Callanish wallpaper and Summer Solstice

Callanish Stones – Scotland

In case anyone forgot its summer solstice today which means the annual report on people going to Stonehenge – Summer Solstice Celebrated at Stonehenge. To me the the Callanish Stones are prettier and they were designed to mark the passing of the seasons by the sun and moon. I guess they just need a better press agent.

Republican delusions are after all cheaper then Prozac

New Gallup data show confidence in Congress at all time low

Just 14% of Americans have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in Congress.

Of course the fringe Right is all over this, but as usual their take is all spin and little substance. The Right is part of the poll and of course they get pissed over whenever Senator Reid suggests that the generals that Bush chooses to run the quagmire in the Middle-East have been better at kissing up to The Decider then they have been stellar strategists. The reason many rand and file Democrats and a growing number of moderate Republicans are unhappy is the perception at least that Democrats are not doing enough to get us out of the Iraq debacle. So people aren’t mad at Democrats for what they’re doing, they’re mad because of what they’re not during. I’m sure the movers and shakers at Democrat central have seen the poll. If Congressional Democrats were afraid to be too agressive on cutting spending for Iraq, they now have the official blessing of the American people to block funds until Bush agrees to some time lines. The recent news that American troops might be Iraq for the next decade probably hurt Democrats more then Bush. Ten more years of wasted lives and tax dollars is exactly what Bush and the war dead enders want. If Democrats want to pick up a quick thirty point increase all they have to do is stonewall spending for the mess in Mesopotamia. The wing-nuttery such as Glenn Reynolds, Right Wing News, etc has to be truly delusional if they interpret this poll as meaning voters want to bring back Tom Delay and the glory days of the best Congress that dirty money could buy. The Republican Congress that guarded against investigations into Bush’s history making lies about Iraq like a gang of eager little guard beavers. The Right is welcome to continue to swallow in such nonsense if they choose, Republican delusions are after all cheaper then Prozac.

The fights on the right – This is a ridiculous column by Jeff Jacoby about how the Right is just so lively and so engaged in ideas because of some differences over Iraq, abortion, and immigration. Republicans politicians who have controlled every brnach of government for seven years have suddenly decided that its an issue and that is the only hot button issue truly showing a party fissure – its the business Right that enjoys the benefit of cheap labor from illegals versus the xenophobic Right. That family sore spot has always been there and is a large part of why Republicans have given the issue nothing but lip service for years. It’s never was an ideas issue, it was and always will be for the Right about money versus fear. Crooked Timber writing about the same article,

Let’s take it from the top: if the Republicans have got a guy who wants to spend money building a wall against Canada, that’s intellectual vibrancy. If the Democrats get someone who wants to expand health insurance or combat global warming, that’s a canary dying in the coalmine of the Democratic party’s political extremism?

It’s a nice illustration of a dilemma for Democrats. The only way they can get credit for ‘having ideas’ is by turning Republican…

Just for the record the only Republican that has any measurably different views on Iraq is Ron Paul, No Debating It: Republicans Offer No Plan for Iraq, Fail to Challenge 50 Year Strategy – June 6, 2007