The only prize much cared for by the powerful is power

Goodling In Private Email: ‘Send Directly Up To Me, Outside The System’

New Justice Department communications released tonight include an email from Monica Goodling, former counsel to Alberto Gonzales, directing another official to draw up a directive giving her unprecedented authority to hire and fire political staffers.

While duly noted that the Department of Justice has had some degree of politicalization for years here is another instance in which BushCo turned up the degree of politicaliaztion to unprecedented degrees among modern presidents, ” We are not making these documents available because they implicate substantial Executive Branch interests….” There is a merry-go-round quality to it all. Bush says to get a legal opinion from the DOJ. The DOJ asks what legal opinion Bush would like them to come to. When the DOJ finishes shuffling some papers, surprise they have come to the conclusion that fits the Bushies agenda. When someone should ask if what the president is doing is legal he in turn sights the legal opinion of the DOJ which was created out of thin air by the Whitehouse. As others have pointed out, this means that Goodling didn’t inadvertently break the law and had all the best intentions. It means she lied.

As we all know former Deputy Attorney General James Comey is guilty of two terrible things. One was appointing Patrick Fitzgerald as Special Prosecutor in the Plame-Wilson investigation and coming to the conclusion that at least one of Bush’s warrantless surveillance programs was illegal. Comey has also revealed another instance where the Whitehouse has tried to make the DOJ just another department of the Republican political machine, Cheney blocked official’s promotion

Vice President Dick Cheney blocked the promotion of a Justice Department official involved in a bedside standoff over President Bush’s eavesdropping program, a Senate committee learned Wednesday.

In a written account, former Deputy Attorney General James Comey said Cheney warned Attorney General Alberto Gonzales that he would oppose the promotion of a department official who once threatened to resign over the program.

Gonzales eventually decided against trying to promote Patrick Philbin to principal deputy solicitor general, Comey said.

“I understood that someone at the White House communicated to Attorney General Gonzales that the vice president would oppose the appointment if the attorney general pursued the matter,” Comey wrote. “The attorney general chose not to pursue it.”

Comey responded to written questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Sen. Patrick Leahy (news, bio, voting record), D-Vt.

Comey’s account provides new detail in a sprawling, Democratic-elicited story of how much the White House influences the department’s operations.

The middle isn’t always the best place, but this continuing saga exemplifies how rabidly far Right one has to be in order to be considered a member in good standing of the modern Republican party. I doubt that I have little in common politically with Mr. Comey or Mr. Philbin, they would probably sooner walk over hot coals then vote Democrat and yet their reluctance to walk the tightest of ideological ropes has made them pariahs in their own party. With Darth Cheney playing lead foaming at the mouth attack poodle. Official: Cheney Urged Wiretaps

Vice President Cheney told Justice Department officials that he disagreed with their objections to a secret surveillance program during a high-level White House meeting in March 2004, a former senior Justice official told senators yesterday.

And we all know that Dick Deferment Cheney is America’s most astute jurist so in any disagreement between a DOJ that was stacked with ideologically sympathetic lawyers, any disagreement must axiomatically be solved in the direction of his Majesty the Royal Dick.

“Mr. Comey has confirmed what we suspected for a while — that White House hands guided Justice Department business,” said Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.). “The vice president’s fingerprints are all over the effort to strong-arm Justice on the NSA program, and the obvious next question is: Exactly what role did the president play?”

A White House spokesman declined to comment.

Justice Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said the surveillance program “was always subject to rigorous oversight and review. . . . We have acknowledged that there have been disagreements about other intelligence activities, as one would expect.”

Democrats have criticized Gonzales for testifying last year that there were no “serious disagreements” about the program.

If there were no serious disagreements then what was that whole melodrama about when Gonzales and Andrew Card Jr. rushed to the hospital to harass a sick John Ahcroft before Comey could get there. Politics aside these people are not grown-ups they’re children with behavioral disorders and grey hair. If our government  is ideally by and for the people, and Bush/Cheney has such contempt for government it also speaks to what they think of the people.

Bush and Company ignored pre-war intelligence on Iraq and what it would take to secure the country, oh and the stars come out at night.

“Sunni Arabs would face possible loss of their longstanding privileged position while Shia would seek power commensurate with their majority status,” says the report. “Kurds could try to take advantage of Saddam’s departure by seizing some of the large northern oilfields, a move that would elicit forceful responses from Sunni Arabs. Score-settling would occur throughout Iraq between those associated with Saddam’s regime and those who have suffered most under it.”

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“The only prize much cared for by the powerful is power.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

“The right to be let alone is indeed the beginning of all freedoms.”- Justice William O. Douglas