For Newsbusters, Armitage and Plamegate are just too complicated

The subheading to the Newsbusters site should read We create distortions for other conservatives to echo. . In this post Matthews to NewsBusters: Plame Story Too Complicated to Cover Now, Posted by Matthew Sheffield on September 8, 2006 – 12:00.

Since the revelation that Richard Armitage, a former high-ranking official in the State Department, was the source of the much-ballyhooed Valerie Plame “leak,” many in the media have refused to touch the story with a ten-foot pole. This was quite a turnaround since before the Armitage involvement was known, many journalists believed the CIA leak story was one worth pursuing on a daily basis. Some even believed it could bring down the Bush White House, or at least end the careers of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

One of the biggest media figures boycotting the Plame story has been MSNBC host Chris Matthews, who has yet to mention the scandal at all since the Armitage report broke, a dramatic contrast to the 27 times he mentioned the “scandal” in the five months leading up to it.

“many in the media have refused to touch the story with a ten-foot pole.” Then proceeds to make that case on what grounds? That Hardball isn’t covering it. Chris Matthews to no friend to patriotic Americans, so he’s doing the Right’s handy work by not having informed guests on who might blow holes through the Right’s meme that the story is now over and their beloved Libby and Rove are simply the poor victims of a witch hunt. There’s a few problems with this faerie tale. One, when did Chris Matthews constitute the length and breath of THE MEDIA? As I post this a search for news stories that prominently feature stories on Richard Armitage on Google turns up over 500 media reports filed within the last 24 hours including The Los Angeles Times, ABC News, Fox News and CNN. There is still one simple thing that the right cannot get around and that is that if Libbly had done no wrong by revealing Plame’s name then why did he lie to Fitzgerald. To come back now and say that it doesn’t matter that Libby lied because Armitage was one of the leakers is to say that lying to grand juries is perfectly acceptable behavior. It seems like American tax payers spent over seventy million dollars to investigate and eventually impeach Bill Clinton over lying to a grand jury. Here again if there is a situation where a conservative is guilty of wrong doing, guilty of behavior that has violated the law and had national security implications then its all much ado about nothing according to the Right. The Right has conveniently chosen to ignore the fact that the leaks to the press originated from more then one source, Armitage was only one source. There was at least one, if not more sources of the leak within the Whitehouse. Maybe the fact that multiple people can leak the same information or act as confirmation of the leak with the knowledge that doing so would reveal the classified identity of a CIA agent is just too complicated for members of the Bush Cult to handle. Fitzgerald’s investigation included Armitage and it included Libby and Rove. Libby got caught in a fabrication, not all that difficult to comprehend to those that are not dedicated to lying and distorting the issues all for the sake of pure partisanship. We know that Rove confirmed Plame’s identity to Matthew Cooper. Why would a member of the Bush Whitehouse with security clearances no less, stoop so low. Armitage’s recent confessions are serving the Right’s cause as a useful idiot to deflect attention away from Rove and Libby and their little campaign to discredit Wilson and absolve Bush of responsibility for his infamous sixteen words. Newsbusters, Fred Barnes, and conservative pill head Rush Limbaugh among other members of the media either know the facts and are lying or they don’t really understand the facts of the case. If the later is the case they should act with a little integrity and bow out of the conversation until they get up to speed. If on the other had they’re lying, well that is what America has come to expect from conservative apologists.