“All cruel people describe themselves as paragons of frankness”

The Napkin Fiction Project where Esquire sent 250 napkins to various writers hoping to get back some inspired scribbles. A dark sense of humor is required for Benjamin Percy’s, Adam Levin does good Hemingway, and Shannon Welch revels al ittle something about what women think when you’re drunk and think you’re being charming. While I was over at Esquire I came across this essay by Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift, The American Way of Justice

It’s time for some perspective, please. It’s time to close Guantanamo Bay. Yes , I am the military officer who sued my commander in chief and the secretary of defense on behalf of a Guananamo Bay detainee named Salim Hamdan.

What I sought was simply that the president, just like the soldiers, sailors, and marines under his command, be required to comply with the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Geneva Conventions. Because I believe that resorting to secret prisons, coercive interrogations, and the abandonment of the rule of law is not the way to keep our country safe from a handful of fanatics.

Lt. Commander Swift is being rational. Law, justice and honor have little import to today’s conservatives. They arbitraily imprison and abuse people to show “them” that we’re not weak, that America can be just as barberious as “them”. To suggest that this attituse might well plan into the ideological aims of al-Queda while they pummel the hell out of our values as a nation hardly matters to Bush and his supporters. Such is the nature of rabid nationalism.

After receiving an introduction from Mitt Romney, Ann Coulter took to the stage at CPAC, called John Edwards a “faggot”, and, later, apparently endorsed the Romney campaign. Let me take up for Miss Coulter. Judging from previous comments about Jeff Gannon (aka James D. Guckert) she might have been paying the honorable former Senator John Edwards a compliment in a very strange and back handed sought of way, she appears to have a soft spot for gay Republican male escorts

“Liberals keep rolling out a series of attacks on Gannon for their Two Minutes of Hate, but all their other charges against him fall apart after three seconds of scrutiny. Gannon’s only offense is that he may be gay,” Coulter wrote.

[ ]..In fact, Media Matters for America has documented numerous instances of Gannon’s incompetence: He lifted large portions of White House and Republican materials verbatim for his “news reports”; he reported a baseless, thoroughly disproven rumor of an extramarital affair between Kerry and an unnamed woman; and he used a fabricated quotation attributed to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to ask a softball question of George W. Bush.

Coulter proceeded to attack congressional Democrats for “demand[ing] that an independent prosecutor investigate how Gannon got into the White House under an invented name” and conflated Guckert/Gannon’s use of a pseudonym to the “invented names” of various Democratic presidential candidates, asking: “How did Gary Hartpence, Billy Blythe and John Kohn (Gary Hart, Bill Clinton and John Kerry) run for president under invented names?” The truth is that neither Hart nor Clinton “invented” their names, and Kerry’s name was never Kohn.

Miss Coulter simply doesn’t like Democrats and uses epitaphs that play well with her supporters. Joe Conanson in his book Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth wrote that Coulter spends at least some of her free time cavorting around Miami nightclubs with a few gay friends. Which is fine. Its her right to party at nightclubs with whoever she likes. That such cavorting might not go down well ( excuse the unintended pun) with the fringe Right Christianists supporters who are in effect financing her lifestyle is another matter.

The Walter- Reed veterans scandal takes down a high ranking official, Army secretary resigns in scandal’s wake

Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey abruptly stepped down Friday as the Bush administration struggled to cope with the fallout from a scandal over substandard conditions for war-wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

I keep waiting for John Hinderaker of the nationally acclaimed Powerline Blog to be right about one thing. You don’t have to be Catholic to have any knowledge of the sin of omission, so I suspect that by doing so as regularly as Bush mangles the English language, constant omission is John’s way of giving himself wiggle room whenever it makes he wages another little war on truthiness, Ludicrous?

I don’t know what [Padilla’s] appointments schedule was, but Padilla’s lawyers were making motions on his behalf in federal court within two weeks after he was apprehended in Chicago, and they have never stopped since. Uygur laments that “[Padilla] was never given any of his Constitutional rights.” This is simply ludicrous.

What you don’t see is what you get. Padilla doesn’t see a lawyer? Everybody knows lawyers weren’t on Padilla’s appointment schedule. What’s worse is Padilla didn’t even get charged with a crime and the very certain people think that is not a denial of Constitutional rights. Padilla was merely labeled an enemy combatant, which made charges superfluous. Unnecessary.

If Padilla or anyone for that matter is charged by the administration as being an enemy combatant they might well get to talk to lawyers all day in between torture sessions, but they will not have any Constitutional rights, such as a speedy trial. Assrocket is a lawyer and knows that so when he writes this bunk for his readers he knows that he’s leading them done a blind alley. Padilla’s schedule of counsel meetings is as irrelevant as Assrocket’s opinions.

I was on the edge of my seat there for all of two seconds, Liechtenstein will not be invading Switzerland in a retaliatory strike, Liechtenstein: no retaliation for Swiss ‘invasion’

According to the Swiss daily Blick, around 170 infantry soldiers from the famously neutral country wandered more than a mile across the unmarked border with the tiny principality.

The incident happened yesterday morning and the Swiss troops turned back – probably slightly sheepishly – after they realised their mistake.

A spokesman for the Swiss army confirmed the story, but said that there were unlikely to be any serious repercussions for the mistaken invasion, the Associated Press reported.

“All cruel people describe themselves as paragons of frankness.” – Tennessee Williams