And so having disposed of the monster, exits our hero, stage right through the front door-none the worse from his harrowing experience

One size does not fit all

Capitalism in both rich and poor countries has been afflicted by problems of rising inequality and environmental degradation. Globalization has increased anxiety everywhere about job security. This underlines the value of social safety nets in coping with adjustments to market competition.

We need to explore the many ways in which equity can be enhanced without giving up on efficiency. These include expansion of facilities of education, training and health care. In many poor countries the barriers faced by large numbers of people in credit markets sharply reduces the society’s potential for productive investment, innovation and human-resource development.

Protest is not enough. It is necessary to explore viable and sustainable ways of constructing alternatives to capitalism.

On the other side, it is important to stress that single-minded pursuits of efficiency are bound to be counterproductive. In particular, a standardized policy prescription that ignores social and institutional diversities or the complexities of a particular society is a recipe for failure.

I wish he wouldn’t have stated the alternatives in quite that this way “sustainable ways of constructing alternatives to capitalism”. Its not the basic recipe for capitalism that is the problem, its the inflexibility of some of its adherants. It is also like fundamnetalists dogma – they have this rigid idea about what free enterprise should be and things like Social Secuirty and public health-care are dangers to that imagined purity. Actually the social safety net helps capitalism by giving people a certian level of security and relieving a bit of our social tensions. Ask a Google employee if all the social perks of their job doesn’t makes them happier and more productive.

Bush and Abramoff have met. Here is the photo.

As we saw as recently as last Friday, the Bush Administration has gone to great lengths to prevent any access to information documenting a relationship with Jack Abramoff.

Speaking of capitalism. Great idea for an entrepreneur The Encyclopedia of Conservative Corruption and Cover-ups.

Ain’t nobody support’s de surge boss, Poll Shows Dropping Support For Bush And Iraq “Surge” Idea

Is this any surprise really. BushCo has been claiming they’re winning for years, we’ve turned so many corners we’re back to square one. It’s a do over, just give us one more chance to get your spouse or children killed America we swear it’ll be worth it.

The Least Immoral Choice

I hope that when President Bush discusses sending more troops to Iraq, knowing that we will have to pull out sooner rather than later, that the conversation comes around to the human suffering. Does anyone at the table ask about the personal anguish, the long-term effects, emotional, psychological and financial, on the families of those killed, wounded or permanently disabled?

When I hear about the surge, all I can think of is those young soldiers on the plane to Texas. We have already lost more than 3,000 soldiers, and many more have been wounded and disabled.

We have three choices here. All three are immoral. We can keep the status quo and gradually pull out; we can surge; or we can pull out now. When I think about those young soldiers on that plane coming back from Japan years ago, I believe pulling out now is the least immoral choice.

Michelle Malkin’s credibility, R.I.P.

Despite the volcanic violence unfolding inside Iraq recently, the pursuit of the Hussein story produced giddy times for warbloggers. They named the scandal “Jamilgate” and created a special “Free Jamil Hussein” logo for bumper stickers. Somebody even produced a phony Jamil Hussein blog, while fake Jamil Hussein emails (aka “JMail”) were posted online amidst much chuckling and backslapping.

At the height of the self-congratulatory frenzy, Michelle Malkin, who wrote incessantly about the Hussein “scandal,” triumphantly announced warbloggers had caught the AP faking a source. The verdict for the mainstream media? As delivered by Malkin it was simple: “MSM credibility, R.I.P.”

Malkin didn’t have any credibility going into this, but as usual with conservative pundits its not the facts that matter it is how much manure they can push out of the fringe Right noise machine.

“And so having disposed of the monster, exits our hero, stage right through the front door-none the worse from his harrowing experience.” Bugs Bunny

[Bugs Bunny lays down a mattress to catch the falling Yosemite Sam]
Bugs Bunny: You know? Sometimes me conscience kinda bothers me… But not this time.
[Pulls away mattress at the last moment]
Bugs Bunny: Poor little maroon. So trusting. So naive.

from Bugs Bunny Rides Again (1948)