The best diplomat that I know is a fully-loaded phaser bank

Reading about United nations related news is a lot like reading economic news, peas and carrots. You know its good for you, but a nice slice of chocolate cheese cake is really what you have a taste for. Moderate Americans find the UN to be a pain, not because of its goals, but because it lumbers along like a crippled snail trying to achieve those goals. The Right on the other hand sees the UN as an obstacle to American hegemony mixed in with some moldy old conspiracy theories. Whatever John Bolton is he is not a advocate for American values. The Right frequently thinks that the Bolton’s of the world are the beleagered defenders of American interests because the Right keeps confusing what is good for America with what is good for America’s old guard corporate elite and errant nationalism. Some highlights from John Bolton’s Greatest Hits

One of his proudest achievements in his previous job at the State Department was to “unsign” the treaty that committed the United States to the International Criminal Court, and then to bully and browbeat small countries across the world into signing agreements not to extradite US citizens to its seat in the Hague. And then this year he had to allow a Security Council resolution setting the Court’s prosecutors on the perpetrators in Darfur.

As pious commentators talk about how effective he was, it is worth remembering that while he was in charge of arms control, North Korea joined the nuclear club and that, according to him and Bolton and his allies, Iran is about to. It is an achievement–but of a dubious sort for an alleged arms control maestro.

Bolton’s most memorable “achievement” occurred while he was in charge of arms control at the State Department before moving to the UN. He was a major saboteur of Congressional efforts to improve and tighten the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. If these measures had been passed, countries would not have been able, as North Korea did, to drop out of the treaty after reaping its dual-use benefits, and the voluntary protocols on inspection that Iran stopped observing would have been compulsory.

November 11, 2006 from Think Progress on the real Bolton record, Snow On Bolton: ‘What Complaint Do You Have With A Man Who Has Been So Successful?’

– Isolated the United States from its allies on the Human Rights Council. The United States was one of four nations to oppose the creation of the Council. (170 nations voted for it.) Out of 30 or so negotiating sessions over the creation of the Council, Bolton attended just one. He also argued for permanent membership for China and Russia on the Council.

– Made stopping genocide in Sudan a low priority. In early June, Bolton skipped a U.N. Security Council mission to Sudan for a speaking engagement at the Centre for Policy Studies, a right-wing think tank in London. Most other nations, including the UK, China, and France, sent their top representatives.

– Sought to undermine the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs aimed to convert rhetoric into hard numbers on such issues as reducing global poverty and hunger. Just days after he arrived in New York after his recess appointment, Bolton released over 700 edits to the draft document for the 2005 World Summit Outcome, excising all mentions of the MDGs.

The U.S. and until now, Jon Bolton represented the fact that we were permanent members of the Security Council. The Right does not know or seems to forget that Bolton or his replacement can veto anything. That has literally a world of repercussions. One of which is that the U.S. has a very decisive handle on what the U.N. does or doesn’t do. Given the Bolton-Bush record at the U.N. this post from a rabid right-wing blog called protein wisdom is remarkable for its ignorance or head in the sand denial about Bolton, protein wisdom Monday, December 04, 2006 – *sigh* So long, Regis… (The Sanity Inspector)

And here’s an endzone dance by one Ian Williams in The Nation. The writer carries on as if he’s only wrinkling his nose at the simplisme cowboy blunderings of the cowboy Bush cowboy appointee. But it’s obvious that he, like all transnational proggs, is simply rejoicing in a setback for American stature and interests. Brilliant.

That was both desparate and unoriginal, the “transnational proggs” sounds like something a 60s right-winger might slip into a tirade about the dangers of flouridated water. If Mr. protein wasn’t a conservative he would have probably thrown a block party after North Korea’s nuclear bomb test, instead he probably did a little jump for joy alone in the basement . He threw got out the noise makers and streamers on hearing that Bolton-Bush opposed the Human Rights Council (whenever you hear a conservative talk about spreading democracy it is very much like hearing a sleazy chef talk about serving up a cake that is hollow in the center as they think human rights are not part of the structure of democracy). Part of the reason that Bolton has been so ineffective with Iran is Iraq. BushCo with the support of people like protein emboldened and mishandled Iraq and showed Iran how utterly inept our leadership is, as p.w. would say ” Brilliant”.

We’re on a mission to settle strange new worlds. Which is great, only what in the way of revenue are we going to use to pay for it, the interests on Dick Cheney’s income from Halliburton? NASA Says It Will Set Up Polar Moon Camp

NASA announced Monday it will establish an international base camp on one of the moon’s poles, permanently staffing it by 2024, four years after astronauts return to the moon.

It is a sweeping departure from the Apollo moon missions of the 1960s and represents a new phase of space exploration after space shuttles are retired in 2010.

After consulting more than 1,000 experts from 14 different countries, NASA decided on what deputy NASA chief Shana Dale called a “fundamental lunar approach” that is sharply different from its previous moon missions in nearly everything but the shape of the ship going there.

NASA chose a “lunar outpost” over the short expeditions of the ’60s. Apollo flights were all around the center of the moon, but NASA decided to go to the moon’s poles because they are best for longer- term settlements. And this time NASA is welcoming other nations on its journey.

The more likely of the two lunar destinations is the moon’s south pole because it’s sunlit for three-quarters of the time, making solar power easier, and has possible resources to mine in dark areas nearby, said associate deputy administrator Doug Cooke.

“The best diplomat that I know is a fully-loaded phaser bank.” — Lt. Cdr. Montgomery Scott (“A Taste of Armageddon”) – Star Trek