you build from the outer edges and go step by step. If you shoot too high and miss, everybody feels more secure

What will we tell the children when they ask why the republican Attorney General, the nation’s sheriff turns a blind eye to corruption, Gonzales failed to prosecute HUD Sec.’s lawbreaking. Conservatives are supposedly big on heroes and leading by setting a good example. When can we expect that to start.

No President Clinton and even President Horoscope Reagan didn’t do it too, Current situation is distinct from Clinton firings of U.S. attorneys. Mahablog covers the Clinton did it first as a defense against Republican wrong doing in Five Stages – Pretty much the Right’s reaction to all conservative wrong doing. Along with his general lack of values and shallowness Bush Jr inherited his ideas about ideological purity trumping ethics in the DOJ by dear old dad, An Awful Legacy of Bush 41

There was once another Republican prosecutor who insisted on behaving professionally instead of obeying partisan hints from the White House. His name was Charles A. Banks, and the Washington press corps said nothing when he was punished for his honesty by the administration of the first President Bush.

America needs a smarter pundit class. One requirement might be that they not throw temper tantrum when they get a very small comupence – Upset Over Canceled Fox Debate, Kondracke Attacks ‘Left-Wing Liberals’ As ‘Junior-Grade Stalinists’, Working for the modern day Pravda of broadcasting maybe old Mort would know. Atrios on Fox – Good for Edwards

The problem with Fox isn’t that it’s conservative, it’s that it’s basically a propaganda outlet for the GOP.

Some might have been tempted to think that the Fox debate would have been an opportunity in terms of reaching certain kinds of voters or that hey free air time is free air time, but it really does not and will never work that way with Fox – Fox News can’t take a punch

In fact, Kondracke’s own flare-up closely followed a name-calling press release in which Fox News itself denounced Nevada Democrats for being controlled by “radical fringe” special interest groups.

Of course, a real news organization wouldn’t issue a nasty statement like that, nor would it give the statement exclusively to Matt Drudge, which Fox News did.

In all practical respects Fox is a 24/7 attack ad on Democrats. Democrats shouldn’t even be making appearances on Fox much less giving them the credibility that they crave by letting them sponsor a debate. Then there is the issue of Fox viewers and actual facts penetrating the tin foil helmets – The Hazards of Watching Fox News

Among those who said broadcast media, 30 percent said two or more networks; 18 percent, Fox News; 16 percent, CNN; 24 percent, the three big networks – NBC (14 percent), ABC (11 percent), CBS (9 percent); and three percent, the two public networks, National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

For each of the three misperceptions, the study found enormous differences between the viewers of Fox, who held the most misperceptions, and NPR/PBS, who held the fewest by far. Eighty percent of Fox viewers were found to hold at least one misperception, compared to 23 percent of NPR/PBS consumers. All the other media fell in between.

The poll findings lends themselves to some humor, but on the other hand its not funny. We cannot have a functioning enlightened democracy without an informed public. Its pretty obvious that the broadcast media over all leans slightly Right and is either lazy about gathering and presenting the facts (frequently the case – one reason why they loved the Clinton scandal, sex scandals are easy and people just plain love them – pandering is also a problem) or is all too willing to simply regurgitate the Right’s fax handout for for the day. Too much of the public seems to think that questioning conservative statements and policies is somehow unpatriotic. The press is that thin line between falling into a society that is free in name only and a healthy democratic society where the questioning of our elected leaders is a moral obligation, a trust that the press possesses for the benefit of society. People cannot make intelligent decisions without a media that is willing to be unpopular at times and ask the tough questions and do the kind of investigative journalism that lets public officials know that the press, acting as the eyes and ears of the public is tracking them.

Alleged Architect Of 9/11 Confesses To Many Attacks

Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, confessed at a Guantanamo Bay military hearing that he planned and funded that al-Qaeda operation and said he was involved in more than two dozen other terrorist acts around the world, according to documents released by the Pentagon yesterday.

In a rambling statement delivered Saturday to a closed-door military tribunal, Mohammed declared himself an enemy of the United States and claimed some responsibility for many of the major terrorist attacks on U.S. and allied targets over more than a decade. He said that he is at war with the United States and that the deaths of innocent people are an unfortunate consequence of that conflict.

While Khalid was probably involved in planning some attacks on American interests the rambling nature of this confession does cast doubts that his roll was as large as he claims, Confessions of a Terrorist: I’m Guilty of 3,000+ Murders

Presidents Clinton and Carter, Pope John Paul II, Henry Kissinger, the Empire State Building, the Library Tower in Los Angeles and the Sears Tower in Chicago were among the targets of al Qaeda attacks planned by captured al Qaeda terror commander Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, according to a written statement he filed this weekend at a hearing held at the American prison at Guantanamo.

His hopes or ambitions do not automatically amount to actual plans or the capacity to carry them out.That he deserves to be locked away forever is without doubt, but he’s not doing much to dispel some of the fringe theories about 9-11 by his thin grasp on coherence.

Deep Throat: You let Haldeman slip away.
Bob Woodward: Yes.
Deep Throat: You’ve done worse than let Haldeman slip away: you’ve got people feeling sorry for him. I didn’t think that was possible. In a conspiracy like this, you build from the outer edges and go step by step. If you shoot too high and miss, everybody feels more secure. You’ve put the investigation back months.
Bob Woodward: Yes, we know that. And if we’re wrong, we’re resigning. Were we wrong?

from the movie All the President’s Men (1976)