An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it

If I cover my eyes and ears and hide under the bed I could almost swear that Bush’s escalation in Iraq is going great. Soon we’ll have the opening of the Michelle Malkin-Glenn Beck Luxury Hotel and Country Club opening downtown Baghdad, Dozens killed in revenge attack in Iraq

BAGHDAD – Shiite militants and police enraged by deadly truck bombings went on a shooting rampage against Sunnis in a northwestern Iraqi city Wednesday, killing as many as 70 men execution-style and prompting fears that sectarian violence was spreading outside the capital.

Which was in revenge for this,

The revenge killings among Shiites in the religiously mixed city 260 miles northwest of Baghdad were triggered by truck bombings in Tal Afar on Tuesday that killed 80 people and wounded 185.

Iraqi Widow Saves Her Home, but Victory Is Brief

Ms. Saadoun was a Sunni Arab living in a Shiite enclave of western Baghdad. A widowed mother of seven, she and her family had been chased out once before. This time, she called American and Kurdish soldiers at a base less than a mile to the east.

The men tried to drive away, but the soldiers had blocked the street. They pulled the men out of the car.

“If anything happens to us, they’re the ones responsible,” said Ms. Saadoun, 49, a burly, boisterous woman in a black robe and lavender-blue head scarf.

The Americans shoved the men into a Humvee. Neighbors clapped and cheered as if their soccer team had just won a title.

The next morning, Ms. Saadoun was shot dead while walking by a bakery in the local market.

NY Times ignored polls contradicting GOP declaration that public “is willing to give … troop buildup a chance”
The thing is that if your spouse , son or daughter dies during the escalation there is no oops sorry can we have a redo, maybe we should have stayed out of Iraq and focused on you know like fighting terrorism.

Contrary to the aides’ assertion that the public “is beginning to see improvements on the ground in Iraq,” a March 27 USA Today/Gallup poll found that 65 percent of respondents felt the increase in the number of U.S. troops in Baghdad is either “not making much difference” or making the situation there “worse.” Moreover, a March 17 Newsweek poll found that 61 percent of respondents think the U.S. is “losing ground in its efforts to establish security and democracy in Iraq.”

Opposition to the War Growing Among Troops

The Appeal for Redress is a confidential online petition to Congress asking for an end to the Iraq war. Because the Uniform Code of Military Justice expressly permits members of the military to petition their representatives, the Appeal is 100 percent legal, and since its unveiling in late 2006 the Appeal has gathered over 1,700 signatures.

Private Follan hadn’t heard of the Appeal before, but says he thinks he’ll sign it. “I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t,” he says, explaining he hasn’t heard a single good reason for the Iraq war. “If there are good reasons, I haven’t been told them yet. Maybe I’ll find out some more reasons when I get there.”

Follan is dressed in desert camouflage fatigues and is with a couple of friends. He’s 18 years old, and he joined the Army last July. He’s young and really earnest. He explains that despite his objections to the war, he doesn’t mind going. “I’m hoping to do the right thing,” he says. “I have no problem going and helping in any way I can.”

Pfc. Richard Jones was having lunch with Follan. He’s quieter, just as young and just as earnest. He’s a cavalry scout, with less than a year in the military. He expects to be deployed in May as well, but isn’t sure. He’s well aware of the complexity of the arguments both for and against the war.

“Nobody should go to war. War’s not a good thing at all. But if that’s what has to be done, then I guess that’s what has to be done to protect your country and your people. It would be a lot worse if they were over here saying if you don’t believe in our religion, and if you speak against it, we’re gonna kick down your doors, then we’re going to kill your family. That’s not good. I wouldn’t wish that on Iraqis either.”

Enron the gift that keeps on giving, SEC charges two ex-Enron lawyers with fraud

Securities and Exchange Commission has charged two former in-house lawyers at Enron Corp. with securities fraud.

Jordan Mintz, former general counsel of Enron’s global finance group, and Rex Rogers, former associate general counsel, were charged in connection with a fraudulent scheme to make material misrepresentations or omissions in Enron’s public filings, the SEC said on Wednesday.

“An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it.” – James Michener: