Some notes on Iran

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h/t to dday at Daily Kos (IAEA-Iran inspection deal goes unnoticed in the US) for this story on Iran and the IAEA, UN-Iran nuclear talks ‘positive’

Since July’s agreement, Iran has allowed the IAEA’s inspectors to visit its heavy water research reactor at Arak, and has been holding talks with a UN technical team on guidelines for inspecting its uranium enrichment plant at Natanz.

BBC Iran analyst Pam O’Toole says that over the past few months, Iran has appeared anxious to demonstrate the transparency of its programme.

One Iranian official recently expressed hope that the West could respond to Iran’s co-operation with the IAEA by not pushing for more sanctions.

However, some Western analysts have alleged that Tehran is simply trying to play for time, hoping to delay the imposition of further sanctions while it increases its nuclear know-how.

Those western analysts would be Bush and his right-wing echo chamber. There is always reason to be cynical of what political leaders say versus what they actually do. The mind set of Iranian leaders is not world’s apart from that of Bush and Cheney. They wake up each morning, whether its Tehran or Washington eating, drinking and breathing manipulation. What is easily lost track of is that Bush and Cheney are not the American people. Just as Ahamadinejad is not the Iranian people. Though it is simply human nature and centuries of history that make the occupants of both countries nationalistic enough that if things go from poor relations to heated conflict we will support whoever our president is and the same for the Iranians. I’ve seen Ahamadinejad and he doesn’t make a great representative of his country – the arrogance and ultra-nationalism is there to a nauseating degree. What do we know about the Iranian people themselves, the people that the Right seems so determined to condemn to the same fate or worse of the Iraqis. American Blogger in the land of “Down with USA”

Q: How was it to be American and live in Iran where “down with America” is almost it’s state slogan?

I can count the times I was made to feel uncomfortable about being an American on one hand. The Iranians I met were just so unfailingly polite and kind. Everywhere I went, people were genuinely excited to meet an American. During my stay in Iran, I met Iranians from all walks of life: from the religious to the secular to the revolutionary and everything in between.

[ ]…Q: Do you see any similarity between Iranian blogs and American ones?

Yes! Iranian blogs are amazingly diverse, just like American ones. You have political blogs like Kamangir’s, Abtahi’s, even Ahamadinejad’s … our nieces and nephews in Iran read blogs about Harry Potter and David Beckham. There are blogs from people of all walks of life. Think, when Iraq had one blog (Salaam Pax now blogging at Raed in the middle) Iran reportedly had 70,000!

Just an interesting read. For years Conservatives and their noise machine have demonized anyone that was not a paid up member of the rabid Right. Its even easier to demonize an entire country that is 10 thousand miles away and their major spokesman actually does come across as crazy as our home grown wing-nut pundits. I’ve come across a couple Iranian forums and what did I find, links to pictures of American actors/actresses, links to MP3s of American pop music. All illegal according to Iranian laws. These are the actual flesh and blood people that will die if nuts like this get their way, Hail Caesar

The wisest course would have been for President Bush to use his nuclear weapons to slaughter Iraqis until they complied with his demands

US ‘Iran attack plans’ revealed

US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country’s military infrastructure, the BBC has learned.

It is understood that any such attack – if ordered – would target Iranian air bases, naval bases, missile facilities and command-and-control centres.

To have plans to respond to Iranian aggression is one thing, but to once again plan to attack another country preemptively is another matter especially in light of the cooperation with the IAEA and what we know about how they lied us into Iraq.