Get out of my way son, you’re usin’ my oxygen

I watched Nightline’s profile of Senator John McCain(R-AZ) last night – There is a bief story and video here, John McCain: ‘I Haven’t Changed’ . Unfortunately ABC doesn’t provide free transcripts of the show. The theme, repeated several time was that McCain was a “maverick”. Why does the media insist on trying to sell this all hole and no donut version of McCain. McCain is to “maverick” what white bread is to mayonnaise. In the past I’ve given him credit for at least being a civil right-winger, but lately he’s decided to channel Dick Cheney and Ann Coulter,

McCain angrily ripped into the House bill passed last week that set a timeline for withdrawal, calling it the “most shameful that I have seen in the 24 years I have been in Congress,” and describing Democrats as “more interested in guided tours of the Capitol building than caring for American military men and women that are on their tours overseas.”

If McCain cared about the troops he’d be more concerned about them dying for lies about Iraq as an “urgent threat” or Iraq as the first building block in spreading democracy across the middle-east, and since he made at least occassional visits to Walter-Reed he can stop the fake sentimentality about how the troops were treated – he and his party knew and did nothing. The fact is that like the vast majority of Republicans in the Senate and the House he votes fringe Right – he has a terrible record on human rights, civil rights. women’s rights, civil liberties, and despite his long winded speeches on pork and spending he has voted for almost as much pork as other Conservatives. McCain thinks its awful to desecrate the flag – well most of us do, but in a choice between defending the constitution and putting two or three flag burners in jail a year, old John thinks that its more important to send the flag burners to jail. There is a certain irony there since the flag is a symbol of our country, but the Constitution is the actual substance. By the time a man reaches 70 he should have gathered enough wisdom to differentiate between substance and symbols and adjust his priorities accordingly, but not that “maverick” John McCain. Last, but hardly least – while the Senator has voted for some pro solar power bills his over all record on the environment and energy policy is one of the worse – keep America dependent on foreign oil and non-renewable fossil fuels. Like many Republicans he has mastered the art of doublespeak exploiting hot button cultural issues, wrapping incredibly irresponsible foreign policy in the flag and just plain fabricating an image that doesn’t match his abysmal voting record. It is aggravating that a huge media outlet like ABC is all too ready to help McCain continue the charade.

Even for those that take little interest in politics and just glance over the headlines between bites of their bagel will have a hard time reconciling these two stories, Gonzales aide to invoke Fifth Amendment

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ liaison with the White House will refuse to answer questions at upcoming Senate hearings about the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, citing her Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination, her lawyer said Monday.

“I have decided to follow my lawyer’s advice and respectfully invoke my constitutional right,” Monica Goodling, Gonzales’ counsel and White House liaison, said in a statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

and Gonzales: Firings were not improper

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales: Let me begin with the attacks on my credibility, which really have pained me and my family. You know, I have grown up — I grew up with nothing but my integrity. And someday, when I leave this office, I am confident that I will leave with my integrity. The United States attorneys that were asked — to resign — were appointed by this president, they serve, like me, at the pleasure of the president.

I asked for their resignation not for improper reasons. I would never have asked for their resignations to interfere with a public corruption case or in any way to interfere with an ongoing investigation.

Alberto went to the Bush-Rove School of Integrity where in just three short weekends you too can start a career as the Play Dough of U.S. Attorney generals. Just testify under oath Alberto; it will be unfamiliar territory having to tell the truth and I won’t lie, it may hurt, it may even hurt a lot, but it will be good for you to experience the act of truth telling once in this lifetime.

Fox wussies can’t get the story about Senator Jim Webb’s aide and the hand gun straight, but Taylor Marsh can, Webb’s Gun. A Democrat with a gun? Didn’t he know that he was supposed to live up to that 70’s stereotype of the anti-gun liberal.

Ann Althouse is one of those, you know, ever so civil and sane Republicans – well for maybe five or ten minutes a week anyway, Late Nite FDL: Lethal Levels of Peroxide and Petulance. Ezra Klein has some background and some links to video on Ann here.. In everyday conversation and on blogs for that matter its common practice to throw out a little hyperbole about someone’s mental state, but if Althouse has any friends, seriously – no hyperbole – see about getting her to at least take a few sessions with a therapist.

Those little video games with quizzes might actually make you smarter or probably more like exercise your mind so that at least it works better if not smarter.

McMurphy:” Get out of my way son, you’re usin’ my oxygen.”
from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)