It just happened that the public happened to, uh, appreciate the satirical quality of these crazy things

Britain will take troops out of Iraq regardless of US, says PM

Gordon Brown has paved the way for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq by telling George Bush he would not delay their exit in order to show unity with the United States.

[ ]…However, President Bush acknowledged that a British withdrawal could take place while the US remained in Iraq because, he said, decisions would be “results-orientated”. He said America could be there for “a long time”. (emphasis mine)

Regardless of who the president is at any point in time they are elected civil servants who’s tenure is guaranteed to end, yet with less then a year and a half before Bush’s departure, much like his presidency which treated traditional American ideals of consensus with contempt he is now dictating American foreign policy for the next president. Politically it simply isn’t in the Republican Party’s interest to redeploy the troops. They know that many Americans though a minority have a deep emotional investment in any situation where the troops are under fire regardless of whether they how counter productive their presence is. The Right wants disparately to define Iraq solely in terms of winning and losing rather then the regular cycle of losing that Iraq is. Despite Bush’s recent hard sell that al-Qaeda in Iraq is the biggest problem the vast majority of the violence is due to native Iraqi insurgents and foreign fighters from Saudi Arabia and North Africa. The idea that we should stay to help the Iraqis is a problem that bothers many liberals, but the Iraqis would probably be better off if we left and gave them humanitarian aid, Third of Iraqis ‘need urgent aid’

Nearly a third of the population of Iraq is in need of immediate emergency aid, according to a new report from Oxfam and a coalition of Iraqi NGOs.

The report said the government was failing to provide basics such as food and shelter for eight million people.

It warned of a humanitarian crisis that had escalated since the 2003 invasion.

This is another type of win for the Bushites. A crisis that they are mostly responsible for becomes another reason for yet another surge or a continuation for this one and a U.S. military presence in Iraq extending past 2008. Its the Rube Goldberg of political chicanery, everything that goes bad in Iraq is proof to a rational person that we should leave sooner then later and yet for the Right is proof that we need to stay. The Right loves the ad hominem attack whereby opponents of their mess in MesO’potamia are giving the “enemy” hope. The opposite is true, it is Bush and the Right’s dedication to the never ending cycle of ineptitude that that is giving the radical elements in the middle-east hope. They’re sitting there thinking this is the best Bush can do, he can’t even get the electricity working how is he going to win hearts and minds. The Right’s slobbering affection for failure has its own weird logic, the longer they lose the longer they get to keep losing. With the collapse of the old Soviet empire they needed another boogie man to focus their obsessive paranoia on and Iraq is that boogie man. Even the highest estimate for al-Qaeda’s world wide strength in the ten to twenty thousand range. Certainly no match for modern western militarys from the U.S. and our allies, but rather then do the painstaking job of routing them out a few at a time from cells around the world they want to make Iraq THE front as though we were fighting in trenches in WW I. The Right’s ( Bush and the neocon’s) approach to fighting actual terrorists doesn’t seem to make sense because it doesn’t and never will.

Robert Novak has been and no doubt be continue to be an overpaid, pompous and irrelevant pundit. Good ol Bob isn’t satisfied with that he’s starting to leak so badly that all those people that were raising money to keep the treasonous Scooter Libby out of jail can now use that money to buy Bob some adult diapers, Bush’s Turkish Gamble

The morass in Iraq and deepening difficulties in Afghanistan have not deterred the Bush administration from taking on a dangerous and questionable new secret operation. High-level U.S. officials are working with their Turkish counterparts on a joint military operation to suppress Kurdish guerrillas and capture their leaders. Through covert activity, their goal is to forestall Turkey from invading Iraq.

While detailed operational plans are necessarily concealed, the broad outlines have been presented to select members of Congress as required by law. U.S. Special Forces are to work with the Turkish army to suppress the Kurds’ guerrilla campaign. The Bush administration is trying to prevent another front from opening in Iraq, which would have disastrous consequences. But this gamble risks major exposure and failure.

Again normal rational Americans might be shocked that a president that has micromanaged the never ending debacle in Iraq would open another front for the war. Ironically against the Kurds who the Right has used on their spinning wheel of reasons for invading Iraq. Those poor Kurds that Bush Sr. abandoned must be saved. Saved so that they could declare war on them later? Well let’s do the math, Bob Novak plus WaPo plus another leak that gets the Right’s war adrenaline going. Truth and something to be concerned about or planted distraction because the administration is drowning in a sea of subpoenas.

“It just happened that the public happened to, uh, appreciate the satirical quality of these crazy things.” – Rube Goldberg