Always tell the truth – it’s the easiest thing to remember

To give Bush’s long time friend and appointee Alberto Gonzales the boot is the right thing to do for the good of the Department of Justice and the country. No one but the Kool Kidz thinks otherwise. On the other hand that Alberto continues to act like a petulant nine year old that has been caught throwing a baseball threw the window and then lying about it or refusing to answer questions regarding his wrong doing is helping Democrats. If you watched Attorney General Gonzales’ testimony it was the adults otherwise known as Democrats who were trying to convince of all people the nation’s sheriff to respect the rule of law and the sheriff saying in so many words that he doesn’t feel compelled to respect the law or the American people. Sure Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) made a lot of noise to suggest that he wasn’t happy with Albert and to send out the now patented Specter I’m a moderate signal to voters back home, but where is Specter where it comes to down to actually finding Gonzales in contempt of Congress for by all appearances committing perjury. Arlen is as usual missing in action. The only members of Congress that have actually started to do something are those partisan gun slingers, Democrats – Senators Schumer, Feinstein, and Feingold,

Among examples of what Democrats called Gonzales’ untruthfulness was his insistence in his statement to the Judiciary Committee Tuesday that his hospital visit with Ashcroft was not related to an internal administration dispute about the president’s secret warrantless eavesdropping program.

Last year, Gonzales told the panel that there had been no internal administration dispute about the program, but former Deputy Attorney General James Comey told the panel that he, Ashcroft and Mueller were among the top Justice Department officials who believed the program was illegal and were prepared to resign over it.

In his own sworn testimony Thursday, Mueller contradicted Gonzales, saying under questioning that the terrorist surveillance program, or TSP, was the topic of the hospital room dispute between top Bush administration officials.

Whitehouse spokesman Tony Snow said it was unfair to try and make poor little Alberto testify about secret programs ( he failed to mention their probable illegal status), but poor Tony failed to explain what every eight year old in the country understands. Alberto testified about those so-called secret programs twice. He lied the first time or is at least guilty of hiding behind some highly parsed language, then he lied this time. If this plays out as purely a credibility war then Mueller wins. For anyone to call Democrats partisan gunslingers at this point is like Al Capone complaining about the lack of law and order. Sure Bush’s base is reassured in the hollowed halls of their echo chamber, but most Americans aren’t buying it. The 2008 election cycle might well be about the credibility stupid. As usual the gears of the fringe Right propaganda are spinning furiously only that tactic is wearing as thin as poor house oatmeal – if you care about the Justice Department being run like a Justice Department instead of an operational arm of the Republican National Committee then you’re a wild eyed partisan. We’re all wild eyed partisans now – (Bush aides say unpopularity is liberating In a Washington Post-ABC News poll released this week, 65 percent of respondents across the country said they were dissatisfied with Bush’s job performance. Despite the emotional histrionics of the O’Reilly’s, the Wall Street Journal and Fred Barnes ( who must find it uncomfortable to have Bill Kristol’s hand up his back pulling the strings “Fred Barnes Argues Bush Will Go Down as Best President Since Lincoln” the public trusts Democratcs more on the issues,

When it comes to National Security, Democrats are now trusted more by 42% of likely voters, Republicans by 40%. This means that Democrats now enjoy at least a nominal edge on all ten issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports to gauge voters’ trust of the two major parties.

In late June Democrats had the edge on nine of ten issues. At that time, the GOP had a single point advantage of the National Security issue.

Republicans had enjoyed an historic advantage on National Security for several decades but are burdened by the unpopular War in Iraq. Last year’s Dubai Ports debacle also hurt perceptions of the GOP on national security.

The Democrats have also gained a little ground this month when it comes to the War in Iraq. Harry Reid’s party moved from a ten-point advantage in late June to a twelve-point lead of 47% to 35% in the new survey.

Chairman Conyers Requests Director Mueller’s Notes on Ashcroft Hospital Visit

Following today’s Judiciary Committee hearing with FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers is formally requesting notes Mueller testified he wrote after the now-infamous 2004 meeting in former Attorney General John Ashcroft’s hopsital room about the NSA wiretapping program. Mueller testified that he is still in possession of the notes that he took because he felt, at the time, the events were, “out of the ordinary.” He also testified that he had not shared the notes with anybody except for his counsel and perhaps close staff.

Ever since the infamous Gingrich conservative revolution Republican politicians and their well trained pundits have put an extraordinary amount of faith in the Big Lie. They lie about everything from the small and petty all the way to pushing the edge and beyond of Constitutional boundaries and traditional American values. Turns out the Big Lie has a fatal flaw. Judging by the poll numbers that statistically must include some Republicans, people have picked up on a few of those lies. That consciousness, that hard to ignore light going off becomes the crack in the facade. People that are not particularly political start to ask, if they lied about the U.S. Attorneys and vote caging, what else have they lied about. America has a bad case of buyers regret and they can’t pretend to look the other way anymore despite all the usual arm waving histrionics of the usual right-wing suspects.

“Always tell the truth – it’s the easiest thing to remember.” – David Mamet