The Big Apple and Bat Development


Big Apple at Night 

Other then Michael Keaton are their bats in the Big Apple? If so I wonder how they deal with the skyscrapers, bridges and sounds that must be disorienting to some degree. None of these wonderings are answered in this post from Pharyngula, but it is about bats, Bat development

Here, we describe and illustrate a staging series of embryonic development for the short-tailed fruit bat, Carollia perspicillata, based on embryos collected at timed intervals after captive matings. As Carollia can be readily maintained and propagated in captivity and is extremely abundant in the wild, it offers an attractive choice as a chiropteran model organism. This staging system provides a framework for studying Carollia embryogenesis and should prove useful as a guide for embryological studies of other bat species and for comparisons with other orders of mammals.

As you look at the first three photos pretend you don’t know what species of mammal you’re looking at, then try and guess what species those early embryos would become.