active adherence and loyalty to that which is the essential principle of Boosterism—Good Citizenship in all its factors and aspects

At Washington Whispers just below a puff piece on Greta Van Susteren is an interesting snip of news, That Times Leak Was No Surprise

Before you jump in with those heaping scorn on the New York Times for using a leak to reveal the secret Treasury program to search financial transactions for terrorist activities, know this: The Treasury Department expected it to leak. When the program was developed in 2003, a press plan was included. The goal: Get out front with the spin that there are safeguards to prevent snooping on private accounts, that it is legal, and that there are big benefits to it.

Again I would not have much of a problem with the domestic side of this program if Congress and the courts had proper oversight. The role of president was not conceived to resemble that of a king. That was being one of the bedrock principles on which this democracy was established it is disturbing that so many people support secret and unregulated activities by this president. Programs like this should be used, but in a lawful manner and not just as a tool against terrorism. The fact is that dirty money from corporations, drug dealers and others flow in and out of America on a pretty regular basis. Whether those in charge will sniff out some of the conservative movements largest benefactors is another matter. I wonder after another month of who can yell traitor the loudest, the clown princes of right-wing punditry will put two simple pieces together, the distance betwenn 9-11-01 and 2003. A time long ago where something as simple as monitoring international money transfers and links to terror money was probably put aside to plan the wonderfullness that is the Iraqi occupation or so that Bush and company could do important things like coordinate lies about John Kerry with their local campaign staffs.

Jane Goodall, and she would know better then me thinks that using monkeys for AIDS research is not productive, The Chimp’s Champion

…I think we have wasted huge numbers of dollars doing things with chimps and monkeys. Most medical breakthroughs are not the result of work with animals, although the law requires the new breakthrough to be tested on animals before it can be applied to people.

This may well be one of those times which old good intentioned regulations has outlived its usefulness. Since the current ruling party can’t seem to be guided by regulation that does work it is unlikely that they will find a working solution to an outdated one. This isn’t because conservatives are incompetent in the traditional sense, but because of the incoherent nature of their logic, the answers they come up with are doomed to the Katrina effect.

Sometimes you hear of strange and mysterious phenomenon such as Number Stations

Short wave radio enthusiasts worldwide have heard of the strange and elusive Numbers Channels. It is a name that refers to any one of several of unusual broadcasts that usually start at a very specific time, though often from different locations. The broadcasts contain some odd elements like excerpts of music, a regular attention message, and a sting of phonetic letters or numbers—for which they are named. For the most part, the signals make no sense—at least not to most people—the messages are fairly random, and there is not enough information in the broadcast itself to allow one to decipher it.

and hope that the mystery is never unraveled. As a mystery we can infuse it with all kinds of imaginative qualities. When finally unraveled the sources for and reasons behind the transmissions are probably going to be a dissappointment.

Damn James Wolcott for cutting through some of the muck about which war we’re in World War Two-and-a-Half

I think one of the reasons our world warriors are so eager to hang a new Roman numeral on the current turmoil is because it enables the U.S. to work off a a clean won-loss slate.

Wolcott pummels Newtie, yet never calls him what he is, an irrelevant wife hopping chickenhawk hypocrite that is all too happy to send Biily Joe Bob off to die in his real life enactment of a video game. I would not call for rounding up the Newties of America, they should display the bravado that their words suggest and volunteer to be summarily air dropped into Baghdad central with a full magazine where they can exercise their demons. Michael Ledeen, Norman Podhoretz, and Jonah Goldberg can bring their sewing kits to reattach the asses that get blown off.
There is something else about the new advertising campaign by the right that is charming in its repetitiveness of a certain meme of authoritarian conservatism; they have no clue what to do about the middle-east other then worship the sacred god of more force, yet the near first thing out of their mouths is no matter what what ideas the Democrats have, ignore them. Don’t listen, don’t weigh any elements of a thoughtful discussion, just start deriding Democrats now. Somewhat an admission on the right-wing fringe’s part that they’re lousy at discourse, but also denotes a fear of words. Here we are at a point where Democrats have been cast into political Siberia by the right and most of the MSM, yet the very thought of us having ideas strikes fear in the hearts of conservatism’s mightiest pundits.

At each place was the Boosters’ Club booklet, listing the members. Though the object of the club was good-fellowship, yet they never lost sight of the importance of doing a little more business. After each name was the member’s occupation. There were scores of advertisements in the booklet, and on one page the admonition: “There’s no rule that you have to trade with your Fellow Boosters, but get wise, boy—what’s the use of letting all this good money get outside of our happy fambly?” And at each place, to-day, there was a present; a card printed in artistic red and black:


Service finds its finest opportunity and development only in its broadest and deepest application and the consideration of its perpetual action upon reaction. I believe the highest type of Service, like the most progressive tenets of ethics, senses unceasingly and is motived by active adherence and loyalty to that which is the essential principle of Boosterism—Good Citizenship in all its factors and aspects.

from the novel Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis