A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living

American Progress has their newest Iraq Report Card out, Heads in the Sand

At an event on Capitol Hill today with Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), the Center for American Progress Action Fund released its third quarterly “report card” this year on the Bush administration’s handling of Iraq. The analysis, written by senior fellows Brian Katulis and Lawrence Korb, evaluates the progress towards the goals identified in the administration’s “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq” and “finds Iraq on the brink of collapse, with growing violence, increased sectarian tensions and divisions in the Iraqi national government, and few significant advances in Iraq’s economic reconstruction. All indicators point to the utter failure of President Bush’s strategy for Iraq.” This evaluation tracks with a growing chorus of concerns coming from allies of Bush. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said yesterday, “We’re on the verge of chaos, and the current plan is not working.” Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) added that the administration has to “face the fact” that Iraq is now in a civil war. Put on the defensive, White House Counselor Dan Bartlett countered with a media blitz yesterday morning. “We know there is a sense of urgency,” he said, adding that the administration did not have its “heads in the sand” on Iraq. Yet, that’s the undeniable impression that the White House has created. While the administration continues to assert that there have been great successes in Iraq, a recent poll finds only 19 percent of Americans believe the U.S. is winning.(emphasis mine)

The whole Iraq debacle could be at the very least headed in a measurably positive direction,, but Bush and his supporters want it to continue to stay on the road to failure. Seems unpatriotic if not criminally negligent to continue to plan for failure, but then that is just a reality based opinion. When in the last three years has the administration and its cheerleaders made one good move. There is this determination by conservatives to try and mold reality, that given enough time they’ll turn a corner. If the situation in Iraq has been deteriorating from the first few months after the invasion simply deny the reality. Stay the course, they never said stay the course, oh yes we are staying the course – the politics of life and death where troops die and homeside conservatives keep swearing they’re not chickenhawks.

If the nation is sinking into a swamp of debt from which it may take a generation to pay, simply shift gears and suggests that the people that are concerned about that debt love taxes, not that the president and a conservative congress that have created this burden for the nation’s children have been irresponsible, President Says Democrats Are ‘Disposed’ to Increase Taxes

“George Bush sure has a lot to say for a guy who added $3 trillion to the nation’s debt,” responded Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The Republican party’s values: elective wars, death, and continued failure are good, quiqmire’s are good, fiscal madness is swell. Vote for more of the same.

At least one Republican has come up with a creative way to handle the illegal alien problem, hide them in the basement. Exclusive: Former Employee Says Gibbons Knew of Her Illegal Status

Sandoval says she worked for Jim Gibbons and his wife Dawn for several years, starting in 1987, and that the family has tried to cover it up. It’s a story pregnant with political implications.

Congressman Jim Gibbons (R) is running for governor of Nevada.

Republican Oxycontin addict Rush Limbaugh must like feet, he keeps putting his in his mouth, Rush Limbaugh On the Offensive Against Ad With Michael J. Fox

Contrary to the charge that Fox might not take his medicine to enhance his symptoms, the medicine produces some of the uncontrolled body movements.

“Stem cell research offers hope to millions of Americans with diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s,” Fox says in the Cardin ad. “But George Bush and Michael Steele would put limits on the most promising stem cell research.”

The issue is not, as most of the Republican blogs have tried to make it, that Fox is a victim and thus how dare anyone disagree with him. The point is that Limbaugh among a host of others have simply piled on Fox for supporting stem cell research and Democrats. All these self appointed demi-gods of values had to say was that they disagreed with Fox and Democrats about the stem cell issue and pointed to some solid scientific evidence to back up their claims. Such as this letter drafted by 80 Nobel laureates

The therapeutic promise of pluripotent stem cells is based on more than two decades of research in mice and other animal models. This research confirms that pluripotent stem cells are capable of generating all of the cell types of the body. Most importantly, the therapeutic potential of these cells has already been demonstrated…Nerve cells have successfully reversed the progression of the equivalent of multiple sclerosis in mice and have restored function to the limbs of partially paralyzed rats; and insulin-secreting cells have normalized blood glucose in diabetic mice. These findings suggest that therapies using these cells may one day provide important new strategies for the treatment for a host of currently untreatable disorders

Instead, like every other issue, they just start talking louder and repeating the same inanities over and over again. Republican Playbook, Chapter One: When you cannot win the argument on facts simply start yelling the most depraved accusations you can think of at your opponent. It is little wonder that some people think that conservatism is some kind of mental ailment rather then a political point of view.

“A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living, I think.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“Fake is as old as the Eden tree.” Orson Welles