See in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over again for the truth to sink in….to kind of catapult the propaganda

Unclaimed Territory has a post up that begs the question should we start calling the Right the Wrong, The “credibility” of the right-wing blogosphere

Nobody is less interested in media accuracy than they are (Glenn refers to conservative bloggers and media pundits). Correcting media mistakes is so plainly not their agenda. They are nothing more than hyper-partisan hysterics who jump on any innuendo or rumor or whispered suspicion as long as it promotes their rigid ideological views and political loyalties and hatreds. They have a long, shameful and really quite pitiful history of incidents filled with ones like this Jamil Hussein debacle, including:

Glenn’s roundup up stories in which conservative bloggers as self described media watchdogs of accuracy includes the Jamil Hussein story, accusing AP photographer Bilal Hussein of colluding with terrorists ( never happened), accusing the WaPo of helping terrorists by publishing photos of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld homes which they both gave permission to do, and the bizarre assertion by Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds that Iran is blackmailing the U.S. with nuclear weapons. Then there was the John Kerry dines alone story, ANOTHER WINGNUT TALL-TALE GOES DOWN IN FLAMES: NEW PROOF THAT THE “LONELY KERRY” STORY IS BOGUS. and more in depth here,

Specifically, it turns out that Kerry was at that table to conduct an off-the-record breakfast discussion with two reporters, so there would have been no reason whatsover for troops to be sitting with them. In fact, Kerry and the reporters even sought out empty seats, I’m told.

The two reporters who met with Kerry that morning are Marc Santora of The New York Times and Mark Danner of The New York Review, The New Yorker and other publications. Both Santora and Danner confimed to me that they met with Kerry — on the morning of Dec. 17, according to Kerry’s office and to Danner. (The person who posted the photo also confirmed that it was taken that morning.)

Danner confirmed to me that he’s the guy with his back to the camera, saying his jacket and the back of his head looked the same as in the photo. He added that his position in relation to Kerry was the same as the photo showed. And here’s what Danner had to say to me about the empty seats: “If there were empty seats it’s because we sought them out. We wanted an empty table so we could talk. It’s that simple.”

The Right swearing that they’re the lonely guardian angels of the truth is a Pravdaization of reality. It is not just that they lie constantly, in many cases they don’t seem mentally capable of distinguishing their fantasies from reality.

Bush loyalist The Strata-Sphere, Democrats Complete First Item On Their Contract With Al Qaeda – Surrender Iraq, Posted by AJStrata on Friday, January 5th, 2007 at 2:19 pm.

Music to the ears of Bin Laden and Zawahiri, I am sure. The Somali’s and Ethiopians were able to chase Al Qaeda out of Somalia in a few short weeks, but the Dems are so ready to give up they think leaving millions of Iraqis to die at the hand of terrorists is honorable! The American people are going to have a bad case of buyer’s remorse now.

Bin Laden is as far as the world knows alive and well in either Pakistan or Afghanistan because Bush let him escape at Tora Bora. Zawahiri is probably getting fat in Afghanistan, why? The Decider could do his job and make capturing him a priority. “The Somali’s and Ethiopians were able to chase Al Qaeda out of Somalia in a few short weeks” – uh there was no al-Queda presence in Iraq until Bush lied us into a war there – Strata doesn’t even see the irony of what he’s saying the Somali’s and Ethiopians accomplished in a few weeks what Bush has not been able to accomplish in three years ( Bush is in severe need of some informed defenders). The invasion of Iraq was Bush’s gift to Islamic extremists of any stripe. Bush gave them targets to shoot at. Remember the “flypaper theory”, a concept that the Right fully embraced, the morally vacant theory that by invading Iraq we would keep the jihadists so busy they wouldn’t have time for another 9-11 – then we had the Madrid bombings and the London plots. That we didn’t have another 9-11 probably speaks to a combination of two things – intelligence gathering and even Al-Queda can’t find suicide bombers on every street corner. It strains the rational mind to imagine that Iraq has kept al-Queda so busy that they couldn’t spare a few guys to come over and cause some kind of trouble. Strata hopes that his readers are as wantonly ignorant as he is. Al-Queda is primarily an organization of Sunni extremists while Iraq has a Shia majority. It is close to impossible to imagine that a Shia dominated Iraq will let al-Queda thrive. Five years after 9-11 and over three years since the neocons lied us into Iraq and Strata still cannot tell one faction from another and the various ethnic and religious affiliation that are creating the strife in Iraq. Millions killed? Well Bush is at least partly responsible for the deaths of half a million Iraqis so the Right can spare us the fake tears of concern since they’re the ones that turned Iraq into a living hell. If Strata and his like minded conservative cohorts can’t tell who the players are how can they possibly have an informed opinion on exit strategy or the way things will play out on a U.S. exit. Senate Regrets the Vote to Enter Iraq

ABC News decided to survey the views of the senators who served in 2002, most of whom remain in the Senate. The survey indicates that those senators say that if they knew then what they know now, President Bush would never have been given the authority to use force in Iraq.

“See in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over again for the truth to sink in ….to kind of catapult the propaganda” – G.W. Bush, May 2005