The kick is quite simply, fear. Black peril, red peril, whatever name you want to give it


X-rays reveal Archimedes secrets

The goatskin parchment records key details of Archimedes’ work, considered the foundation of modern mathematics.

The writings include the only Greek version of On Floating Bodies known to exist, and the only surviving ancient copies of The Method of Mechanical Theorems and the Stomachion.

In the treatises, the 3rd Century BC mathematician develops numerical descriptions of the real world.

“Archimedes was like no-one before him,” says Will Noel, curator of manuscripts and rare books at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland and director of the imaging project.

There is a nicer scan of the parchment and a webcast in WM or Real here, Ancient Writings Revealed!

Jerry Falwell sees the problem with faith based federal funding, but then again he doesn’t,

I may change that once I have seen enough years of safety and consistency with no strings attached, but at the present moment I would not want to put any of the Jerry Falwell Ministries in a position where we might be subservient to a future Bill Clinton, God forbid.

Bill Clinton is immoral, but George W. Bush isn’t? Jerry had to engage in mental tap dance to come to that conclusion. President Clinton betrayed his wife while George Bush betrayed his country. In Falwell’s world George’s travesties against humanity are forgivable, while the Big Dog’s personal faults are not.

It also concerns me that once the pork barrel is filled, suddenly the Church of Scientology, the Jehovah Witnesses, the various and many denominations and religious groups–and I don’t say those words in a pejorative way–begin applying for money–and I don’t see how any can be turned down because of their radical and unpopular views. I don’t know where that would take us.

Sure Jerry isn’t being pejorative when he describes anyone not of the same religious bent as him as radical and unpopular. Is that an intellectually honest or spiritually informed way to choose ones religion, by popularity.

And third, I maintain faith-based [grants] should be restricted to those organizations that have already been doing a measurable, qualitative work among the poor, in the prisons, and in the inner cities. I don’t think religious groups should be allowed to apply for federal funds to start new ministries they have not been doing before the funding was available.

So unless you’ve raised money and have a verifiable record of success you shouldn’t get money from the federal government, which comes from taxpayers, and some of those tax payers are Scientologists, Jehovahs Witnesses  Muslims, and vegans. Not much of a leap to assume that Falwell does not think that any native Americans should receive faith based funds.

I think the Moslem faith teaches hate. I think there’s clear evidence that the Islam religion, wherever it has majority control–and I can name a dozen countries–doesn’t even allow people of other faiths to express themselves or evangelize or to exist in their presence…. I think that when persons are clearly bigoted towards other persons in the human family, they should be disqualified from funds.

So Jerry is upset that people everywhere cannot freely choose and practice their religion. He’s for freedom of religion as long as that religion is his religion. In the article Falwell states that if he were president he would “include” Muslims as Bush has ( frankly I have no idea what he’s getting at here), but he would “change” them. Jerry is suffering from the sin of envy, Muslims have managed to make Islam the official or nearly official religion of many countries and Falwell would like the same fate for America except he wants to make fundamentalists Christianity the official state religion of America. Pot meet Mr. Kettle. There isn’t much difference between Jerry and the American Taliban and the Muslim Taliban, they are the truth owners and they make up the official state truth as they go along, those that disagree must be purged or at the very least left out.

For example, the Aryan Nation movement could consider themselves a religion. That’s why they burn crosses. They’re religious people. But I don’t think we should have any problem at all determining they’re not qualified, because they hate black people and Jews. I just think…if we’re going to give money away, we have to be willing to be objective and controversial in saying, “You don’t qualify.”

This would make sense except that Falwell doesn’t think that gays, women, and any religion that he doesn’t approve of is entitled to equal rights. It’s Jerry’s world.
Falwell and his hero Bush see the world with blinders firmly in place least reality intrude, “… President George W. Bush was unaware that there were two major sects of Islam just two months before the President ordered troops to invade Iraq,”

Take for example the way the
government is handling the
electorate; like a bloody donkey.
Carrot in front and kick at the
backside. The carrot is
apartheid, Dogma. The kick is
quite simply, fear. Black peril,
red peril, whatever name you want
to give it.
Fear can be a wonderful ally, Ben.
I talk too much, I always do with
younger people, they don’t fall
asleep to me.
We Afrikaners have to stop to turn
a blind eye and look around us and
at ourselves.
You are right. We still have
time. History should teach us
about those who regarded
themselves as the chosen people.

from the screenplay A DRY WHITE SEASON, rewrite version by Euzhan Palcy