The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words

Kerry Backs Up Iran’s N. Rights

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Former US presidential nominee John Kerry voiced full support for the Islamic Republic’s right to use civilian nuclear technology on the basis of the rules and regulations of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NTP).

How reliable FARS News Agency is I don’t know. Still the fact remains that Iran is a signatory to NTP and has the right under that agreement to develop a nuclear energy program. Whether that is a prudent path for them to take to supply their future energy needs is another matter. It is also a fact that India, Israel and Pakistan are not signatories to the NPT have have expanded their nuclear programs under a Republican president and a Republican Congress. Even secret nuclear developments do not mean automatic expulsion from the NPT and as of 2006 the IAEA had not found that Iran was using its nuclear technology to develop nuclear weapons. It does appear that Iran is serious about the need for and development of energy from nuclear powered plants ( State radio also said Russia pledged to complete Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power station on schedule this year.) If one listens to the Right’s view of Iran’s nuclear ambitions you would think it all started yesterday or at least with the infamous “axis of evil” speech, but the simple historical truth is that Iran has had a nuclear energy program underway for years and the United States helped them start it thirty years ago. Is Iran Building Nukes? An Economic Analysis (Part 2)

The furor in Washington over possible nuclear weapons development in Iran is fueled in part because Bush administration officials claim that Iran doesn’t need to generate nuclear power. They assert that Iran’s nuclear energy program is unnecessary given its oil reserves. Therefore, officials say, its nuclear plants must exist for weapons production.

In fact, for Iran, generating nuclear power makes sense. Moreover, the plans to do this were started decades ago, and with American approval.

From the first part of this series, Is Iran Building Nukes? An Analysis (Part 1)

The testable part of the claim — that the Bushehr (Iran) reactor is a proliferation threat — is demonstrably false. There are several reasons, some technical, some institutional.

–The Iranian reactor yields the wrong kind of plutonium for making bombs.

–The spent fuel pins in the Iranian reactor would, in any case, be too dangerous to handle for weapons manufacture.

–Any attempt to divert fuel from the Iranian plant will be detectable.

–The Russian partners in the Bushehr project have stipulated that the fuel pins must be returned to Russia, as has been their practice worldwide for other export reactors.

Just as there are many different kinds of nuclear reactors, there are different forms of plutonium, distinctions that are almost never made in public discussions of nuclear proliferation.

There are two different kinds of reactors, heavy-water or graphite-moderated reactors; and pressurized, or “light water” reactors (PWRs). The Dimona nuclear power plant in Israel is an example of the former. The Bushehr plant is the latter.

The Israeli plant is ideal for yielding the desirable isotope of Plutonium (Pu 239) necessary for making bombs. The Iranian plant will produce plutonium, but the wrong kind. It will produce the heavier isotopes, Pu240, Pu241 and Pu242 — almost impossible to use in making bombs.

Much of what we’re hearing about Iran now is reminiscent of the exaggerations about Iraq’s WMDs in the run up to our current occupation. There are legitimate concerns about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. While the truth seized to matter to America’s fringe Right decades ago it still matters to fair minded Americans that prefer that life and death decisions be made based on the truth rather then zealotry. The conservative movement has run up against a wall of its own making they run around yelling the sky is falling so often that normal people can’t trust anything they say even when their concerns might dovetail with those citizens that are more clear headed and rational about the same foreign policy issues. ‘No proof’ of Iran nuclear arms

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has not found conclusive evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, a US magazine has reported.

Veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, writing in The New Yorker, cites a secret CIA report based on intelligence such as satellite images.

Correspondents say the alleged document appears to challenge Washington’s views regarding Iranian nuclear intentions.

The article says the White House was dismissive about the CIA report.

The US and Europe say Iran is pursuing a clandestine nuclear weapons programme – a charge Iran has strongly denied.

‘Hostile’ response

The CIA assessment, according to unnamed officials quoted in the article, casts doubt on how far Iran has actually progressed to making a nuclear weapon.

The CIA found no conclusive evidence, as yet, of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program running parallel to the civilian operations that Iran has declared to the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Mr Hersh wrote.

It says the agency based its conclusions on technical intelligence, such as satellite photography and measurements from sensors planted by US and Israeli agents.(emphasis mine)

So once again Senator Kerry stated something as obvious and un-news worthy as the sky is blue and the Right has its little chicken hawk feathers ruffled for no other reason then they simply enjoy whipping up hysteria when there should be calm thoughtful consideration. This story speaks to the Right’s doublethink manipulation of the public and how they try to shape public opinion through false statement, distortions, and exaggerations, Ex-Cheney aide details media tactics

After that much exposure, Cheney, Libby and Martin spent the next week trying get out word that Cheney did not know Wilson, did not ask for the mission to Niger, never got Wilson’s report and only learned about the trip from news stories in 2003.

Cheney personally dictated these points to Martin. She e-mailed them to the White House press secretary for relay to reporters.

When the story did not die, Martin found herself in a bind because Cheney’s office was known for disclosing so little.

“Often the press stopped calling our office,” Martin testified. “At this point, they weren’t calling me asking me for comment.”

So she had to call National Security Council and CIA press officers to learn which reporters were still working on stories.

Once Martin got names, Cheney ordered his right-hand man, Libby, rather than lowly press officers, to call – a signal of the topic’s importance.

Top levels of the Bush administration decided that CIA Director George Tenet would issue a statement taking the blame for allowing Bush to mention the Niger story. Cheney and Libby worried Tenet would not go far enough to distance the vice president from the affair.

Libby asked Martin to map a media strategy in case Tenet fell short.

A Harvard law school graduate, Martin had succeeded legendary Republican operative Mary Matalin as Cheney’s political and public affairs assistant. Matalin had brought Martin to Cheney’s office as her deputy and trained her.

Martin offered these options in order:

-Put Cheney on “Meet the Press.”

-Leak an exclusive version to a selected reporter or the weekly news magazines.

-Have national security adviser Condoleezza Rice or Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld hold a news conference.

Persuade a third party or columnist to write an opinion piece that would appear in newspapers on the page opposite the editorials.(emphasis mine)

“The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.” – Philip K. Dick