A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both

Seeing that America was on the road to a more stable and sane government, little Donnie Rumsfeld handed over his job to another insipid little man who believe in keeping his mouth shut as part of his oath of loyalty to…well not America and the Constitution, but to whatever the latest conservative plan is for screwing up under the cloak of national security.

3 Allen believed, however, that he sent a memorandum to Gates discussing, among other things, how much money North needed to pay Manucher Ghorbanifar from the Iran initiative. (Memorandum from Allen to the DCI, Subject: American Hostages, 11/10/86, ER 19739; Allen, Grand Jury, 1/4/88, pp. 19-21.) Independent Counsel was unable to corroborate Allen’s testimony.

Those that hoped that by getting rid of Rumsfeld that there would be some chance of a change in strategy in Afghanistan and Iraq should expect more disappointment over the next two years. Robert M. Gates was appointed for one reason, his bonified neocon credentials.

15 In testimony he gave before the Select Committees’ report was issued, Gates made no reference to a meeting with Kerr. In two later Grand Jury appearances, however, Gates acknowledged the conflict between his recollection of events and Kerr’s, but he insisted that he did not recall the meeting. (Gates, Grand Jury, 2/19/88, pp. 22-23; Gates, Grand Jury, 5/1/91, p. 140.)

16 Gates, Grand Jury, 2/19/88, pp. 13-14 (found intelligence “confusing,” so he stopped reading it); Gates, Grand Jury, 5/1/91, p. 138 (intelligence showed “a couple of Iranian arms dealers . . . lying to each other,” so he stopped reading it).

Funny how Republican official’s memory works, some recollections of the same events are crystal clear while others are a bit foggy. The King of Zembla, and not the only one, is shocked, simply shocked that Bush said one thing and did another, Hope, Boys, Is a Cheap Thing, Cheap Thing

We were jumping for joy when we heard about the Rumsfeld resignation, because we were certain that Mr. Bush was about to step down as well; only a week ago he’d promised the nation that Death’s Head Don would remain as Secretary of Defense “until the end of his presidency,” and that meant, by our calculations, that the end of his presidency would be, well . . . today.

It is not so much that Rumsfeld was Bush’s useful fall guy, but that Rummy was willing to serve that purpose for Bush  and Cheney’s micromanagement. I can hear the distant clatter of right-wing keyboards as the history of the Afghanistan falling back into the hands of the Taliban and Iraq’s three year spiral into chaos was not the great G. W. Bush’s fault. No, Bush was a loyal trusting commander-in-chief who put his faith in a that wily conman Don Rumsfeld. If only St. George had not been such a loyal and trusting neophyte we would have really really accomplished that mission.

Speaking of rewriting the nightmare that Republicans unleashed on the country I forgot the first step, denial. First conservatives have to deny that they were in the room while the country was being battered and bruised. The real losers

No matter what Rush Limbaugh or Michelle Malkin or the entire circus of right-wing nutcases, thugs, and theocrats, in their early stages of denial, may try to tell the rest of the country, the results of Tuesday’s election were a full-throated repudiation of conservative rule.

We’re getting the right-wing pushback on this already, voiced last night by Malkin:

The GOP lost. Conservatism prevailed.

If conservatives like Malkin are so cock sure that conservatism won, they might want to all have a meeting and decide what conservatism is. Most of the country can’t figure it out. Conservatism sucks at keeping government growth and power under control, so they need to give up that meme. They had 9-11 on their watch, said they were the only ones capable of handling another disaster of that magnitude and then exchanged e-mails about fashion choices as Katrina raged so they to national security what a wet paper bag is holding groceries. Republicans proved they can spend money faster on frivolous garbage and corporate welfare faster then Paris Hilton on a shopping binge. Conservatives swore they were strict contexualists when it came to the Constitution, then proceeded to rip its guts out. America has seen conservatism post Eisenhower in all it full unfettered glory and said enough of that garbage. The only thing to decide now is whether it was just Stalin Lite or Mussolini Lite.

Democrats take control of the Senate which will make Harry Reid(d-NV) Senate Majority leader. Everyone has had a wish list on what they would have liked Democrats to so if they regained the Senate. Mine has been that Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS): Chairman of the Senate Cover-up Committee be assigned a desk in a janitor’s closet where he cannot cover-up anything else for this administration or do his best to undermine the intelligence community. It was always a choice for Senator Roberts to be on Bush’s side or America’s and he choose Bush at the expense of America’s security and right to know.

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”- Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Don’t think you are going to conceal thoughts by concealing evidence that they ever existed.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower