Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it’s addressed to someone else

Life is full of conundrums. If Bush attacks Syria where will he send innocent people to be tortured, Leahy to Admin: Explain Arar Stance

“The question remains why, even if there were reasons to consider [Arar] suspicious, the U.S. Government shipped him to Syria where he was tortured, instead of to Canada for investigation or prosecution,”

Canada compensates man U.S. deported to Syria, Which is a little unfair to Canadian taxpayers. Why not take the nine million dolars out of Bush, Cheney and Rice’s government retirement benefits.

All the resolutions are fine. In politics symbolism is all too often more important then substance, but when it comes to trying to get BushCo to start listening to reason rather then the little voices in their heads the only real way to stop the madness is to draft a new AUMF. House majority leader threatens revised resolution authorizing force in Iraq

“Possible vehicles” include spending bills for military and diplomatic activities in Iraq “and possibly a revised authorization for the use of military force in Iraq that more accurately reflects the mission of our troops on the ground,” he said.

Next week, the Senate is expected to pass a bipartisan resolution opposing President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq, and, Hoyer said, the House will likely pass an identical bipartisan resolution.

“Beyond this resolution, though, our goal in the House is to conduct the kind of oversight of the president’s policy that has been sorely missing during the nearly four years of this war. Democrats intend to hold this administration accountable,” the Maryland Democrat said. “I believe the administration’s Iraq policy is the most incompetent implementation of American foreign policy in my lifetime.

“Frankly, it is time for the president to accept that we are no longer involved in a nation-building exercise, we are involved in conflict resolution.”

The American public already sees Bush as out of control and clearly in over his head when it comes to sane foriegn policy. If Democrats are planning to make anything other then a revised AUMF a priority they’re way off track. Bush has lost Iraq and Afghanistan and conservatives did absolutely nothing to put the breaks on. Iraq and Afghanistan are their failures now and for the rest of history – not withstanding a rewrite by Victor Pangloss Hansen. Bush and Cheney whose history everyone should be familiar with by now have lead lives of utter cowardice. Neither has ever taken a risk that might hurt their purses much less a hair on their smirking heads. At no time have they exhibited even the slightest moral courage. This is why they have little remorse over their bloody botched efforts and have no qualms abouts sending more Americans to die in an internal conflict that has little to do with America’s national security. A Growing Military Credibility Gap?

At the very moment we are surging troops into Baghdad, who will be scattered in small outposts throughout the city and will have to rely on Iraqi soldiers to protect them, we learn belatedly that someone in Iraq is dressing up in US military uniforms, carrying US weapons, and speaking English like a gringo. You know what this means? U.S. soldiers who were already skeptical about the trustworthiness of their Iraqi counterparts will now also have to question whether the U.S. soldier coming towards them is really a U.S. soldier.

The planning evident in this operation is sophisticated and points clearly to the uncomfortable fact that someone within the Iraqi military, who was knowledgeable about the meeting, tipped off the bad guys.

Interesting background piese on the most culturally rabid right-winger to be running for president, Sam Brownback, American Taliban

He stands poised to succeed where Pat Robertson, Alan Keyes and Gary Bauer failed before him and lead that network of politicians, religious leaders, “faith-based” organizations and (literally) their amen corner who are working overtime to make a particularly onerous concept of Christianity the de facto law of the land. Armed with the Bible in one hand and the Patriot Act in the other, would-be Bush successor Brownback and his GOP jihadists threaten to fundamentally change the role of government in monitoring Americans’ lives, liberties and even bodies. Americans would need not travel to Kandahar to learn about the perils of theocratic rule.

Though it is a mistake to underestimate John McCain’s willing to debase himself with the lowest levels of pandering.

Quiz time. Who made the following statements:

He described a letter criticizing Al Qaeda in Iraq as “surprising” because “the man who wrote it” — Islamic Society of Nevada director Aslam Abdullah — “is a Muslim.”

He has said that “[t]he Middle East is being overrun by 10th-century barbarians” and “[i]f they take over … we’re going to have to nuke the whole place.” ( This would of course include Saudi Arabia where the royal family affectionately calls George Bush “Bandar” and Jordan a country that the CIA relies on for quite a bit of its mid-east intelligence).

has referred to “those who were left in New Orleans [during Hurricane Katrina], or who decided to stay” as “scumbags.”

After airing a clip from the documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth, in which former Vice President Al Gore describes that global warming could cause many highly populated coastal areas to be submerged by seawater — including the entire city of Shanghai —- responded: “This is what would happen to Shanghai. Does anybody really care? I mean, come on. Shanghai is under water. Oh, no! Who’s gonna make those little umbrellas for those tropical drinks?”

Ann Coulter? Dick Cheney? Sean Hannity? No. They were all made by the MSM’s new darling who has his own radio and TV show and makes frequent appearances on ABC’s Good Morning , Glenn Beck.

When it comes to economic equality one can’t expect perfection. Because of all the very human factors in play perfection just isn’t in the cards. Yet it is reasonable to expect fairness. Fairness in laying face down in the gutter gasping its last breath thanks to conservative leadership on the economy, Jim Webb and Economic Reform

When one looks at the health of our economy, it’s almost as if we are living in two different countries. Some say that things have never been better. The stock market is at an all-time high, and so are corporate profits. But these benefits are not being fairly shared. When I graduated from college, the average corporate CEO made 20 times what the average worker did; today, it’s nearly 400 times. In other words, it takes the average worker more than a year to make the money that his or her boss makes in one day.

This disparity, the one that allows Bush to state in his own speech that the economy is “growing” and “on the move,” is all too apparent in the lives of most people. American workers are not blind to the widening gap between those who work, and those who rule the corpocracy.

I have enough real world experience with men that wear $2500 suits and women that wear $400 designer shoes to know that while some of them are pleasant enough, absolutely none of them are worth what they’re paid. They do not possess some special intellectual or business skills. They could almost all be replaced with someone smarter and more ethical. They’re American’s modern aristocracy and these are the people that conservatives think need continued tax breaks as the country swallows in debt. Conservatives and their perverse values, they’re terribily afraid that they’ll have to trade in the Bently and be reduced to driving a BMW.

“Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it’s addressed to someone else.” – Ivern Ball