Do not wait for the last judgement. It takes place every day

Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) is still in Congress, still casting votes on legislation, collecting a salary and other benefits courtesy the American taxpayer while others get a horizontal striped suit, Prison Time for Former Bush Aide in Lobbying Scandal

In happier days, Safavian accepted lavish favors from Abramoff, including a 2002 golf trip to Scotland, while helping Abramoff make business deals with the GSA.

Safavian’s case was the first in the Abramoff scandal to go to trial; six others, including Abramoff himself and Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), have entered guilty pleas.

Abramoff’s sentencing has been postponed twice while he continues to cooperate with investigators. As Brian Ross reported on the Blotter, federal law enforcement officials say he has spent “hours and hours” with FBI agents detailing his relationships with dozens of members of Congress.

What makes little Bobby Ney better then David Safavian who was chief of staff of the General Services Administration with BushCo. Does Bobby know where more of the skeletons are buried. Why are Republicans waiting until after the election to show Ney the door.
Back in the old days, about seven years ago China was an evil communists regime and Bill Clinton was a bad bad man for even talking to them. Though it was OK for every Republican leader since Nixon to work out trade agreements, sell the Chinese American technology and for Republican business conglomerates to outsource manufacturing jobs to to the Chinese. Thinking about the multitude of Republican hypocrisies about China and what was right or wrong in the way America dealt with them would give a normal person a headache. Not that we’re not all capable of holding a contradictory set of opinions, but as usual conservatives and the Bush administration have pushed America’s China policy to ridiculous new heights. In the post 9-11 era, suddenly Chinese communism didn’t even merit mention in the infamous “axis of evil”. North Korea and its communist regime did though. Those that have not partaken of the conservative kool-aid have noticed that the three members of the “axis” are more of a threat now then they were 6 years ago: Iraq has become a living hell and central training ground for future terrorists, Iran is going ahead with its uranium enrichment program, and Bush allowed North Korea to become a full blown nuclear power. Maybe the Bush-Cheney-Rice brain trust has on some level realized that they have a particular talent for screwing up everything they touch. Which would explain why the  un-evil China is now in charge of America’s North Korea policy, Dear China: Thanks For All The Great Stuff At Wal-Mart. And For Telling North Korea To Stop Testing Nukes

Two weeks after North Korea conducted what it said was an underground nuclear test, US intelligence agencies believe the regime of Kim Jong Il may now have backed away from a threat to conduct a second test sometime soon. Officials with three U.S. intelligence agencies, who all asked for anonymity due to the sensitivity of the subject, said signs have now receded that the second test is imminent.

The officials said that U.S. intelligence analysts have come up with several possible explanations. The theories revolve mainly around the role of China, North Korea’s neighbor and sometime supporter. After the North’s purported test on October 9, a high-level Chinese delegation visited Pyongyang. China’s envoy later reportedly told visiting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that his trip had “not been in vain.” U.S. officials have more than one theory about what message the Chinese really delivered. According to one line of thinking, Beijing made it clear to Kim that China might crack down strongly if another nuclear test went ahead…[ ]

October 25, 2006, George W. Bush on Iraq, “Not only can we help them, we must help them,” (emphasis mine). Richard Engel’s “Agenda”: Not To See “Rotting Bodies, Bodies Buried In Shallow Graves.”

Earlier this month he interviewed a woman whose 13-year-old son was kidnapped. After she paid the $12,000 ransom, the boy was tortured and killed anyway.

“It’s horrible,” Engel says. “I’ve seen hundreds of dead bodies — rotting bodies, bodies buried in shallow graves. One time I watched a dog carry a severed human head in its mouth. You’re smelling bodies, you’re seeing people who are so angry and insanely distraught. The people who are being killed are too old, too stupid, too poor, too young or too weak, socially or otherwise, to leave.”

If Bush thinks that he is winning or can win (whatever winning is defined as this week) then what has he and Rumsfeld been doing in Iraq the past three years, holding back? Waiting for the right moment to save the Iraqi people that he and his supporters claim to care so very much about. More of Bush from the Union Leader column,

In a quieter voice, he said: “I am in disbelief that people don’t take these people (extremists) seriously.” And, “Much of the thinking and decision-making that I do now is based upon my belief that we’re in this grand ideological struggle. . . . We need to be on the offense all the time.”

Bush really should have the humility to stop using “we” when describing the war in Iraq that he started based on lies and gross distortions and sent others to fight. Bush has a personal record of avoiding responsibility and not placing himself in harm’s way. He could have enlisted in the regular military during the Vietnam war yet as quickly as he could he found a safe spot in the ANG.

No surprise here. It looks as though Sen.George Allen(R-VA) has more skeletons in his closet, George Allen’s Arrest Record

Our quote of the day comes from Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen(Fl)

“I think it’s a shame to take this complex issue of winning the international war on terror and putting it at the level of whether you like or not like Donald Rumsfeld, and whether you like or don’t like President Bush’s personalities and the statements that he’s made,” she said.

Ileana doesn’t think its about the dead, the wounded, the serial failures, and that America is less safe because of Republican policies, she thinks, as do many Republicans that its all just one collective personality clash. Someone please buy her a box of tissue to clean the mud off her glasses.If Ileana or her co-conspirators cannot see the problem how can they be part of the solution.

“Do not wait for the last judgement. It takes place every day.” -Albert Camus

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
-Abraham Lincoln