Surmise and fancy have no place in my scheme of thought.


Wilbur in a diary over at DKos has an imaginary interview between Bush and a reporter about Camus’s The Stranger, George Bush discusses Albert Camus’ The Stranger and our first imaginary quote of the day, “Even if he didn’t have a knife it would have been the right thing. Because Moreso made the beach safer for democracy.”

George Allen (VA-R) seems to have more then bigotry problems. He’s mean, arrogant, and dumb as cardboard. Which means he has a very good shot at the Republican nomination for president in 2008, GOP Senator George Allen’s Sister Documents Her Brother’s Bully Tactics: “He Saw Dentistry As A Perfect Profession – Getting Paid To Make People Suffer”…

I suspect that since the WSJ ran this great short essay by Ned Lamont, The Democrats Mean Business we’re probably see a hit piece counter response by one of their professional liars in the next few days. Toward the end Lamont sums it all up with what would make a great narrative for the entire party heading into 2006,

Good judgment is an essential part of good governance. But we’re bogged down in Iraq, and hamstrung in the war against terror, by leaders who lacked judgment, historical perspective, openness to other cultures and plain old common sense. We offer something different.

The right wants to paint Lamont as extreme? This statement seems very thoughtful compared to what can be said in candor about the radical right-wing extremists running America.

Parsing the Polls: Is a Democratic Wave Building?. The short answer is yes and Democrats should still run every race as thought they were 12 points behind.

Crunching the numbers, President Bush’s average job approval number in the polls cited above is 36 percent while his average disapproval is 58 percent. The average approval rating for Congress is even more dismal — 29.6 percent and its disapproval is 62.3 percent.

Robert Scheer: Spinning Old Threats Into New Fears

Because checking or banning fluids was not a focus of this administration’s post-Sept. 11 airport security measures, this “coincidence” would suggest either enormous negligence on the part of those charged with protecting us or a ludicrous overreaction this past week. Knowing as we did of Mohammed’s earlier plan, why wasn’t the Department of Homeland Security requiring fliers to dump their bottles of hairspray and mother’s milk before?

Bob is trying to explain the way conservatives behave from the point of view of a rational person. That would be an exercise in futility Bob.

But my brain is soaked with exact knowledge. I have trained myself to deal only with fact and with proof. Surmise and fancy have no place in my scheme of thought. Show me what I can see with my microscope, cut with my scalpel, weigh in my balance, and I will devote a lifetime to its investigation. But when you ask me to study feelings, impressions, suggestions, you ask me to do what is distasteful and even demoralizing. A departure from pure reason affects me like an evil smell or a musical discord.

from The Parasite, Chapter I by Arthur Conan Doyle