A play is made by sensing how the forces in life simulate ignorance-you set free the concealed irony, the deadly joke

I’m not sure which is the more apt description of the Right’s support of Bush’s never ending middle-east debacle, that they are some the world’s most gullible suckers or they’re so dim that they think informed Americans buy Iraq as equivalent in moral purpose and importance as America’s Civil War, WW I, and WWII. Saddam Hussein was an aggressor all right ( as the media continues to play the Right’s tidy narrative), he invaded Iran with the full support of Reagan and Dick Cheney. He only invaded Kuwait because the first Bush administration had supported him with billions of dollars and the continued aid of the CIA and Bush Sr had signaled that he didn’t really care. Saddam didn’t invade Kuwait to expand his power he invaded because Kuwait wouldn’t forgive Saddam his foreign debt to them. Colin Powell who always liked to have his cake and eat it too would fight along side Dick Cheney in the Congressional ditches to stop them from imposing sanctions on Iraq after he had used chemical weapons. Saddam was as dangerous as Jefferson Davis was to the future of a United States or Hitler was as a threat to the free world? Saddam only had teeth because the same right-wingers that now claim he was a threat to America’s national security gave him those teeth. The Right has had a certain degree of success in jerking the United States around in a full circle. First using their power and our tax money to create a middle-east puppet in their image and then to spend the lives and treasure of ordinary Americans to get rid of him. Now that he’s gone we still have a never ending state of civil war in which insurgents get to pick off our troops at the rate of a few a day. That hardly matters to the Right because the rate of military deaths has only risen slightly under Bush. Let me repeat that because it will fly over the head of any rational human being, the Right thinks that Bush lying us into Iraq is the best thing since cream filled cupcakes because the total death rate during Bush’s time in office is not too out of line with other presidents. The family and friends of those killed must find that childish trivialization of their children’s death a great consolation. Of course the 500,000 dead Iraqis, you know the people that the Right cared about releasing from the terrible tyrant that they put in power don’t even count in the death trivialization game, nor do the millions of Iraqi’s that live without a dependable water supply and whose lives are one hellish day after another. The Right thinks their hell is all sweetness and light and only their buddy Saddam’s was worse. We all know people like that. People who are singularly incapable of self reflection, genuine remorse, or insight. They are the ultimate dead enders. Bush has used up his credit limit, he’s charged 3000 deaths and paid us back with one lynching, A Lynching…

America the savior… After nearly four years and Bush’s biggest achievement in Iraq has been a lynching. Bravo Americans.

And that was written by an Iraqi. If Iraq was as important as saving the Republic or possessed all the moral implications of WW II then why was Bush, Cheney, and a Republican controlled Congress so unserious about its reconstruction, you know stability’s first cousin, Iraq’s Reconstruction a Boondoggle by Design

The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) found that 60 percent of the top 70 firms getting reconstruction contracts in Iraq — the New York Times called them “among the politically best-connected in Washington” — had high-level employees or board members who came out of the military or the government. The group donated almost $50 million to PACs and candidates since 1990. Charles Lewis, then director of CPI, said that there’s “a stench of political favoritism and cronyism surrounding the contracting process in both Iraq and Afghanistan.”

How does a good Republican administration justify trashing the free market’s competitive spirit when they spend so much time kowtowing to its wonders? They simply redefine “competition”; according to the Project on Government Oversight, a contract is considered “competitive” when “a few favored contractors” get a shot at it, or even when it’s not bid out at all. There are government procurement rules that require open competition, but there are also plenty of loopholes.

Iraqis maybe Muslim, but they’re not dumb contrary to what the media, the Right, and Fox would have us believe, Top Ten Iraq Myths for 2006

2. “US military sweeps of neighborhoods can drive the guerrillas out.” The US put an extra 15,000 men into Baghdad this past summer, aiming to crush the guerrillas and stop the violence in the capital, and the number of attacks actually increased. This result comes about in part because the guerrillas are not outsiders who come in and then are forced out. The Sunni Arabs of Ghazaliya and Dora districts in the capital are the “insurgents.” The US military cannot defeat the Sunni Arab guerrilla movement or “insurgency” with less than 500,000 troops, based on what we have seen in the Balkans and other such conflict situations. The US destroyed Falluja, and even it and other cities of al-Anbar province are not now safe! The US military leaders on the ground have spoken of the desirability of just withdrawing from al-Anbar to Baghdad and giving up on it. In 2003, 14 percent of Sunni Arabs thought it legitimate to attack US personnel and facilities. In August, 2006, over 70 percent did. How long before it is 100%?

The Bushies are like the team in some screw-ball comedy, you call them when you want to lose. Not to pile it all on Bush he couldn’t accomplish so little and cause so much carnage without the support of his dead ender Republican supporters. For Iraq’s Shiites, a Dream Deferred Breeds Mistrust of U.S.

Lefta’s friend Wisam al-Taieb, 27, a gaunt Oil Ministry worker with dark, intense eyes, stood next to him at the mosque.

“What future?” Taieb demanded. “Now the Shia are suffering from a campaign of genocide. The Americans are in total control of our security forces. Our elected government does not have the power to move a single military unit. How do you expect me not to be pessimistic?”

Wait, but more Americans died in the Civil War. Don’t pay attention to current realities pay attention to the Right’s irrelevant clownish comparisons. With Iraq War Come Layers of Loss


Manning a .50-caliber machine gun in the turret of a Humvee, Pfc. Ross McGinnis could see the insurgent on a rooftop fling a hand grenade at his vehicle. He shouted and tried to deflect it, but it fell inside. Four of his buddies were down there.

What followed was a stunning act of self-sacrifice. McGinnis, a 19-year-old from rural Pennsylvania and the youngest soldier in his unit, threw himself backward onto the grenade, absorbing the blast with his body. He was killed instantly. The others escaped serious injury.

With the death toll for U.S. service members in Iraq past the 3,000 mark, McGinnis’s heroism, on Dec. 4, stands as one extreme in the vast spectrum of how Americans are experiencing the Iraq war.

[ ]…John, 40, said he feels frustrated, too, but recognizes that many other wounded troops are even worse off. “There are so many people like me,” he said, his words slurred. “People need to know.”
‘Working Our Way Out of It’

With a long scar on his face, metal holding his jaw together and more reconstructive surgery ahead, 23-year-old Sgt. Doug Szczepanski Jr. often finds people staring at him on the street. “Sometimes I’ll make up stories and tell them it was a shark attack, or a skateboarding incident,” he said. “Then when I tell them the truth, they’ll look at me all weird and say, ‘What? You got blown up in Iraq?’ They don’t know what to say.”

Szczepanski was wounded in September 2005 when a suicide bomber exploded an Opel sedan packed with artillery rounds next to his convoy north of Baghdad.

The Right’s echo across the blogs, radio, TV and all their other soap boxes in the last few days is that none of the grenade victims, the half blind, or maimed matter. What matters is that according to their nice little charts is the victims of the little Bush party in Iraq are hardly a blip. Why mention all the deaths, its another liberal conspiracy to spoil the parade and flouridate their water. Just keep quiet and let the party go on.

“A play is made by sensing how the forces in life simulate ignorance-you set free the concealed irony, the deadly joke.” – Arthur Miller