In no instance have… the churches been guardians of the liberties of the people

Conservative priestess Ann Coulter doesn’t think the massive death toll in the Sudan is proceeding as briskly as it could. Quite a few bloggers including myself have pointed out the Right’s embrace of Israel is seeded more in Israel as some prophetic launching pad for the fundamentalist Right come judgment day then any genuine concern for Jews. The Right, despite their regular strange accusations of antisemitism against liberals is still rife with the genuine article; Coulter gives us a peak behind the curtain

“On this week, let us remember the message of Passover is that freedom doesn’t come easy,” Coulter says. “Moses had to grab Jews by the scruff of their necks and drag them to the desert for 40 years to get a generation capable of living in freedom — and even then the Jews were complaining about it being too drafty … Once free, they complained about the food … Even in the desert, the Jews would not stop with the golden calves.

I think that there are, despite not having much in the way of media outlets, good Christians that embrace genuine values. For them we should all feel a certain remorse that their religion has been hijacked by the likes of lets get this genocide going and the Jews were incapable of living in freedom Coulter.

Glenn Greenwald gets the details right about Matt Lauer, Tim Russert and the inside the beltway mentality concerning the Congressional trip to Syria by Nancy Pelosi along with five Republicans

LAUER: Vice President Cheney called Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria “bad behavior,” a Washington Post editorial on Thursday called it “counter-productive and foolish,” and an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning goes a step further and suggests her trip may actually have been a felony, that it may have violated something called the Logan Act. Tim, is this the way the Democrats wanted to get off the mark in terms of foreign affairs?

With his second question, Lauer asserted that “a lot of people think [Pelosi] messed up on this one,” and then asked “what’s the impact for the Democrats overall?” Lauer never mentioned the fact that five Republicans — Reps. Frank Wolf, Robert Aderholt, Joseph Pitts, David Hobson, and Darrell Issa — visited Syria this week.

Still it might not be as simple as Matt being anti-Democrat, though that argument may have its merits. More then likely Matt has embraced the easy road. He takes the path of least resistance. If he would have stated the facts about the Speaker of the House trip with her very conservative colleagues he would have been accused of being a liberal. Which in turn might have lost a few viewers, which would over the long haul affect advertising revenue and Matt’s multi-million dollar contract and the cushy insulated life he lives in Vermont or Connecticut. Matt is most likely your common assorted weak kneed sell out. If Matt started standing up for the facts rather then the pablum that he and Russert thinks for political analysis then no more two-thousand dollar suits and new Porches. You know that conversation that most people have with themselves about the paths they take in life, wrestling with the ethics of what they do and how they do it. Matt had that conversation with himself and it was no contest; whatever he needs to do or say to keep that high profile prestigious job and keep the big bucks coming determine Matt’s path. Integrity is just excess baggage. Since Matt probably gets mail all the time accusing him of being a liberal by people that think anyone left of Sergio Panunzio is a socialist, Matt’s thinks he’s being fair – his conscience, or what is left of one is clear. Just yesterday I read a right-winger trying in the most shallow evidence free way to make the case that Bill O’Reilly was a liberal. Which is a lot like saying corn syrup is too salty. The writer wouldn’t pause for a second and take a long hard look at their world view and how it fits in with the actual history of liberal democratic theory espoused by people like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The person that thinks Bill O’Reilly is a liberal, Matt and Tim Russert are never going to break down the whys and hows of what they think it would just open a whole flood gate of questions and they wouldn’t be able to get away with the incredible laziness they engage in, they would have to start justifying their beliefs.
FLASHBACK: Gingrich Thrust Himself Into Mideast Questions As Speaker, Bashed White House Policy

But as Speaker himself in May of 1998, Gingrich aggressively inserted himself into American foreign policymaking abroad when he took a high-powered Congressional delegation to Israel. He openly denounced the White House’s Middle East policies and made public comments in direct defiance of the White House. Right before his trip he even described then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright as an “agent for the Palestinians.”

What do you get in exchange for purging U.S> attorneys? You get Rachel Paulose

-An article by McClatchy Newspapers states that, “according to a former boss, [Paulose] has been a member of the secretive, ideologically conservative Federalist Society,” an organization “dedicated to reforming the current legal order” by “developing and promoting far-right positions and influencing who will become judges, top government officials, and decision-makers,” according to People for the American Way. “Many members of the Federalist Society advocate a rollback of civil rights measures, reproductive choice, labor and employment regulations, and environmental protections,” PFAW states. [Link]

Was U.S. Attorney’s swearing-in ceremony too extravagant?

Other then words that slid easily off forked tongues I have never found any concrete evidence that the powers behind the conservative movement have ever actually supported the troops, Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

On the one hand President Bush wants to continue to send our troops over there without the right training; without the right equipment; without the rest the generals say they need to be effective; without the health care they need when they come back; and with no clear plan to end the war. Just as he’d been doing for more than four years now.

The Democratic Party’s choice is right there in the title of the House Bill: The U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Health, and Iraq Accountability Act.

We want to be sure our troops are properly trained; adequately equipped; rested and ready. We want them to be cared for when they come home. And we want to be sure we have a plan and a schedule to get us out of the fiasco the President created — a civil war that has nothing to do with fighting terrorism.

Then I’d like some steely jawed Democrat – perhaps James Webb – to stare straight into the camera and say, Mr. President:

Don’t talk about supporting the troops when you send them off to war without state-of-the-art armor and with substandard equipment;

Don’t talk about supporting the troops when you send them off to war without the proper training;

Don’t talk about supporting the troops when you send them into harms way without giving them the rest the general say they need to be effective;

Don’t talk about supporting the troops when you send them into a war of choice that has nothing to do with America’s security, with no clear mission, and no plan for getting them out.

“In no instance have… the churches been guardians of the liberties of the people.” – James Madison