We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat

Afghanistan has become a kind of orphan. Most the tax dollars flowing out of Washington and most of our military resources are going to that little optional war in Iraq which some of the neocons and their dead ender supporters would like to expand. For those with a short memory, the U.S. was attacked by al-Queda sponsored terrorists on September 11, 2001. The master minds behind the attack were in Afghanistan. The sheriff was supposed to get a posse together and go get the bad guys. A little complicated, but not something that couldn’t have been handled in a competent manner by an extraordinarily well trained military directed by a commander-in-chief that wasn’t a right-wing zealot with some bizarre notions about how to handle a simple straight forward criminal act by criminals. Well here we going into 2007 and how is that whole Afghanistan posse thing going? Taliban Seize US Cash from Locals to Fuel Jihad

WHEN US troops in the southern Afghan province of Ghazni handed out cash to village elders, they must have thought they were winning friends. The money, intended for bridges, wells, drinking water, irrigation systems and other infrastructure projects, was supposed to convince the locals that the foreign presence would benefit their country in general and them in particular.

After distributing the funds to villagers in Ghazni’s Andar district in early October, the US soldiers left, having done their best to get Andar on side. This “hearts and minds” campaign formed part of a major anti-Taliban offensive – codenamed Operation Mountain Fury – which US-led coalition forces launched in mid-September in conjunction with the Afghan National Army (ANA).

The only problem was that the resources intended to combat the Taliban’s influence ended up doing just the opposite.

Locals in several parts of Andar district have since told how almost as soon as the coalition forces left their villages, the money found its way into Taliban coffers to finance the jihad against the foreigners.

“American money is haram unlawful in Islam,” said Abdul Jalil, an elder in one Andar village. “We could not use it to improve our lives, so we decided to give it to the Taliban. The most important thing we could do with this money was help the Taliban to pursue the jihad.”

At a gathering in the local mosque after the coalition troops had left, mullahs exhorted the faithful to reject foreign blandishments and contribute to the insurgency, said Jalil. The elders agreed, so the Taliban were summoned and the money handed over.

The Afghanistan scenario is taking on a kind of science fiction aspect in which a small growth has been ignored and mishandled and allowed to migrate and grow. The neocons are like a mad doctor who operates and the cancer actually gets bigger and more malignant.

The facts pointed out in this article aren’t new, but it does put them all together, Why has the portrayal of Jesus in art drifted far from the likelihood he was a brown-skinned Semitic Jew?

The mainstreaming of a white Jesus began in earnest during the early Middle Ages in Europe, a time and place where darkness had a powerfully negative connotation. Eighth and ninth century European theologians, obsessed with the symbolism of the Passion, began ascribing blame to the Jews. As such, Judas and King Herod and eventually Pontius Pilate came to be represented in dark, sinister hues while Jesus became increasingly white. “The oldest basis of all Christian art is the clash of good versus evil, light versus dark,” said Colum Hourihane, director of the Index of Christian Art at Princeton University. “This was particularly the case in the ninth and tenth centuries, when basically the Jews assumed a dark coloration [in art] while Christ became radiantly white, illuminated.” This whiteness naturally extended to such secondary characters as Mary and Joseph and the disciples.

While it would help AP’s credibility in regards to the this story where six Sunnis were doused them with kerosene if they could find and produce Capt. Jamil Hussein, it does appear to the dismay of Brit Hume, Michelle Malkin, Newsbusters and others that the event did occur, Collaborating Witnesses in Jamil Hussein/AP Story

According to “USA Today”:

“On Tuesday, two AP reporters also went back to the Hurriyah neighborhood around the Mustafa mosque and found three witnesses who independently gave accounts of the attack. Others in the neighborhood said they were afraid to talk about what happened.”

To dwell on this one story is a something of a malicious distraction and the Right knows it. Iraqs are being killed in the most abominable way everyday. The Right’s motivation is not to uncover the truth about this story, but to cast doubts on any stories that contradict their views about Iraq. Its a kind of madness at this point to try and sell the American people a picture of Iraq as a nation where peace and all the wonderfulness of an American style democracy are just around the corner. So far Bush and the echo chamber of the fringe Right blogs have created so many corners we now have a circle. If the Right is genuinely concerned about the truth where was the outrage over the news manufactured by the Bush Whitehouse and the Lincoln Group, Lincoln Group gets DoD deal to work in Baghdad

The communications firm that was at the center of a controversial contract last year in which it was paid to plant stories in Iraqi newspapers began a new contract with U.S. officials in Baghdad last week.

The Washington-based Lincoln Group, was awarded a one-year, multimillion contract to provide “strategic communications” services for the top U.S. command in Iraq to help American officials counter poor public perceptions, conduct polling, and perform other communications services.

Lincoln Group officials say they can’t discuss in detail exactly what they are doing for U.S. officials in Baghdad, citing the classified nature of elements of the contract.

Lincoln began work on the contract with Multi-National Force-Iraq — led by Army Gen. George Casey, the top U.S. commander there — on Oct. 28.

“We’ve developed a certain degree of competence and professionalism particularly in information operations that we believe is recognized by the client,” said Richard Vandiver, whose title is “Director of Insight and Influence” for Lincoln.

“It’s a very important contract for us, it’s a high-profile contract, and it’s a contract we’re proud about,” he said from the company’s offices in downtown Washington.

The controversy about paying to plant factual but positive stories about the war and reconstruction efforts in Iraq in the host-nation media put the upstart communications firm on the map last year.

Witnesses detail Iraq burning deaths

Two of the witnesses — a 45-year-old bookshop owner and a 48-year-old neighborhood grocery owner — gave nearly identical accounts of what happened. A third, a physician, said he saw the attack on the mosque from his home, saw it burning and heard people in the streets screaming that people had been set on fire. All three men are Sunni Muslims.

The Right seems to be having another Haditha moment. Will they say that the bookshop owner, the grocery owner, and the physician do not exist. The sad thing is that in a search on Google News the Right has kicked up enough dust to get even the big media to allow that maybe nothing happened at all.

“We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.”
–Donald Rumsfeld
On March 30, on alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.