And decide to just walk the tracks That I just walked yesterday

Another hand picked stooge in the Justice Department thinks that no matter what Bush, and we would assume a future President Hillary Clinton, does is always right. Just in case Bush may be wrong about something a sure way to to dodge an inquiry is to have Pat Roberts (R-KS) stall any investigation into wrong doing.

Senate intelligence committee chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) announced new deadlines for his panel’s fabled “Phase II” of its now-epic investigation into prewar Iraq intelligence — but the final report is still unlikely to come until after the November elections, Congressional Quarterly reports today.

We have all heard the reframe ad nauseum that all this secret programs that Congress is not even fully informed of much less has oversight of are fine unless you have something to hide. Wouldn’t that same juvenile reasoning apply to President Bunnypants too. Sue Kelly, R-N.Y. and Rep. Peter Hoekstra , have both complained about the lack of information about the Whitehouse secret programs which will probably earn them RINO status on the right-wing blogs. Though at this point I am suspicious of any conservative that suddenly walks into the bright lights of the media to challenge Bush. They generally seem to cave in eventually or compromise to the point of absurdity. Conservatives legislators seem to have embraced a ethics of political convenience when it comes to governing principles.


[A U.S. general] pointed out that 200 awards or medals have gone to non-U.S. citizens in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that 101 non-U.S. citizens have died in military action since the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., said it would be an affront to the members of the military who are immigrants to make felons of their family members. Kennedy cited statistics that showed about 24,400 non-U.S. citizens currently are on active duty in the armed forces.

I am all for secure borders, but like every other issue conservatives have managed to look the issue sideways through xenophobic glasses. If they can’t do a better job of coming to terms with the issues of immigration and race then the current racist hysteria then they should at least be honorable enough to demand that non-US citizens being taken off the front lines where they are risking their lives so the right-wing hypocrites can type out tripe from the safety of of their bunkers.

The current generation of conspiracy theories might have the potential to make an entertaining board game, but are thin gruel when it comes to national discourse. It is no surprise that Fox News, and right-wing blogs like Flopping Aces are all too ready to serve it up as part of their ongoing campaign to keep rational discourse from taking a root in any discussion of national security, Fox News again attempted to link Saddam and Al Qaeda

On his blog last week, Ray Robison, a former Army officer from Alabama, quoted a document reporting a supposed scheme to put anthrax into American leaflets dropped in Iraq and declared: “Saddam’s W.M.D. and terrorist connections all proven in one document!!!”

Not so, American intelligence officials say. “Our view is there’s nothing in here that changes what we know today,” said a senior intelligence official, who would discuss the program only on condition of anonymity because the director of national intelligence, John D. Negroponte, directed his staff to avoid public debates over the documents. “There is no smoking gun on W.M.D., Al Qaeda, those kinds of issues.”

All the documents, which are available on, have received at least a quick review by Arabic linguists and do not alter the government’s official stance, officials say. On some tapes already released, in fact, Mr. Hussein expressed frustration that he did not have unconventional weapons.

Robison has already been caught trying to pass off a badly translated document as a smoking gun. Integrity has always been a French word to the righties and they show no intention of changing their ways. They seem to think that if they keep repeating the Big Lie long enough and loud enough that they may eventually… well I actually don’t know what the eventual payoff is, make the lies appear to be true by the way of shear shrillness, or maybe its to make life more like a video game where pushing the right button makes story end the way you want it to, or maybe it is some kind of manipulation fetish that I just don’t understand. They get some vicarious thrill from lying that results in some feelings of euphoria…. manipulating the truth is like cocaine or nicotine for conservatives. A country who’s national security narrative runs on half baked conjecture is hardly strong, but as usual that is the whole point of right-wing conspiracy to make Americans at least psychologically insecure so we can keep making the same disastrous moves, keep up the level of fear so they can hold on to power. If the threats America faces are ever seen as they really are, if the public sees that the threats we face are capable of being managed, if we don’t lose our heads then conservatives can’t play Daddy against the big bad boogieman. The most obvious logic did not elude one unidentified Whitehouse spokesman,

Another administration official described the political logic: “If anyone in the intelligence community thought there was valid information in those documents that supported either of those questions — W.M.D. or Al Qaeda — they would have shouted them from the rooftops.”

If I was president and most of the country, according to the polls thought I was a liar, wouldn’t it makes since to have a news conference and throw copies of evidence that supports my assertions at the press tied up in big red bows.

Interesting bit of history, The B-25 that Crashed Into the Empire State Building

I check the time, its 4:00 a.m.
And I just passed the westside buildings
All the broken glass
As I try to shake the cold away, but anyways,
Its late at night and Im about to crack
And decide to just walk the tracks
That I just walked yesterday.

from the lyrics One Last Cigarette by Less Then Jake