It’s a strange world

10 Questions for Heather Mac Donald

So in the American Conservative piece I wanted to offer some resistance to the assumption of conservative religious unanimity. I tried to point out that conservatism has no necessary relation to religious belief, and that rational thought, not revelation, is all that is required to arrive at the fundamental conservative principles of personal responsibility and the rule of law.

Its is incredibly difficult not to laugh when a conservative trys to paint themselves as conservatives based on the rule of law and rationalism. The mind bending headache inducing mental hoops that they have to jump through on a daily basis to express those sentiments with a straight face would make for a interesting black comedy, but here is the part that is genuinely funny. M’s Mac Donald was a liberal and turned on it because of that dastardly “multiculturalism”,

First I realized that I had wasted my college education on the literary theory known as deconstruction, being as I was then too stupid to grasp that nearly everything deconstruction had to say about language was lunatic and fictional. When multiculturalism hit the academy (several years after I had graduated), I was appalled that barely literate students were allowed to trash the most astounding creations of Western civilization before which we should all be on our knees. I came to New York in 1987, in the midst of a particularly craven period of capitulation to racial extortionists. Taking up journalism in the early 1990s exposed me to the total disconnect between liberal dogma about the underclass poor and the reality of their self-defeating behavior. I still have no idea how New York Times reporters can visit the same homeless shelters and welfare offices that I have and remain confident that the “clients” of those facilities are the victims of racism, rather than their own bad decisions.

When conservatives are looking to lay off blame for America’s cultural ills and can’t be bothered with any in depth explanation “multiculturalism” becomes the lazy catch-all boogyman on whose doorstep they lay all blame. As of this writing no conservative has even been able to explain what multiculturalism is other then a murky and convenient dumping ground for whatever bothers them this week. I’ve been to four different colleges in the south over the years and they all taught what is known as the western Canon. You know that ten bound opus by McMillan. Because of some administrative screw ups I even took the International Literature ( mostly western European) and American surveys. During which memorization in order to answer test questions became by second job. So as an explanation as to why she resents liberalism her school experiences seem awfully thin even by anecdotal standards. When she writes, ” confident that the “clients” of those facilities are the victims of racism, rather than their own bad decisions”. Well its like this Heather it is probably a combination of both and no rational human being can say that their lives will become magically better overnight if better decision making was their only hindrance to a better life. She and many like minded conservatives might want to think of it in terms that do not include starting life a step or more ahead. Imagine if George W. Bush was a poor alcoholic instead of rich alcoholic would he be president today. He never paid the consequences of his bad decisions because wealth served as a buffer. He was even arrested once and got off with a hand slap. It is not that most people could make better decisions, the fact that most of humanity muddles its way through life is one of our defining characteristics. When someone of color makes a bad decision they at least pay for in one way or another which is something that cannot be said of the wealthy white elite that dominates the Republican party.

Pakistani Role Seen in Taliban Surge at Border

QUETTA, Pakistan — The most explosive question about the Taliban resurgence here along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is this: Have Pakistani intelligence agencies been promoting the Islamic insurgency?

The government of Pakistan vehemently rejects the allegation and insists that it is fully committed to help American and NATO forces prevail against the Taliban militants who were driven from power in Afghanistan in 2001.

Western diplomats in both countries and Pakistani opposition figures say that Pakistani intelligence agencies — in particular the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence and Military Intelligence — have been supporting a Taliban restoration, motivated not only by Islamic fervor but also by a longstanding view that the jihadist movement allows them to assert greater influence on Pakistan’s vulnerable western flank.

More than two weeks of reporting along this frontier, including dozens of interviews with residents on each side of the porous border, leaves little doubt that Quetta is an important base for the Taliban, and found many signs that Pakistani authorities are encouraging the insurgents, if not sponsoring them.

The evidence is provided in fearful whispers, and it is anecdotal.

At Jamiya Islamiya, a religious school here in Quetta, Taliban sympathies are on flagrant display, and residents say students have gone with their teachers’ blessings to die in suicide bombings in Afghanistan.

Three families whose sons had died as suicide bombers in Afghanistan said they were afraid to talk about the deaths because of pressure from Pakistani intelligence agents. Local people say dozens of families have lost sons in Afghanistan as suicide bombers and fighters.

This story brings up yet another practical aspect of Bush’s escalation of the war in Iraq. Why has the Bush administration with the full support of the Bush Cult (warbloggers) allowed so much of Afghanistan to slip back into the control of the Taliban and members of al-Queda. This also says something about the push for democracy that Bush and clones say they care so much about. Pakistan is far from a democracy. It is a military dictatorship and as they’re also a full fledged nuclear power we all better hope that it stays that way. Full free elections and democracy in Pakistan means the bad guys get the bomb. All politicians are guilty of being a little bit protagonists, but it doesn’t serve America well that Bush and his supporters always sound like they’re channeling Big Brother. There are some harsh realities at play and they’re not the nice little them versus us – win or lose video game they’re playing in their pointed little heads.

We walk without a sound across a barren landscape
Your eyes are twisted down to a dew entrailed ground
We watch the stars as they slowly fade away and in the clearing sky I see
The cold stone face of morning setting in on me
It’s a strange world
It’s a very strange world that leaves me

lyrics from “Strange World” by Sarah McLachlan