There is no evidence that the tongue is connected to the brain

Officials: Car Bomb Plot Bears Al Qaeda’s Trademark

British authorities tell ABC News a “crystal clear” surveillance photo of the driver of the silver Mercedes, discovered early Friday morning, bears “a close resemblance” to one of the associates of an al Qaeda operative now behind bars.

Officials say a surveillance camera caught the suspect “staggering from the Mercedes” shortly after parking it outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Piccadilly Circus at the heart of London’s nightclub and theater district.

Pure luck that the explosives didn’t go off. The perpetrator, according to this ABC report had tried to detonate them twice. He had been under surveillance and arrested just a few days before, but was released due to lack of evidence. The materials he used weren’t particularly exotic. For all the talk we’ve heard for years now about WMD the terrorists most effective tools so far have been box cutters, automatic rifles and improvised explosives. And as sure as the sun rises the shrill hysteria of the wing-nuttery has ratcheted up to level ten. This is from a right-wing Republican blog called Newsbusters’ comment section. It called don’t blame the actual terrorist blame anyone that doesn’t believe every Muslim in the world is out to get us.

I’m Going with the Gut on London Bombings, Posted by Ken Shepherd on June 29, 2007 – 18:10.

Dave R Says:
June 29, 2007 – 23:43

M J B,

It’s pretty much too late for the once Great & Mighty British Empire. They are essentially burnt toast, as Tony Blair’s ten years of liberal immigration policies have screwed the UK in just about about every direction possible.

Unless the new residents of No. 10 Downing Street take drastic action, and damned soon, the subjects of the British Isles will be living under an Islamic Caliphate before I leave this earth.

I’m 43 as of last March.

BTW-I’ll believe Gordon is as committed as Blair was to wiping out the Islamo-fascists (and he wasn’t really all that committed) when I see it, as I never buy what is said by politicians. So far, I ain’t impressed, as surrendering in Iraq would bring about attacks on the UK that will make what happened yesterday look like child’s-play.

Help Fred Thompson defeat the RINOs along with the Hitllary/Obama axis & win the White House in ’08.

Surrender? Who would surrender to who? Honestly. The commenter hasn’t noticed that most of the deaths in Iraq are Muslim’s killing other Muslims because Bush and his brilliant brain trust at neocon central didn’t see that removing Saddam without a real plan would create a  leadership vacuum in which religious and tribal factions would fight for power. The only reason there are some loosely affiliated al-Queda in Iraq now is because Bush let them in. Saddam was a sociopath, but at least he kept the jihadist out of the country. Good ol Dave R and the other Newsbuster readers don’t want to be bothered with the messy complex details as its so much easier for them to shut down their synapses and genuflect for their fake cowboy in the Whitehouse and deny any accountability for the outcome of the failed policies they endorsed. A few years ago it was if we leave Iraq they’ll attack us, now that the west has had several plots its if we leave Iraq we’ll have even more attacks. They keep moving the goal posts so they never have to admit they’ve created a generation of new recruits by over reacting, by focusing on Iraq instead of terrorism. Dave R and the other commenters at Newsbusters are the 80 percenters, The Murdoch Factor

In October 2003, the nonpartisan Program on International Policy Attitudes published a study titled “Misperceptions, the media and the Iraq war.” It found that 60 percent of Americans believed at least one of the following: clear evidence had been found of links between Iraq and Al Qaeda; W.M.D. had been found in Iraq; world public opinion favored the U.S. going to war with Iraq.

The prevalence of these misperceptions, however, depended crucially on where people got their news. Only 23 percent of those who got their information mainly from PBS or NPR believed any of these untrue things, but the number was 80 percent among those relying primarily on Fox News. In particular, two-thirds of Fox devotees believed that the U.S. had “found clear evidence in Iraq that Saddam Hussein was working closely with the Al Qaeda terrorist organization.”

Here we are almost six years after 9-11, after we’ve had the Senate Intelligence Report on 9-11 and the Duelfer Report and the Right cannot distinguish between actual al-Queda related terrorists and Iraq. Put another way let’s say the the most extreme of the rabid Right got their way and Bush used a nuke or two to make Iraq into one giant sterile lifeless sandbox; that means the Right believes that al-Queda terrorism would end. Does any rational person believe with Iraq completely out of the picture that plots like that in London yesterday would end. No, because Iraq is not the front in the so-called terror war. That Bush keeps saying it and the Righties keep believing is the reason America cannot trust Republicans and their delusions with our national security.

Police: Benoit killed wife, son, left Bibles by their bodies
This a terrible tragedy. The more so because it involved the death of a child. Maybe Benoit had a behavioral disorder exacerbated by steroids. The Right has commented on the story to some degree, but they have focused on the steroid angle. What if instead of leaving Bibles by the bodies Benoit had left copies of the Koran. It doesn’t take much imagination to know what part of the story the Right would have zeroed in on, but no Benoit just left some Bibles. If they would have been Koran’s it would have been another case of you see how violent and uncivilized those Muslims are, but they can’t say that about Benoit because he was a Christian and crimes committed by Christians conveniently have their cause assigned to the usual list of suspects – pop culture, steroids, rap music – anything but their religion. Whenever a Muslim commits a crime according to the Right it is always a direct and unassailable result of their religion. No studies are needed, no surveys are cited. Over the course of a few decades a minority of Muslims have attacked Americans and suddenly all Muslims are part of Dave R’s and the Right’s Islamic Caliphate paranoia. There are, if the facts matter any more good ordinary people and sociopaths from every corner of the human race – men, women, short people, Catholics, Asians, people that drive Mercedes, sailors, nurses and presidents. It is as though facing this reality causes them such mental anguish, is so complex and so obvious that the Right can’t bring themselves to admit it. We live is a complex world and the Right doesn’t want to expend the energy and intellectual honesty to comprehend that simple fact.

On radio show, Beck read “ad” for refinery that turns Mexicans into fuel; posted it on website

“There is no evidence that the tongue is connected to the brain” – Frank Tyger