Out, tawny coats! out, scarlet hypocrite!

Bush praised President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan,

Bush thanked Nazarbayev for supporting the U.S.-led war in Iraq, for his willingness to fight terrorists and to help neighboring Afghanistan become a stable democracy, and for his “commitment to institutions that will enable liberty to flourish.” Bush offered support for Kazakhstan’s desire to join the World Trade Organization.

Words just fly out of Bush’s mouth like bats out of an old belfry, rational Americans are still trying to figure out what, if anything Bush stands for, Iraq at the Gates of Hell – George Bush’s Iraq in 21 Questions

How many Iraqis are being tortured in Baghdad at present?

Precise numbers are obviously in short supply on this one, but large numbers of bodies are found in and around the capital every single day, a result of the roiling civil war already underway there. These bodies, as Oppel of the Times describes them, commonly display a variety of signs of torture including: “gouged-out eyeballs… wounds… in the head and genitals, broken bones of legs and hands, electric and cigarette burns… acid-induced injuries and burns caused by chemical substances, missing skin… missing teeth and wounds caused by power drills or nails.” The UN’s chief anti-torture expert, Manfred Nowak, believes that torture in

How many American and Iraqi troops and police are now trying to regain control of the capital and suppress the raging violence there?

15,000 U.S. troops, 9,000 Iraqi army soldiers, 12,000 Iraqi national police and 22,000 local police, according to the commander of U.S. forces in Baghdad, Maj. Gen. James Thurman — and yet the mayhem in that city has barely been checked at al

How many terrorists are being killed in Iraq (and elsewhere) in the President’s Global War on Terror?

Less than are being generated by the war in Iraq, according to the just leaked National Intelligence Estimate. As Karen De Young of the Washington Post has written: “The war in Iraq has become a primary recruitment vehicle for violent Islamic extremists, motivating a new generation of potential terrorists around the world whose numbers may be increasing faster than the United States and its allies can reduce the threat, U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded.” It’s worth remembering, as retired Lt. Gen. William Odom, former director of the National Security Agency, told a group of House Democrats this week, that Al Qaeda recruiting efforts actually declined in 2002, only spiking after the invasion of Iraq. Carl Conetta of the Project for Defense Alternatives sums the situation up this way: “The rate of terrorism fatalities for the 59 month period following 11 September 2001 is 250% that of the 44.5 month period preceding and including the 9/11 attacks.”

Bush wants to stay the course. A course that will kill more Americans, more Iraqis, and create more terrorists. How do you have a rational debate with a president that seems insane and supporters who care more about winning the next election and tax cuts more then they do about America. [ Note on Bush’s praise of President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, according to Human Rights Watch,

Human rights abuse against injection drug users and sex workers in Kazakhstan is fueling one of the fastest growing AIDS epidemics in the world and threatening the country’s economic and social development. Human Rights Watch has documented instances of police brutality, lack of due process, harassment and stigmatization that drive drug users and sex workers underground and impede their access to life-saving HIV prevention services.

The E.U.’s caution was well placed, as the Kazakh government has a history of manipulating elections.[2] The September 2003 local council election is the most recent example of what may be expected. According to the opposition, the government attempted to exclude rival candidates from the ballot through harassment and intimidation, including arbitrary misdemeanor and other criminal charges.

Galimzhan Zhakianov, the party’s leader, was jailed in 2002, following an unfair trial on charges that have been widely viewed as selective and politically motivated.

In February 2004 the United States State Department found that “The Government’s human rights record remained poor, and it continued to commit numerous abuses.” In its annual report on the Kazakh government’s rights record, the State Department noted that the government of Kazakhstan “severely limited citizens’ right to change their government and democratic institutions remained weak…

Its a little carnival merry-go-round of hypocritical pontifications, double standards, fabrications, and distortions about democracy and Iraq. If we award plus and minus points and add them all up Bush has achieved less then zero except for people that own lots of Halliburton stock.

Gloucester, thou wilt answer this before the pope.
Winchester goose, I cry, a rope! a rope!
Now beat them hence; why do you let them stay?
Thee I’ll chase hence, thou wolf in sheep’s array.
Out, tawny coats! out, scarlet hypocrite!

from Henry VI by Shakespeare