What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult

I guess I should get this out of the way first. A hallmark of idiocy

The smoke had barely cleared from the suicide bombing in Afghanistan this morning, near a base where Dick Cheney was located, when right-wing pundits — whose sole expertise seems to be in exploiting terrorism-related issues for political gain — began their attempt to politically exploit the attack on or near Cheney. Seemingly in unison, they all went digging deep into the comment sections of various liberal blogs, found inappropriate and hateful comments, and then began insisting that these isolated comments proved something.

I can’t find any hateful comments at HuffPo, but as right-wingers are claiming they might have been removed. That is any blogs privilege and most have a comment posting policy. I posted several polite comments that exposed some of the lies that Blogs for Bush were spreading about various Democrats including Senator John Kerry and they were removed as has every comment I’ve ever left on the few fringe Right blogs that allow comments. Still lets say that some of those comments were along the line of wishing that Cheney would have been killed in that terrorist attack in Afghanistan. That would be wrong. For one thing Dick Cheney is a human being, a despicable human being, but still human. One thing liberals should not want is for Cheney to become a martyr. Justice for the likes of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush may never come and that is something that liberals and the few thoughtful Republicans that are left have to get over. Take solace in the fact that in many ways they have exposed conservatism for the trojan horse it is. Conservatism post President Dwight Eisenhower has always been about party, nationalism, elitism, paranoia, and ethnocentrism. Conservatism has never been about fidelity to America and our ideals which admittedly have sputtered at times, and are in many ways an unfulfilled promise. Liberals need to be passionate and ticked off, but not angry in order that some day we can make all of those great ideals a reality. Fill the need to let off some steam? Don’t wish people dead in any comments, walk it off. Compose a comment in your head that highlights the best of what liberalism is – maybe your style is funny or ironic, or maybe its thoughtful and moving, or maybe your one of those darn liberals that can overwhelm your opponent with the facts. Once you have composed yourself and this great comment go write it. The Right doesn’t have a monopoly on hate, but they are the masters of it. Let them retain their crown.  Update: Another thing to consider in reading comments at HuffPo in particular is that it is trolled pretty heavily by right-wingers and some of those comments might have been Republican operatives. It has happened before and the election season like it or not is upon us already, Political bloggers fear publicists will infiltrate sites

Or maybe a sock puppet, shill, or a troll — Web slang for bloggers who pretend to be grass-roots political commentators but instead are paid public relations agents.

The author of the pro-McCain articles on Redstate.com, Erickson determined after a Google search, was a Michigan political operative whose firm worked for McCain’s political action committee.

Remember the John Edwards bloggers that were steam rolled by the right-wing noise machine for their supposed religious bigotry. It did not take long for that hypocrisy to bite them back, Fox News whitewashes evangelical hostility to Romney’s faith

Examples of conservative and evangelical rejections of Mormonism are numerous and widespread. One of the most public slights of Mormons by evangelicals occurred during the 2004 National Day of Prayer, when Mormons were barred from conducting services during National Day of Prayer ceremonies by the group’s task force chairwoman, Shirley Dobson, the wife of Focus on the Family founder and chairman James C. Dobson.

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), America’s second-largest religious community after Catholicism, has declared Mormonism to be a cult. The SBC’s North American Mission Board’s web page of “free resources on cults & sects” contains a section on “Mormons and Mormon Doctrine.” Mormonism is listed on the page alongside other supposed cults like the Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology.

Dow Average Falls 416 Points After China Sell-Off, Why does it matter so much what the Chinese do. because Bush and the Republicans that controlled Congress for ten years have charged all those wonderful tax cuts for the Wal-Mart family and Paris Hilton on Chinese Visa. Now America, you know the country that conservatives pretend to care about gets a cold every time China sneezes.

Because the Right has dressed up in its Chicken Llittle custom so often and to such great effect if Iran really was a major contributor to the civil war in Iraq no one will believe them. Liberals took the Chicken Little story as a lesson about lying and paranoia whereas the Right took it as a how-to book, U.S. Displays Bomb Parts Said to Be Made in Iran

Among the confusing elements were cardboard boxes of the gray plastic PVC tubes used to make the canisters. The boxes appeared to contain shipments of tubes directly from factories in the Middle East, none of them in Iran. One box said in English that the tubes inside had been made in the United Arab Emirates and another said, in Arabic, “plastic made in Haditha,” a restive Sunni town on the Euphrates River in Iraq.

We all remember U.A.E. the folks that Bush wanted to hand over several major port’s management to. Several right-wing blogs decided to support Bush on the issue and started calling Democrats xenophobes. The Anonymous Liberal is one step ahead on the Right’s future game plan, Tomorrow’s Revisionist History Today

This is where Iran comes into the equation. I’ll make you a prediction right now: whether or not we end up going to war with Iran, the standard right-wing talking point about Iraq ten years from now will be that our invasion of Iraq would have been a glorious success had it not been for the sinister meddling of Iran, the Supreme Enemy of all that is Good and Right in the world. Sure, they’ll probably tack on some gratuitous swipe at Democrats and the liberal media for good measure, but you get the gist: IRAN + Democrats = failure in Iraq.

Olbermann commentary takes Condi to history school

“What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult.” – Sigmund Freud