We endeavor to stuff the universe into the gullet of an aphorism

There are two major reasons for not telling the truth. One is the inability to to able to mentally distinguish between what is true and what is false. The other is to be malicious, to lie for the sake of an agenda. The Republican blog Captain’s Quarters manages to combine a little of both reasons for lying in, AP Still Gets Kyoto History Wrong May 29, 2007. A Newer World brings the old Captain up to speed, Ed Morrissey Distorts History

First, just a couple of details. The Senate did not reject the Kyoto Protocol in the summer of 1997. The vote that Morrissey is referring to occurred before the Protocol was signed or even complete. Yes, the resolution in question did reject some elements of what was eventually included in the treaty, and yes the “sense of the Senate” resolution was seen as a major impediment to ratification and played a large role in the Clinton administration’s decision not push for it, but the actual treaty was not signed until months later.

But Morrissey’s biggest mistake is his claim that “[Bush] had nothing to do with rejecting the pact.

I think that Morrissy honestly doesn’t understand Kyoto, his inability to understand all the various legislative and administrative steps involved just happens to also play into his agenda, so why bother to go back do some of that read’n and think’n and correct his falsehoods. What an apt name for a blog since he seems to command a ship in a bottle. Liberal Values also has a run down of Morissey’s bizarre assertion that he is the grand prophet of Kyoto truths and doesn’t understand why the MSM doesn’t just copy his posts and report it as bona fide news, Conservatives Continue to Rewrite History on Kyoto

Rove Linked to Prosecution of Ex-Alabama Governor

In the rough and tumble of Alabama politics, the scramble for power is often a blood sport. At the moment, the state’s former Democratic governor, Don Siegelman, stands convicted of bribery and conspiracy charges and faces a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. Siegelman has long claimed that his prosecution was driven by politically motivated, Republican-appointed U.S. attorneys.

Now Karl Rove, the President’s top political strategist, has been implicated in the controversy. A longtime Republican lawyer in Alabama swears she heard a top G.O.P. operative in the state say that Rove “had spoken with the Department of Justice” about “pursuing” Siegelman, with help from two of Alabama’s U.S. attorneys.

Whenever a Republican is caught red handed violating the law there is the inevitable loud whine about those mean Democrats who are criminalizing politics. A classic case of projection. Republicans have made disagreeing with their radical right-wing agenda a cultural crime where day in and day out right-wing pundits like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh convict and tie a cultural noose around the neck of anyone to the left of Mussolini. It looks like the Right has moved on to the actual political opposition is a crime stage.

Now, even for those of us who’ve been hot on the trail of the Attorney Purge should recognize that there are a lot of legitimately corrupt pols that will try to use the scandal to skate. But this seems like a lot more than smoke or vague allegations.

The affidavit is from Dana Jill Simpson, an apparently respected Republican lawyer from the state. William Canary, is a GOP operative with close ties to Rove, according to the Times. And his wife is the US Attorney in the jurisdiction in question.

John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are supposed to be the leaders of modern political satire, but in some ways they can’t match the comic effect of a conservative talking about values and character. There do seem to be a few that have some small portion of those qualities, but notice that few of them are in the top tier of right-wing power players.

Calling John Ashcroft

The panel plans to question Ashcroft, his former chief of staff David Ayres and former deputy attorney general James Comey about a heated dispute with the White House that roiled the Justice Department three years ago. The House committee is also planning a separate closed-door hearing with Ashcroft, according to a spokeswoman for Ashcroft.

The requests for Ashcroft’s testimony reflect the mounting frustration on the part of committee leaders in both chambers who feel they have been denied vital information about the wiretapping issue by the Bush administration.

Fred Thompson: A Looming Threat to the Politics Business, the Entertainment Media, and Everyone Living Now

Then there’s the creepy fact that he was a lobbyist for General Electric before he got the high profile exposure on NBC’s Law & Order. No, I don’t really think there’s a conspiracy here, but where there’s smoke, there’s Rosie O’Donnell, and there’s no way America deserves eight more years of that.

(And when I say he was on Law & Order, of course I mean he was the star of Law & Order. The way Commissioner Gordon was the star of Batman.)

(Is that guy still alive? Does he want to be president?)

Also, Fred Thompson wears a big ring. And there’s something about non-wedding jewelry on an ugly bald guy. Telly Savalas could kind of get away with it, but he is dead.

So what is the key to Fred Thompson? What makes him too sexy for his shirt? So sexy it hurts? Luckily, I don’t have to wonder anymore. The National Review’s Jonah Goldberg has figured it out.

Hold on to your accessories. Here it is, straight from today’s column:

“First and foremost, Thompson’s articulateness can’t be underestimated. He shares with Ronald Reagan — another actor-politician — an ability to communicate ideas in folksy, almost conversational ways without losing important nuance or meaning… And the more he talks, the more likable and presidential he appears.”

Focused — like a laser — on the obvious, Jonah Goldberg has taken what goes without saying, and made it his own.

This is the kind of daily hit piece that some Conservative columnist writes about a Democrat pretty much everyday. In that sense I didn’t like it, but on the other hand the column is actually funny and if the Right wants to make this yet another election election cycle based on hitting low and hard they better be able to take some of the same in return. Fred T. also has a reputation even in his own party as being lazy and dealing with complex issues in good ol boy aphorisms. America has just gone through six plus years of a lazy frat boy pretend cowboy presidency from which it will take a generation or more to recover I don’t think we need a sequel right now. Is Fred Thompson too lazy to get nominated?

“We endeavor to stuff the universe into the gullet of an aphorism.” – Paul Eldridge