“It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept.”

Andrew Sullivan quotes from the ever Panglossian conservative historian Victor David Hanson, The Unseriousness of the “Pro-War” Right

    Most Americans will not see a connection between the ideology of the head-drillers and head-loppers we are fighting in Iraq and those who try to do even worse at Fort Dix and the Kennedy airport.

Hanson has become one of the reliable pinatas of the Right regularly busting open and spewing forth a bizarre mix of  assertions that wouldn’t get a passing grade in Logic 101. Vic doesn’t care about that because his position is based on visions in his head which he believes are true and can’t understand why everyone else isn’t buying the little tin foil wrapped goodies he’s selling. The Fort Dix and JFK plots were just that. The people involved were inept at best, in both incidents they actually sought advice from the informants from the FBI. They were more like semi-dangerous versions of the Stooges then “head drillers”. This is the kind of unfounded parallels that one would expect in the hatefest comments at FreeRepublic then from an academic. As Sullivan points out the major factions in Iraq are heel bent on killing each other, not attacking America.  When did all this head lopping start, when George Bush kicked out the inspectors, sent in too small a force to police the population and decided to cleanse the government of the Baathist – the people/infrastructure that knew something about maintaining domestic order. With every civilian that was killed the sectarian strife was racketed up a notch – they should change that old saying about women to Iraqis – hell hath no fury like an Iraqi who has had a cousin killed; this such a fundamental part of Middle-East culture that Hanson and his drooling fans will continue to look like bumbling foreign policy amateurs until they get a handle on that cultural phenomenom. The primary sources of Iraqi violence – Shia against Sunni, and the Kurds against anyone that stands in their way, and resentment of American occupyiers who might have the best intentions, but have caused the deaths of so many Iraqis that many now hate us and do not see us as liberators. Sullivan writes,

I can’t belief VDH believes this, unless there is some massive amount of evidence about Fort Dix and JFK that he is privy to and the rest of us aren’t. So what’s the point here? To conflate both sides in the Iraq civil war as being indistinguishable from Caribbean losers and 9/11? To reduce every conflict in a welter of conflicting fundamentalist claims to a single meme, “Islamist terrorism” and to urge that it be “fought” with the same finesse that we have brought to Iraq? Or to scare us into not thinking at all?

Hanson has subscribed to the “raghead” meme. If they are over there they are the enemy and the only reason we’re not having a ticker tape victory parade in downtown Baghdad is because we haven’t shed as much blood as we should. Getting Real in Iraq

There is no reason to believe that a few additional months and the threat of a decrease in the number of U.S. troops is going to lead to an agreement. In Iraq, ethnic groups are fighting for what they see as their vital interests and even their own identity. Sunni Arabs want the recognition of Iraq’s Arab identity. Kurds want complete autonomy for the Kurdish nation. Shiites turn to an array of Shiite clerics for leadership. Sunnis resent the present government as representing a Shiite/Kurdish alliance, not a true Iraqi government. It is not surprising that months of talking have not even produced the outline of a compromise on major issues.

As I watched the first forty-five minutes of the morning news on the major networks this morning I saw more coverage of M’s Hilton and an internet parody of her then I did this, 2 Former Aides to Bush Get Subpoenas 

Conyers said that “this subpoena is not a request, it is a demand on behalf of the American people.” Leahy said that the administration “cannot stonewall congressional investigations by refusing to provide documents and witnesses while claiming nothing improper occurred.”

White House spokesman Tony Fratto said that Congress should accept the administration’s offer to let Rove and other officials be interviewed privately and not under oath.

After what happened to Scooter Libby it is little wonder that the Whitehouse doesn’t want anyone testifying under oath.

Twenty Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime 

Number 4

The Justice Department needs to start publishing an annual Corporate Crime in the United States report.

Every year, the Justice Department puts out an annual report titled “Crime in the United States.”

But by “Crime in the United States,” the Justice Department means “street crime in the United States.”

In the “Crime in the United States” annual report, you can read about burglary, robbery and theft.

There is little or nothing about price-fixing, corporate fraud, pollution, or public corruption.

A yearly Justice Department report on Corporate Crime in the United States is long overdue.

There is an odd public psychology at work here. The public gets very upset over some street perp grabbing a purse with ten dollars in it, but shows little outrage that corporate crime take billions of of their pockets every year. Sure the street thug causes some personal trauma, but its the corporate scoundrels that can have a lasting effect on your quality of life.

“It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept.” – Bill Watterson. Just for VCD and the like minded.