no king Can take this loser hand And make it win


One of the more annoying conventional wisdoms of our time is that somehow conservatives in Washington are the answer to the riddle, how to protect the U.S. The mainstream media is all too often more then willing to repeat this modern myth without question. We’re more likely to have hours of news coverage of the latest sex tinged murder then an examination of conservative national security failures over the last forty years. The debacles of conservative national security policy are not just about failing to keep American’s safe in the immediate sense, those debacles from Nixon’s Vietnamization to Iran-Contra made the world less safe and made tens of thousands of people suffer needlessly. That trend from Nixon in the seventies and certainly from Reagan in the eighties continues up to Bush’s failure to aggressively push counter-terrorism before 9-11 ( Ashcroft’s Justice Department made prosecuting pimps a priority over Al-Queda) and the lies, half-truths, and distortions that lead us into a quagmire in Iraq. Just as Bush hides his illegal warrantless domestic spying behind the veil of national security privilege conservatives hide their failures behind the shield of manufactured patriotism. How dare we point out their ineptitude they cry…we’re at war. How long can conservatives continue to try and hide their failures and launch absurd attacks on their critics as a smoke screen hoping they never have to answer for decisions that have been disastrous. I think they can continue as long as the bulk of the media continues to be lazy. With the exception of the print media in the last two years there was more coverage of President Clinton’s personal adventures then there has been of Bush’s wrong doing and conservative corruption. The odd thing is that conservative screw-ups have been the Purloined Letter of our time. All anyone has to do is open up their eyes and see what is right in front of them, Republican are unimaginably bad on national security. Say it loud, say it often, it’s the truth.

1. 9/11 happened on their watch. Of course, we can’t say, absolutely, that it would not have happened if they had not been asleep at the wheel. But we can say that they did not do all they could have done to prevent it. We can say that Bush literally pushed away the warnings.

8. By the way, every major European nation has had successful arrests and real trials of real, dangerous terrorists. People on the level of this group that the British just took down. The most ferocious terrorist arrested in the United States since 9/11 has been the shoe bomber. Ten, twenty, forty, a hundred billion dollars, a trillion dollars, and the best we have to show for it is the shoe bomber?! Republicans are bad on national security.

It is this record that makes so many believe that conservatives are enjoying flitting around like impotent butterflies talking tough rather then actually being effective. You just cannot spend over two billion dollars a month in Iraq, look at the situation there and swear that you know what you’re doing or that what you’re doing is effective. On some deep level it is difficult to think that conservatives want to stay on this course of failure because they think its a winning course, they want to “stay the course” because it is doomed to continue to fail and they enjoy failure; constant never ending conflict is their idea of winning.

The Bush Power-Grab Scorecard from Wired. Interesting that the administration when not trying to trump the courts with the national security secrets card always seems to loose. They’re supposedly sound legal arguments fail when the courts are allowed to hear from all sides. Not a good harbinger of things to come in regards to appealing Judge Taylor’s NSA decision.

One of many conservative wet dreams is that George’s little brother can continue big bro’s abysmal record. It looks as though he has the same play for pay attitude that permeates every decision Republicans make in regards to whats right and whats wrong morality wise, Yoo, Bush: Law? We Got No Law! We Doan NEED No Stinkin’ Law!

Bacardi [U.S.A., the Miami-based liquor company] used its strong Republican political connections to win favorable treatment from the Bush administration in the trademark dispute. The Washington Post and the Daily Business Review reported that Gov. Jeb Bush personally lobbied patent officials in Washington, D.C. on Bacardi’s behalf.

Meanwhile, Bacardi was funneling tens of thousands of dollars
to the Florida Republican Party
and Bush’s re-election campaign in 2002.

Bacardi has denied that it engaged in any improper action.

Which also goes into this story from NYT, On Technical Grounds, Judge Sets Aside Verdict of Billing Fraud in Iraq Rebuilding, Defense Tech asks the questions that most of us taxpayers are asking, Who Ran the Coalition Provisional Authority?

Did we miss something here? Wasn’t Paul Bremer, the CPA’s head, reporting to the U.S. government? Wasn’t the CPA funded and controlled by the U.S. government? Did the United Kingdom really have much of a say (or maybe it was Nicaragua pulling the strings)? The ruling, if upheld, simply makes a bigger mess of U.S. policies in Iraq, particularly as it pertains to private contractors’ accountability.

I’m standing in the middle of the desert
Waiting for my ship to come in
But now no joker, no jack, no king
Can take this loser hand
And make it win
from the lyrics Leaving Las Vegas by Sheryl Crow