Money and Corruption Are ruining the land Crooked politicians Betray the working man, Pocketing the profits And treating us like sheep

U.S. Congressman Curt Weldon (R) : 7th District Of Pennsylvania seems to think that being a corrupt clown and a regular source of tinfoil wrapped conspiracy theories is like an addicting soap opera and feels compelled to keep turning out new chapters, Weldon’s FBI ‘informant’ on Curt’s payroll

Weldon told reporters Wednesday that an ex-FBI agent heard that Democrat Joseph Sestak’s campaign had inside information about the Justice Department investigation — and when it would be leaked to the press.

“I’m telling you a retired FBI agent, whom I have named, came to me and said that a (Sestak) campaign worker told him three weeks ago that this was going to happen,” he said.

While Weldon identified his source as Gregory Auld, he failed to mention that Auld has been on the campaign’s payroll since May.

Campaign finance reports filed this week show that Weldon Victory Committee has paid Auld & Associates Investigations $25,000 to conduct opposition research.

At Wednesday’s impromptu press conference, Weldon withheld that fact when he said a Sestak supporter had told Auld he knew about the federal investigation before it was made public.

The Republican congressman has asserted that the investigation was timed to coincide with the Nov. 7 election. He said Auld’s discovery, if true, means the Justice Department was coordinating its probe with the Sestak campaign, a claim the campaign has dismissed as “laughable.”

“What this indicates is that there were others involved in a political campaign who knew about this, and to me that’s troubling,” Weldon said.

Much of Weldon’s story didn’t check out with Auld, who said he had heard through a man at a local gym that another man who frequently wore a Sestak shirt said three weeks ago that “something big was going to come down on Weldon” last weekend.

Auld, of Drexel Hill, said he spoke to the Sestak supporter Tuesday, but “he never said they knew” about the investigation before it hit the newspapers.

Auld acknowledged his firm had a six-month contract with the Weldon campaign that runs through Election Day. He said pursuing the lead at the gym “probably was part of my responsibility” as a paid opposition researcher.

Political analysts say Weldon’s chances of re-election were diminished this week when FBI agents raided six locations — including the homes and business office of Springfield GOP leader Charles Sexton and Weldon’s daughter Karen — as part of an investigation into whether the congressman helped them obtain lobbying contracts.

Weldon maintains that the allegations are false, while the Sestak campaign says it had no advance knowledge of the investigation.

So someone on Weldon’s payroll hears, or supposedly hears some smack at the gym and its all part of a conspiracy to get Weldon. Let’s say that a Democratic candidate for Congress has that much pull with the United States Department of Justice (currently staffed to the gills by Bush administration appointees), is Weldon saying that that Democratic candidate should have used said pull to ask the DOJ to hold off until after the election? Does Curt drink the lime kool-aid or the grape? CREW asks DOJ to investigate Weldon for e-mails outlining possible threats of retaliation against his opponent’s contributors

The first e-mail describes a “hit list” compiled of Weldon opponent’s supporters. In addition, that e-mail notes the Weldon said something to the effect of “If they don’t think there will be retribution before or after the election, they’re kidding themselves.” The second e-mail states that Weldon had his staff contact Navy personnel to get information on Sestak.

While we’re on the subject of investigations and timing, Jerry Lewis (R-CA) is under investigation for his ties to lobbyist and former congressman Bill Lowery. Jerry may have the power to do tap dances with his old buddy Duke Cunningham (currently doing time in the slammer),

In July 1999, Lewis and Cunningham led a move to cut funding for the Pentagon’s F-22 fighter jet. Funding was restored, though, after the Pentagon acquiesced to Brent Wilkes’s request that ADCS Inc. receive an additional $10 million to digitize military documents in the Panama Canal Zone. It appears, then, that Lewis and Cunningham used their clout to Wilkes’s benefit. Lewis says there is no connection between the F-22 funding cut and aid for Wilkes.

but Jerry is slick enough to know that he can’t do something as ham fisted as step in and stop investigations into Congressional conservative wrong doing, but this close to an election he can slow things down a bit. Enough to slide by the next few weeks,ThinkProgress: Lewis Firings Not “Bipartisan,” As Spokesman Claimed

A Democratic spokesman for a member of the House Appropriations committee disagreed with comments from the Republican chairman, who said yesterday that the recent massive firing of the panel’s fraud investigators was “bipartisan.”

In a surprise move, House Appropriations chairman Jerry Lewis (R-CA) Monday fired all 60 of his panel’s contract investigators. Sixteen permanent investigative staff were not affected by the action.

In a comment to Congressional Quarterly, Lewis spokesman John Scofield said the firings came because of a “bipartisan review” of the investigative unit. The review, he said, was supported by Rep. David Obey (D-WI), the top Democrat on the committee.

But an anonymous Democratic spokesman told ThinkProgress today that the firings were not okayed by Obey or other Democratic members of the committee. In fact, they weren’t even consulted, he said.

These “I-Staff” were somewhat toothless, but the”I-Staff” could bring things to the attention of the press and the public causing those like Lewis to be under a little more scrutiny then he felt comfortable with. Lewis (R-CA) is House Appropriations chairman.

“Money and Corruption Are ruining the land Crooked politicians Betray the working man, Pocketing the profits And treating us like sheep, And we’re tired of hearing promises That we know they’ll never keep” – Ray Davies

“Calvin: Do you believe in the devil? You know, a supreme evil being dedicated to the temptation, corruption, and destruction of man? Hobbes: I’m not sure that man needs the help” – Calvin and Hobbes