individual German with a demonic power paralyzed to a large extent any internal resistance on the part of the masses.” Lagarde’s metaphor, Bein observes, of the Jews as “bacilli not to be negotiated with but to be exterminated” could, in the atmosphere of Bio-Mythology, become a horrible reality.

Savage, a Republican has called illegal immigrants “vermin” and now is calling liberals a “virus”. The parallels between Savage and 1940’s fascism are hard to ignore. A commenter said that in his opinion Savage was far worse then Bush in the sense that if Bush were a true Hitler type fascist there wouldn’t be a Supreme Court as a for instance. It is true that Bush and the conservative movement are for the most part not fascists in the mold of the Third Reich; I think David Neiwert at Orcinus is correct in referring to much of modern conservatism as fascism lite or happy faced fascism ( note the plethora of phoney smiles on Fox’s right-wing pundits. Jerry Falwell has the condescending fake smile down to a weird science). The modern right has simply learned from the mistakes of the past. They’ve been clever in how they’ve exploited people’s fears and prejudices to garner slim victories and take control of institutions and place their like minded ideologues in power. That was always democracies weakness that various cliques would form alliances and use the ballot box to undermine the freedom conservatives claim to care so much about.
Related, The Heretik and Unclaimed Territory on the wingnutterys hypocrisy about death threats and generally unhinged behavior. One of Glenn’s commenter’s pointed out this link, Video: 50 year study says conservatives ‘followers’

OLBERMANN: Let me read something from the book. Let me read this one quote then I have a question about it. “Many people believe that neoconservatives and many Republicans appreciate that they are more likely to maintain influence and control of the presidency if the nation remains under ever-increasing threats of terrorism, so they have no hesitation in pursuing policies that can provoke the potential terrorists throughout the world.” That’s ominous, not just in the sense that authoritarians involved in conservatism and now Republicanism would politicize counter-terror here which we’ve already argued that point on many occasions. Are you actually saying that they would set up — encourage terrorism from other countries to set them up as a boogey man to have, again, that group to hate here — more importantly, afraid of?

DEAN: What I’m saying is that there has been fear mongering, the likes of which we have not seen in a long time in this country.

Twisting the news in such a way as to make one’s self look good is nothing new, but it doesn’t speak well for so many of our fellow citizens who have not taken the time to study the issues the day and speak out against this assault on the truth and demand more straight talk from our government, Deficit’s Good News Less Than Meets the Eye

Walker, who is head of Congress’ Government Accountability Office, warned of “a false sense of security. We’re in much worse shape fiscally today than we were a few years ago.”

To divert attention from that continuing reality, critics suggest, the administration has borrowed a gambit favored by political candidates, who commonly try to lower expectations about how they will fare to magnify the apparent size of their victory if they win.

In the case of the budget, they say, the administration has begun to low-ball its revenue estimates at the beginning of a budget cycle to set up good news a few months later.

“The White House would have signaled that it was serious about the budget if it had decided not to spin the numbers,” Stanley Collender, a budget specialist with Qorvis Communications, wrote for National Journal. “The fact that it is choosing to do so points out directly that, in spite of what appears to be good numbers, nothing much will have changed.”

NOW that a crimson rambler
begins to crawl over the house
of our two lives—

Now that a red curve
winds across the shingles—

Now that hands
washed in early sunrises
climb and spill scarlet
on a white lattice weave—

Now that a loop of blood
is written on our roof
and reaching around a chimney—

How are the two lives of this house
to keep strong hands and strong hearts?

Crimson Rambler by Carl Sandburg