“Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

A Statement on Scott Thomas Beauchamp

In this process, TNR contacted dozens of people. Editors and staffers spoke numerous times with Beauchamp. We also spoke with current and former soldiers, forensic experts, and other journalists who have covered the war extensively. And we sought assistance from Army Public Affairs officers. Most important, we spoke with five other members of Beauchamp’s company, and all corroborated Beauchamp’s anecdotes, which they witnessed or, in the case of one solider, heard about contemporaneously. (All of the soldiers we interviewed who had first-hand knowledge of the episodes requested anonymity.)

But the right-wing bloggers writing from mom’s damp basement know for a fact that Beauchamp is lying. Certainly ironic from bloggers who helped echo administration lies about WMD, Iraq’s non-existent connection to al-Queda, and continue to lie, distort and tell partial truths day in and day out. Here’s the one incident the Right is hanging its battered hat on,

They say the conversation occurred at Camp Buehring, in Kuwait, prior to the unit’s arrival in Iraq. When presented with this important discrepancy, Beauchamp acknowledged his error. We sincerely regret this mistake.

The logic is easy to understand. The WMD crowd is saying since he got this one detail wrong then everything else must be wrong. It fails the simple logic test, but more importantly it brings up certain standards of accuracy and truthfulness which Conservative bloggers themselves could never pass nor could the president that they have been all to happy to genuflect for the last six years. Some other bloggers commenting on this story, Beauchamp’s posts authenticated, The ‘Scott Thomas’ affair takes a twist, Rebutting TNR and a good summary of the Right’s highly questionable credibility – The Weekly Standard’s Reliable Sources: Male Prostitute Matt Sanchez and Web Weirdo “Throbert McGee”
Another day and more shameful behavior by people that claim to have cornered the market on values. Lastly, while none is crazy about the whole anonymous sources thing regarding any story TBogg points out how with the rabid Right ready to bare fangs at anyone that dares not to regurgitate their narrative might well decide that being anonymous is better then being the target of their newest hate campaign.

Chris Dodd Smacks Down O’Reilly about Daily Kos: The VIDEO – good for Dodd, but O’Reilly is such a wimp that its not that difficult to smack him down.

Gates says US underestimated depth of Sunni-Shiite divisions.
No Mr. Gates the great know-it-alls, the grand masters of foriegn policy and the Royal Decider didn’t even know the difference between Sunnis and Shiites.

The US administration underestimated the difficulty of having Iraq’s Sunnis and Shiites agree on key national reconciliation measures, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates admitted Thursday.

At the end of a regional tour, he called the withdrawal of the main Sunni bloc from the Baghdad government “discouraging.”

20 Heavily Trafficked Bridges in Urgent Need of Repair: Is Yours on the List?

“Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”- Groucho Marx. One gets the impression that the Right read this qoute and adopted it as their way of life.