“Humility makes great men twice honorable”

Gen. John Batiste, a veteran of the Iraq invasion and consultant to CBS has been fired from his consultant position because he made a video for Vote Vets that was critical of Bush. The ad that the general made is at YouTube, here.

Retired two-star Army Gen. John Batiste is lashing out at the Bush war in Iraq in ads targeting key Republicans up for re-election in 2008.

Batiste retired and almost immediately became a vocal critic, something he felt he couldn’t do while still in uniform. He admits that his participation in the ad is breaking new ground. “I don’t think there is a precedent for it,” he says. “I wish there were more [generals speaking out against continuing the war]. Where are the other guys?” Since he first came out with his opposition to former Defense secretary Rumsfeld last spring, calling for his resignation, “I’ve had nothing but absolute support” from his colleagues inside the military, Batiste says. “No one has objected.”

Every time a conservative blog or pundit thinks they own the military just refer to Gen. Batiste, General Paul Eaton and even years ago from General Anthony Zinni.
Democrats could learn something from Batiste and Eaton. Batiste just straightforwardly calls Bush a liar. Bush and his dead end supporters lie all the time about everything. As a serial liar, Bush who just can’t seem to control of the garbage that flows out of his mouth is not entitled to any respect. He hasn’t respected America, our laws, or institutions and it is way past time for the media to stop letting let him and his cheerleaders hide behind the old respect the office canard.

Former ‘LA Times’ Baghdad Chief Says Iraqis Are ‘Humiliated’

Iraq right now, for foreigners living there, for Western journalists living there, it is a really – it’s like, you know, “Road Warrior,” the movie “Road Warrior” with Mel Gibson.

It’s a real nightmare state to some extent, where there’s basically little in the way of rule of law. Your personal security is constantly threatened.

There’s constant tragedies, a constant flow of tragedies that you hear about that touch you, in terms of things happening to Iraqis you know and even things happening to Westerners that you know. So, it’s unlike anything that is out there in the world.

The Role of an F.B.I. Informer Draws Praise as Well as Questions About Legitimacy

Indeed, over the months that followed, as the targets of the investigation spoke with a sometimes unfocused zeal about waging holy war, the informer, one of two used in the investigation, would tell them that he could get them the sophisticated weapons they wanted. He would accompany them on surveillance missions to military installations, debating the risks, and when the men looked ready to purchase the weapons, it was the informer who seemed to be pushing the idea of buying the deadliest items, startling at least one of the suspects.

Since 9/11, law enforcement officials have praised the work of such informers, saying they have been doing exactly what they should be doing — gaining access to the world of a possible threat, playing along to see just how far suspects were willing to go, and allowing the authorities to act before the potential terrorists did.

In the case of the men arrested this week, the authorities have been emphatic: The men were prepared to kill, and to die in the effort, and the informer was vital to preventing any loss of life.

These guys were obviously on the road to doing something at sometime, but the way that informants insinuated themselves into the group and obviously encouraged them at least flirts with entrapment. Entrapment isn’t as black and white as they would or would not have committed a crime without being somewhat encouraged by law enforcement officials. If the informants hadn’t been there how would the conspiators actions have been different,

Legal scholars argue that “the American legal system views entrapments as morally odious. Law enforcement officials cross the acceptable line, the courts have held, when they prey upon human vulnerabilities and “implant in the mind of innocent persons the disposition to commit the alleged offense and induce its commission in order that they may prosecute.” American courts have often dismissed criminal cases involving entrapments and let the defendants go.

The Fort Dix group did appear to be set on doing something, but in taking what some defense attorney could describe as the FBI taking a leadership role their is a least the chance of diminishing the severity of the charges. When actual terrorists are found society should want them to feel the full force of the law and the penalties that go with it, not reduced charges and shorter sentences because FBI agents may have lead the perpetrators down a path that might not have gone.
Hate from Within: America’s Home-Grown Terrorism

* The arrest and indictment of six members of the Alabama Free Militia who, according to federal authorities, were allegedly preparing to attack Mexican immigrants near Birmingham, Ala. with grenades, semi-automatic weapons and 2,500 rounds of ammunition confiscated during a recent raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

* Washington, D.C., area police arrested Tyler J. Froatz Jr., a 24 year-old man wielding a gun as he allegedly attacked marchers at a local immigration rally last Tuesday. U.S. Park police say Froatz had two knives, a hammer, a flare gun, a taser stun gun and pepper spray when they captured him. A subsequent police search of Froatz’s apartment yielded 15 guns, a Molotov cocktail, a grenade and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, according to authorities.

* An early morning fire last Thursday at Casa de Maryland, a day-labor center near Gaithersburg, Md. was declared an arson incident by Montgomery County fire investigators. Representatives of Casa de Maryland, which received regular hate phone calls and emails prior to the incident, were reported in The Washington Post as calling the incident a hate crime and a “natural consequence to the ongoing debate over immigration.” County executive Isaiah Leggett called it “shameful and despicable.”

The immigration issue seems to bring out the worse in some people. There are millions of illegals, no red-neck with a cache of weapons is going to make the problem go away. That it seems in some ways to have gotten to a boiling point one can just look toward the Whitehouse and Congressional conservatives who had six years to find even a half baked solution. Unless you call a wall between the U.S. and Mexico doing something, pathetic.

NJ: Withheld Emails Show White House Signed Off on False Statements

But Fratto also says that “We have no record of that letter ever leaving the White House counsel’s office.” In other words, they never bothered to ask Karl Rove or any one in his office to check whether the statement was true. And they just forgot that Sampson earlier had boasted about Rove’s interest. Huh.

The original story here Administration Withheld E-Mails About Rove

The withheld records show that D. Kyle Sampson, who was then-chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, consulted with White House officials in drafting two letters to Congress that appear to have misrepresented the circumstances of Griffin’s appointment as U.S. attorney and of Rove’s role in supporting Griffin.

“Humility makes great men twice honorable” – Benjamin Franklin