and giving to them only the liberty of speaking the truth to him

In internet time this is old news, but I hadn’t seen the full list of 90 advertisers. Air America on Ad Blacklist?

An internal memo from ABC Radio Networks to its affiliates reveals scores of powerful sponsors have a standing order that their commercials never be placed on syndicated Air America programming that airs on ABC affiliates.

The October 25 memo was provided to FAIR by the Peter B. Collins Show, a syndicated radio show originating on the West Coast.

Headlined “Air America Blackout” and addressed “Dear Traffic Director”—referring to the radio station staffer who coordinates programming and advertising—the memo gives the following order to affiliates:

Please be advised that Hewlett Packard has purchased schedules with ABC Radio Networks between October 30th and December 24th, 2006. Please make sure you blackout this advertiser on your station, as they do not wish it to air on any Air America affiliate.

The directive then advises ABC Radio Network affiliates to take note of a list of other sponsors who do not want their programming to run during Air America programming.

Please see below for a complete list of all advertisers requesting that NONE of their commercials air within Air America programming.

The list, totaling 90 advertisers, includes some of largest and most well-known corporations advertising in the U.S.: Wal-Mart, GE, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, Bank of America, Fed-Ex, Visa, Allstate, McDonald’s, Sony and Johnson & Johnson. The U.S. Postal Service and the U.S. Navy are also listed as advertisers who don’t want their commercials to air on Air America.

I was considering an HP notebook after the first of the year, they just lost my business as did most of the others on that list. I can’t extricate myself from Windows OS at the moment, but I will be using Open Office and other alternative products from now on. Some folks were giving Howard Dean a hard time for the fifty state strategy and supposedly being tight with how he distributed funds, but considering how well the mid-terms turned out and the tremendously lopsided right-leaning media Dean should get at the very least a big pat on the back.

IGs Probe Allegations On Global Warming Data

Inspectors general at two agencies have begun an investigation into whether the Bush administration has suppressed government scientists’ research on global warming, officials at NASA and the Commerce Department confirmed yesterday.

Prompted by a request this fall by 14 Democratic senators, the IGs are examining whether political appointees have prevented climate researchers at NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from conveying their findings to the public.

The issue of global warming has emerged as one of the most contentious scientific debates within the administration. In the past year, several federal climate scientists, including James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, have accused the administration of muzzling them, a charge the White House has denied.

And this week’s nominee for the Pravda doublespeak award goes to Richard Mills, spokesman for the Commerce Secretary,

“We support and encourage a process of open, peer-reviewed science, and the role of our public affairs office, like any other organization, is to coordinate and ensure that media get timely, accurate and thorough information,” said Richard Mills, spokesman for Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez.

NASA spokesman Dean Acosta, whose agency came under intense media scrutiny once Hansen aired his allegations in January, noted that since then: “NASA clarified its policy ensuring free and open communications of scientific and engineering data with the public and across the agency. The revised policy was widely distributed and widely reported upon. It is working well.”

Since conservatives regularly demonstrate a phobia for the truth maybe some inventor could help them out and invent a helmet that only allows in facts that conservative find convenient.

Sometimes even liberals buy into the idea that movement conservative say what they mean and mean what they say. So for example when movement conservatives make claim to that grand sweeping cliche that they are for small government, that liberals must be for pro large lumbering ineffective millions of hand-outs government. Few things in politics are further from the truth. Conservatives believe in BIG CONSERVATIVE government, i.e. unregulated government spying that treats every citizen as a suspect, corporate welfare and special legislation for businesses that make huge contributions to conservatives, trampling on centuries old protections legal protections like habeas corpus, the executive branch as having king-like powers(Nixon,Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2), wildly irresponsible fiscal policies that embrace borrow and spend (Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2), and the government as official propagandists(see story above) among other hypocrisies that one would have to be ideologically blind not to see. Paul Rosenberg in Liberalism is the “True Conservatism” has more about how conservatives fail to live up to truth in advertising,

The rhetoric of “personal responsibility” has never applied to movement conservatives themselves. It’s always been for other people. The same is true of “fiscal conservatism”–no one can unbalance a budget like Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes, but let a Democrat, like Bill Clinton, take the helm, and watch out! Fiscal conservatism is back with a vengeance. Judicial restraint is similarly “for liberals only,” as a study of Supreme Court decisions showed the conservatives far more willing to overturn laws than their moderate brethren (rhetoric aside, there are no true liberals left on the court.) Conservatives have not lived up to their rhetoric in a long, long time.

Well worth a read especially for those that are a little new to political philosophy or younger voters who have voted Republican because you believed what Republicans told you rather then the history of what they have really done.

I do not wish to leave out an important branch of this subject, for it
is a danger from which princes are with difficulty preserved, unless
they are very careful and discriminating. It is that of flatterers, of
whom courts are full, because men are so self-complacent in their own
affairs, and in a way so deceived in them, that they are preserved
with difficulty from this pest, and if they wish to defend themselves
they run the danger of falling into contempt. Because there is no
other way of guarding oneself from flatterers except letting men
understand that to tell you the truth does not offend you; but when
every one may tell you the truth, respect for you abates.

Therefore a wise prince ought to hold a third course by choosing the
wise men in his state, and giving to them only the liberty of speaking
the truth to him, and then only of those things of which he inquires,
and of none others; but he ought to question them upon everything, and
listen to their opinions, and afterwards form his own conclusions.

from The Prince, Chapter 23 by Niccolo Machiavelli. One on-line dictionary defines Machiavellian as suggestive of or characterized by expediency, deceit, and cunning. So it is little wonder that conservative has become synonymous with Machiavellian.