The 1st panacea of a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the 2nd is war

Michele Malkin is probably very disappointed by this story, Canadian TV show explores lighter side of being Muslim

The handsome, clean-cut young man of evidently Pakistani or Indian origin is standing in an airport line, gesticulating emphatically as he says into his cell phone, “If Dad thinks that’s suicide, so be it,” adding after a pause, “This is Allah’s plan for me.”

As might be expected, a cop materializes almost instantly and drags the man off, telling him that his appointment in paradise will have to wait – even though the suicide he is referring to is of the career kind; he’s giving up the law to pursue a more spiritual occupation.

The scene unrolls early in the pilot of a new Canadian comedy series called “Little Mosque on the Prairie.” Yet that fictional moment is an all-too-possible occurrence, as witnessed when six imams were hauled off a US Airways plane in Minnesota in November after apparently spooking at least one fellow passenger by murmuring prayers that included the word Allah.

“Little Mosque on the Prairie” ventures into new and perhaps treacherous terrain – attempting to explore the funny side of being a Muslim and adapting to life in post 9/11 North America. Its creators acknowledge uneasiness as to whether Canadians and Americans can laugh about the daily travails of those who many consider a looming menace.

It looks as though some Muslims have a sense of humor and do things other then sitting around planning a middle-east pan European caliphate.

Harold Myerson at WaPo points out the obvious. The GOP only knows one or two tricks and they stick with variations of those tricks regardless of the course of events or the the moral depravity of their philosophy, The GOP’s Southern Exposure

You’ve seen the numbers and understand that America is growing steadily less white. You try to push your party, the Grand Old Party, ahead of this curve by taking a tolerant stance on immigration and making common cause with some black churches. Then you go and blow it all in a desperate attempt to turn out your base by demonizing immigrants and running racist ads against Harold Ford. On Election Day, black support for Democrats remains high; Hispanic support for Democrats surges. So what do you do next?

What else? Elect Trent Lott your deputy leader in the Senate. Sure locks in the support of any stray voters who went for Strom in ’48.

Myerson also points out the conservative hostility toward science. That attitude toward science has and will continue to catch up with conservatives even in the south. Southern get sick just like northerners, they have family with illnesses that might one day be helped with the benefits of stem cell research. No southern likes being thought of as backwards and it is Republicans that treat them that way.

The goal: Build consensus

The bipartisan report on Iraq received a largely warm reception Wednesday as a serious effort not just to find better approaches in Iraq but to do so while seeking to forge a pragmatic consensus here around one of the toughest foreign policy challenges of the time.

“I wish we had this kind of report in the Vietnam War,” said David Gergen, a no-nonsense former White House adviser in both Republican and Democratic administrations, “because if it had come early enough we might have spared a lot of lives.” He spoke on CNN.

Some Democrats saw the report as a clear repudiation of much of the administration’s recent approach – as when James Baker 3rd, the former secretary of state who was co-chairman of the panel, said plainly that “stay the course,” a formulation long associated with the president but now abandoned, was “no longer viable.”

Democrats said that Bush must change his approach and be ready to cooperate with members of Congress in finding a way forward, and eventually out of, Iraq.

“Their report underscores the message the American people sent one month ago: There must be change in Iraq, and there is no time to lose,” said Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, who will be the Democratic majority leader in the new Congress. “It is time for the Iraqis to build and secure their nation, and it is time for American combat troops to be redeployed.”

I almost skipped this since we’ve known for a while what the report was going to say. One thing I noticed in the tone if not the content of the right-wing blogs is a peculiar spin, from The Right-Wing Nuthouse, 12/6/2006, ASKING MEN TO DIE TO “MITIGATE DEFEAT”,

Maybe it was the firing of Rumsfeld and the ascension of Robert Gates to the position of Defense Secretary (Gates was recommended by the Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday). Maybe it’s the willingness of the Bush Administration to rethink (finally!) it’s Iraq policy. Perhaps it’s the burden of power that has settled on many Democrats who realize the genuine fix that the United States is in and rather than play the blame game they’ve decided to try and become part of the solution.

Mr. Nuthouse doesn’t acknowledge that we’re in the “fix we’re in because of genuflecting Bush supporters like him. The administration could have woken up from its coma of arrogance at any time and “become part of the solution” instead of digging their heels in and hanging on to the defeatist “stay the course”. Be prepared for this kind of back peddling – we had nothing to do with supporting failed policies and everything is the media’s fault garbage for years to come. What is true is that the report is not a cure all. Steps that the administration can take will require that they be decisive, fast, and competent. Then there are events that are beyond their control. If we had an administration that had a track record of great insights and being fast on its feet there might be actual cause for hope, as it is there is just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Related: This is one of those genuinely sad, but funny stories. Instapundit had a kind of right-wing blog brain storming session for solutions to Iraq and Kevin Drum posted some of those solutions, SOLVING THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS….

* “Regime change. More of it.”

* Stop worrying about deeply held religious beliefs: “When we give those who follow this or that imam a bigger voice by doing things this way, we get in the way of what we need to be promoting: secularization.”

* Get Russia to put pressure on Iran. Somehow.

* Better yet: put Iran’s oil fields out of commission! (Does this mean bombing their oil facilities? Maybe, maybe not. The delicate phrase used here is that we should “disrupt Iranian oil export capacity.”)

It is worth the click to get a peek at the “Jacksonian Plan”.

“The 1st panacea of a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the 2nd is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; a permanent ruin.”
Ernest Hemingway